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"Rumble Young Man, Runble!"


"Road Report: Volume 62" (National Wrestling Alliance-New England - 2/4/05)

by J-Guru

One day removed from some great wrestling action at Skip's Bar with the NWH (New Wrestling Horizons) group, we are at the Sanford, ME KC Hall for NWA-NE and the second night of the Mr. 630 Jerrelle Clark tour. What at first appeared to be a dismal crowd both in size and enthusiasm quickly grew by belltime. NWA-NE had a tough night ahead with many of the fans coming in from Skip's and NWH the night before and expecting matches of the same caliber. With some of the same talent booked, they would have every opportunity.

The event started with NWA-NE Chief Officer Vinnie Capelli coming out and announcing some of the nights matches, but he was interrupted by Quentin Michaels who wanted his man Gino Martino to take on Apocalypse for the NWA-NE Championship. But before Capelli could answer, The Outpatient came to the ring to demand his spot against Apocalypse. Again, before Capelli could answer, Dr. Everett Payne came out to speak for his man Apok'. Capelli made the decision to make the NWA New England match a Triple Threat between Champion Apocalypse, the Outpatient, and Gino Martino. A good opening promo for a match that certainly didn't do much to raise my eyebrows.

Opening match saw a match between two veterans from the state of Maine, "Trendsetter" Adam Booker, with Pristine Kristine taking on "Tastey" Adam Hastey.  Man, that nickname just cracks me up. A fair opening match, but a little sloppier than I would have expected from two guys that have been around the New England circuit as long as they have. Early on, the two engaged in an exchange of chops, first Hastey threw some real power puff chops that sounded like he was striking a down comforter. Booker then reversed Hastey into the corner and blasted him with a few chops that echoed through the hall. For the remainder of the match, the bright red welts across Hastey's chest were hard not to notice. Both men also hit some hard power moves, putting the word snap in "snap suplex". While Hastey was able to take advantage of a missed top rope headbutt from Booker, it wasn't enough for him to seal the deal. Booker taking the victory by pinfall.

Before another match, yet another promo.  This time from NWH president and owner Nicholas Santone who calls out Quentin Michaels regarding his theft of the NWH Tag Team Championships the night before when his boys and Miss Bobbi robbed Elite of the titles. In the middle of the promo, Michaels slapped Santone and then attacked him, but before he could do much damage, Santone reversed him and began beating on Michaels. But before Michaels gang of Misery, Dangerous Danny, and Marcus Hall could finish the job, Elite (Sonny Roselli & Larry Huntley) rushed the ring to save the day. A deal was struck that if Elite could defeat Michael's three men, then they would get a return match in the NWH for the Tag Team belts. Elite then announced that they would make it a 6-man tag match making Santone their partner. Here I was hoping it would be Dwight from Skip's (reference previous night Road Report) but Santone will do.

The next match was possibly the sleeper of the night as Beau Douglas took on and defeated "Sexy" Shawn Styles. Hardly a noteworthy match with little noteworthy action, but Styles did have brand new aqua and black wrestling tights! Douglas taking the win by pinfall in a real snoozer.

The promo with Elite and Santone could mark the point in the night when this crowd first got really into the event as they cheered loudly. Well by the time the actual match began the entire crowd was 100% into it and cheering on Santone and Elite. Santone actually took a large percentage of the in-ring action, selling his beating from Michael's boys very well. But it was his well placed tags to Roselli and Huntley that gave the Elite the offensive opportunities to dominate their opponents and set up the finish. Both Huntley and Roselli lifted Santone to the top rope and then just dumped him onto their opponent for the pinfall victory. The crowd rose to their feet and went crazy for Elite and Santone who were incredibly over.

This was without a doubt one of the most promo-heavy events I have ever attended as next we had "Boston Bad Boy" Jason Rumble confronting "Mr. 630" Jarrell Clark about their main event match. A very intense promo between two very intense rivals that added nicely to the build up for the main event.

The NWA-NE, maintaining a working relationship with a number of promotions in the New England area has typically showcased a NWA-Green Mountain title match on each of their cards. On this night, it was a 4-way match between Abracadabra (a big guy working a wigger gimmick), the Texas Outlaw, the Butcher (relative of the legendary Vachon family...I'm sure), and the NWA-GM Champion Shane Williams. A fair match that came together as more of a tag team match with the wrestlers choosing sides and uniting against common foes. For those who have yet to see Shane Williams, I have to be totally honest, just go to the WFA! Williams comes out with a tiny pony tail on top, is pictured on the NWA-GM website in a baseball jersey and holding a bat, and finally comes out to Pappa Roach's "Last Resort". "Hello, Mofo' Steve Bradley just called and he wants his gimmick back"! In the end of a cluttered and uneventful match, Williams snuck into the ring and took the sneaky pinfall victory to retain his title.

Every event needs a good squash match and this one was it as the "Rough Riders", a team of rough and rugged bikers, took on the team of Zero Hour and Captain Charisma. This match was very random as Zero Hour, someone I had never seen before and to my knowledge was not a regular partner of Charisma, walked out on his partner, leaving him to face the Rough Riders alone. At this point, the two bikers began tearing Charisma apart beating the yellow and red clad super hero down over and over again refusing to pin him. After a devastating two man slam, the Rough Riders finally ended the one-sided beat down and pinned Charisma. With a little more experience and a heavier work rate, I think the Rough Riders could be one of the more interesting heel tag teams in the region.

Yet another tag match to get through before getting to the matches that everyone was waiting for. This time it was the team of Paulie Gilmore and Mark Moment taking on Black Lotus and Plague. This was a real blah match with the still green Plague and Lotus taking most of the offensive advantage, often isolating the smaller Moment. Lotus has true potential of becoming a Cruiserweight prospect but Plague doesn't seem to wrestle the big mans match, nor does he possess the big man mystique for someone his size. This match quickly dissolved into a one sided squash as the team of Lotus and Plague double teamed and pinned Moment. Following the match, an outraged Gilmore has no sympathy for his partner and began beating him down himself. This match honestly was a painful distraction from the remaining matches.

The triple threat for the NWA New England Championship featuring Apocalypse, The Outpatient, and Gino Martino was next and fortunately on a night already running long with matches it did not last long. I affectionately refer to the Outpatient as the poor mans Psycho Mike Ozbourne. This match, as one might expect was basically three big men pounding away on one another with little else for action. A rather boring match that probably would have played better as a one on one between any of the three men. In the end Gino Martino tossed the Outpatient out of the way and gained the pinfall on Apocalypse to become the NWA-NE Brass Knuckles, Colonial, and now New England triple champions. Oh brother!

FINNALY time for the double main event! First match featured Canada vs. USA, as the imports Danny Duggan and Kenny Omega took on Maine's own Cameron Matthews and Paul Hudson, the reunion of 69 Degrees for those diehard Maine fans that remember their teaming. This could go down as one of the best tag matches I have ever seen! These two Canadian kids are so damn good, Duggan a tremendous Crusierweight, and Omega one of the most well rounded contemporary Wrestlers I have seen. Best part of this match was how the home state boys Matthews and Hudson hung in their move for move with these guys. This was an entirely evenly matched battle with both teams fighting for an advantage that was always just out of reach. One might think this match could be written off as a simple high spot fest but nothing could be further from the truth as both teams combined fast paced chain wrestling with, mat grappling, and acrobatic moves off of the ropes. By far the most entertaining moment of the match came when Matthews and Hudson got their opponents in double ankle lock submissions and then spun around to stand on their opponents backs simulating surfing. The crowd went absolutely bonkers at this point screaming and cheering. This well paced match continued to build in action and at its peak featured repeated near falls that had the crowd on the edge of their seat. Like any great match this one gave the fans what they wanted, great action and a Hudson & Matthews victory when Hudson drove his opponent to the mat for the three-count. The match ended and the crowd all rose to their feet for a standing ovation, the small moderately full KC Hall was actually deafening. One fan gave a thumbs up sign to a friend a few rows away and another turned around and high-fived another fan he didn't know. This was one of those matches that is just perfect on every level and the entire crowd is captivated and entertained. Any promotion in New England who has a Cruiserweight division without Hudson and Matthews might as well not have a division at all. These two young Cruiserweights are just waiting to make an impact!

How the hell does a main event follow this unbelievable tag match you ask? Simple, you pair the BBB Jason Rumble against Mr. 603 Jarrell Clark for the NWA Jr. Heavyweight Championship. Another fantastic match with Clark controlling the pace of the match working Rumble's arm and dictating his opponents movements. A very nice submission was when Clark held Rumble's arm out straight but them lifted him into the air with all of his weight on the arm. A truly agonizing looking move that Rumble made look twice as painful continuing to effectively sell the injury for the remainder of the match. Clark continued to control the matches tempo, at the same time taunting fans with high impact moves indicative of his X-Division style of Wrestling, but never delivering. Clark would climb to the top rope and then hope down only to apply a sleeperhold. Clark must have done this about a half dozen times insighting the crowd further. Truly classic and effective heel work. Clark actually dominated the majority of the offense of the match but not matter what he broke out he could not put away Rumble, as Clark's frustration grew Rumble slowly climbed back into the match landing offensive opportunities when he could. In the end it was one mistake by Clark that left him open to Rumble's over the shoulder slam and the pinfall. The crowd went crazy, it was amazing to see a group of fans maintain the level of intensity through out two such amazing matches.

I don't recall an event that had such an effective one-two punch main event than this one. If the NWA-NE continues to proved matches like the double main event as opposed to some of the earlier lacking matches they are bound to grow in the Southern Maine region. The two big complaints that I would have with this promotion is one, the very public relationship with the Maine based NWH, NWA Green Mountain, and New World Wrestling (NWW). Working relationships are great but when you have a combined total of like 15-20 title belts they really stop meaning anything. There are only so many Cruiserweight, Maine State, Television, Hardcore, and Third World Nation Championship Titles one can take. Speaking of which what the hell are the NWA-NE Brass Knuckles and Colonial Titles? Secondly, during the main event, heck just about the rest of the event after intermission, the majority of the locker room could be found lingering around the hall ways or in the actual ring area. I know the era of kayfabe is over but Jesus how about a little professional respect as a promotion and to the fans. Too top this off a large number of the wrestlers thought that if they wore sweatshirts with the hoods up and the drawstrings pulled tight nobody would realize who they were. "A" for effort guys but damn, I thought we had a Columbine episode on the horizon when ten people were standing on the wall with the faces concealed by hoods. Sheesh, this was almost as bad as the wrestlers all doing their face paint in the bathroom used by the fans. SIGH!

All in all it was a good event with two great main events. It will be interesting to see what the NWA-NE promotion can put together without the Canadian team of Duggan and Omega and Mr. 630 on the roster.

Created By
J-Winger & J-Guru