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"That's Why They Call It Wrestling"

"Road Report: Volume 43" (Assault Championship Wrestling-2/15/04)

by the Gray Ghost


After Five months since their last show, Assault Championship Wrestling presents RELOAD at the Gothic, supposedly remodeled Club Arkadia. This place is not for everyone but certainly is different, and to some really cool, although the location of the show leaves a bit to be desired.

At around 3:30 PM, it was time for the bell to ring, sounding off another Assault experience. One thing that makes ACW so different, is you NEVER EVER know what kind of show you will get. Good, bad, or indifferent, ACW is always the most unusual Indy experience you can possibly ever have.

First off, we have Die Hard Eddie Edwards defending the Jr Heavyweight Belt vs Abunai. These two guys are solid workers, despite what some may think. Their match on Sunday was nothing too great, but certainly had its share of solid moves from both competitors. La Familia, who manages Edwards, kept a close watch, w/ Bulldog Blanski, Mike E Milano, Mercedes Martinez, & ACW Heavyweight champ Dylan Kage ready to jump in at any moment. Despite all this, to my surprise and many others in attendance, Abunai hit a flying DDT off the rope to get the fall and become NEW ACW Jr Heavyweight champ. A decent start to the show.

Up next, it was Shabba White in a grudge match v Mo Sexy, in for the absent Tiger Mulligan. Unremarkable match, but not bad. Sexy tried to get over as a heel, but the crowd didn't care much. After a back and forth match, Sexy blocked a "Shabba drop" and then hit a nice DDT on Shabba, but took too long going for a Frog splash off the rope. Shabba moved, hit another Shabba drop, rock bottom move for the 1.2.3.

On we go to the TV title match as Champ Scotty Charisma defended against Johnny Thunder with the LOVELY Talia. As Mike Jas said somewhere, the outfit she wore is almost illegal to post a picture of! I digress, it's a real shame that so many Indy fans don't appreciate excellent technical wrestlers like Charisma and Thunder. A Couple of boring chants from some of the fans that were there for other kinds of matches seemed to upset the workers a bit. This was a real good match, with all manner of moves, from stiff clotheslines to suplexes and the like. After a few mostly "clean, technical moments", Charisma got aggressive with a heavy forearm attack in the corner. Thunder tried to turn it around, with a superkick, followed by a small package. Shortly after this, Talia entered the ring after Johnny hurt his ankle and in a swerve she LOW blowed Johnny, turning on him. This lead to Charisma getting the pin and retaining the belt with a neckbreaker. Talia then left with Charisma.

A bunch of the fans perked up for STREET FIGHT TIME. Nemesis, Demented Dave Donovan, and the Legendary Balls Mahoney did battle in an elimination match. Donovan had a plan, an elbow pad covered in thumbtacks! Oh yeah, the barbed wire covered Spiderman doll was there, as well as a FLOOR FAN, and Christmas ornaments glued to a board. Actually, this match was a nice mix of Hardcore type Street fight and some in ring action, as all three men put sleepers on each other, Balls used a superkick, and Donovan hitting a nice suplex as well as other good moves. Nemesis eliminated Donovan first with a hard clothesline. Next, Balls used the aforementioned Superkick, followed by a vile chairshot. Then, in a statement that I loved. Balls said "NOW, THIS IS WHY THEY CALL IT WRESTLING", and rolled up Nemesis for the victory. An entertaining match.

In a somewhat disappointing match, Jim Nastic reversed an Airplane spin into a pinning combination to get the win over Chi Chi Cruz. The crowd seemed to still be recovering from the Street fight, and though these guys weren't bad, I was a bit disappointed.

Now, in the last match before intermission, it's HARDCORE TITLE TIME! Champ Jaime Pain defended against Avil Graves. Avil was WAY OVER with the fans, especially three guys who were really into the show, be it the technical matches or the Hardcore type. Really cool to see that! Anyways, this one got BRUTAL with all manner of hardcore weaponry used. Late in the match, Pain set up a table outside, and obviously planned to put Avil through it. Avil had other plans, as he went to the back got barbed wire, wrapped himself in it and did a cross body block off the staging onto Pain. WILD STUFF, especially when Pain pulled the wire out of Avil's hair, UGH, OUCH! However, Pain was able to eventually put Avil through the table, drag him back into the ring and Pin him to retain the belt a good Hardcore match.

The show then went through an OVERLONG intermission, over 35 minutes with the local radio station taking forever to do a raffle. They are sponsors of the shows however so at least I understand why.

Following intermission, Mad Dog Mike Bell met Latin Fury Luis Ortiz. I always look forward to seeing Latin Fury, and for the first time in a while, was let down a bit. Bell went over with a Fall Away slam into a pin. Not a good match.

Mercedes Martinez, certainly a MAJOR women's wrestling star, met Sumi Sakai, & Simply Luscious in a three-way ladies match. Mercedes didn't get to showcase an awful lot in the match and the uneventful end occurred when Luscious rolled up Sakai for the pin, after tossing Mercedes through the ropes. Not a bad match, just not what a lot of the fans thought it could be it seemed.

Now on to Battlefest! TEN MEN, some up and comers, some newcomers, & some veterans. Excitement all the way….umm NO! Battlebore to me. These matches hardly ever seem to come off that well, and this one really didn't either. Vic Gun'r who is VERY impressive, got the pin over the last man in the ring, Wiqued. Vic is a power guy, who is exceptionally talented and has had quite a bit of success in New Jersey. Too many men in the match and other than Vic, and The surprising appearance by Mighty Mini who eliminated three or four guys, and Andre Lyons, not much to look at. Shoulda' maybe got a beer during this one.

Red Hot Russ and Mike Xylas then challenged the Rednecks from Hell for the Tag team titles. An Okay match, with the Rednecks retaining the belts over the VERY FINE duo of Russ and Xylas, who like Gun'r, are very successful on the NY/NJ scene. Russ' frustration with some of the fans was evident, as he stated this is a wrestling match, there's no tables in this one. Kurt Adonis and Nick Richards then ran in, laid out the Rednecks and stole the belts. They DEMANDED respect earlier, well they'll probably have to deal with the Rednecks next show, good luck guys!

On we go to the Great American Title, as Devito defended against the good Doctor Heresy. Funny, but somewhat long schtick by Heresy, saying he was a Doctor from the State Athletic commission and this match would NOT start until he gave Devito a "physical", pulse check, Heart rate, and eye exam among other things. Match itself was pretty average, with Devito getting angered at the Doctor after a questionable move, and choke slamming him for the pin to retain the belt.

On to the Main event. Now this one looked interesting, Sudden Impact Dylan Kage, ACW Heavyweight champ and hopefully NEI participant again, vs Ron Zombie. Now, a lot of people don't realize that Ron is NOT just a hardcore icon, he can wrestle. I LOVED this match, that started off well with both men exchanging various technical moves. Zombie took it outside, with a nice neckbreaker on the floor much to the chagrin of La Familia leader, Mike E Milano. Dylan however showed why he is a top star in New England taking over with some work on Zombie's legs, with spinning toeholds and a figure four leglock among the moves employed. The move of the match occurred when Ron tried to chokeslam Dylan only to have it reversed into a forward roll. Not enough for the win though. Zombie with a great neckbreaker off the ropes and an exchange of chops, but, alas soon, and I forget how, the ref' is knocked out. Dylan with a spin kick, followed by a near fall but Zombie recovered for a beautiful piledriver, Still no ref,' Damn! Here comes Holyoke Joe!. But, he gets superkicked by both men! La Familia member Del Tsunami still out from knee surgery, comes out and hits Zombie with a chair. The Joy is short lived, as Avil Graves, looking right out of The Red badge of Courage with his bandage on his head, clobbers Del with the Kendo stick. Bulldog Blanski out to holds Avil for Milano who throws powder and hits Blanski in the face by accident. Then, Milano is attacked by Johnny Promo of WCCC radio. ANOTHER ref' has arrived and Zombie then hits a DDT on a chair left in the ring by Del. 1.2.3., your winner and NEW ACW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP RON ZOMBIE. Ron rightfully gets a huge pop. Real good match, with all sorts of action, and a cool finish. Congrats to the booker and both workers on this one!

In Summary, although the show had some problems, as detailed above, all in all a GOOD return for ACW, with the Zombie/Kage match really doing the job for me, and judging by the standing ovation, for many others in the crowed Club Arkadia. ACW will be back in March with the Dave Vicious cup tournament and more check it out if you can. See you all at the matches.

Created By
J-Winger & J-Guru