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APRIL, 2003


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April 27, 2003
New Age Wrestling Federation (NAWF)
"Survival of the Fittest" - Sunnyside School, Rt. 110, Shelton, CT 2:00PM
1) Blind Rage and Hallowicked w/ Nocturne defeated Justin Sane and El Mascarado for the tag team championship
2) Genesis defeated Jay Fitch
3) B.S. Eddy Valentine defeated Joshua Jax
4) Rick Fuller defeated the Scottish Gigolo for the Heavyweight title
5) Sugar Bear defeated Gran Akuma
6) Dirty Don Montoya defeated Luis Ortiz by DQ when the Gigolo ran in and attacked Montoya
7) Spider defeated Mark Gore for the TV Title in a ladder match
8) John Brooks, Mike Quackenbush and Reckless Youth defeated Chris Daniels, J-Busta and Mike Kruel

April 26, 2003

Wrestling Federation of America (WFA)
Littleton Opera House - 2 Union St., Littleton, NH 7:30 PM

Yankee Pro Wrestling/South Coast Championship Wrestling (YPW/SCCW)
"Anarchy" Municipal Veterans Memorial Auditorium (Formely known as the Bank St. Armory) - 72 Bank St - Fall River, MA 7:30PM
1) YPW 10 Man Tag Team Survivor Match Brickhouse Baker, "Sweet" Scott Ashworth, Shawn Candido, Paul Lombardi & Woody McGraw Vs. "Hollywood" Johnny Nash, "Blockbuster" Rob Hagan, Revelation, Kid Pyro & Billy Braxx Brickhouse Baker was the final survivor
2) Dave & Dean Powers "The Power Company" defeated The Portuguese Stallion & Raging Bull Jr. "Wisdom of Experience" And Stevie Sky & Tim Kilgore to become The #1 Contenders for The SCCW Tag Team Championship
3) Big Daddy Kahuna defeated The Mighty Moco w/ Julias Sweet
4) Michael Rock’s Intern, Gary defeated Brangiforte’s Intern, Beard
5) G.Q. Smooth defeated Derek Destiny, Fantastic Frank, The Kreeper, Mark Damon & Vain To Remain SCCW Heavyweight Champion
6) The Southern Bad Boys defeated EOS in a Barbed Wire – Thumbtack Tag Team Match
7) The HiLite Kid defeated Rage, Riot and Ryan Waters To Become The New YPW Cruiserweight Champion in a TLC YPW Cruiserweight Title Match
8) “Nitemare” Nick Steel w/ Athena defeated “Heartthrob” Lance Silva to become the YPW Heavyweight & Interstate Champion
9) “Heavenly” Johnny Angel defeated Gorgeous Gino Giovanni w/ G.Q. Smooth in a Heaven’s Gate Match, No DQ, Pin falls Count Anywhere, to become the #1 Contender for The SCCW Heavyweight Championship
10) Tex McCoy tossed out “The Thunder From Down Under” Michael Foster to win The Battle Royal

April 25, 2003

Professional Wrestling Alliance (PWA)
Meriden Independent Club - Crown St., Meriden, CT

Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)
Top Rope Arena - Price-Rite Plaza - 139 Hathaway Rd, New Bedford, MA 7:30PM
1) C.J. Mathews defeated Viper
2) Kid Pyro w/ Billy Braxx defeated "The Pinnacle of Perfection" Paul Lombardi w/ Woody McGraw
3) "American Idol" Ryan Waters & Riot defeated HiLite Kid & Rage
4) Woody McGraw w/ "The Pinnacle of Perfection" Paul Lombardi defeated Billy Braxx w/ Kid Pyro
5) Big Daddy Kahuna & Vain defeated "Nitemare" Nick Steel w/ Athena & Moco w/ Julias Sweet via DQ
6) "The Thunder From Down Under" Michael Foster w/ Julias Sweet defeated Duke Maximum
7) "Hollywood" Johnny Nash, "Blockbuster" Rob Hagan & Revelation w/ Slick Johnson defeated Brickhouse Baker, "Sweet" Scott Ashworth & "Superstar" Shawn Candido

Wrestling Federation of America (WFA)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
American Legion Hall - 5 Riverside St., Hooksett, NH 8:00PM
1) Kid Mikazi defeated Brendan Locke
2) "Brutal" Bob Evans defeated "The Promise" Antonio Thomas
3)  Justin Shape defeated Brian Fury
4) Scott Reed & ??? defeated Tough Guy Inc.
5) Nikki Roxx defeated Miss Peters
6) The Noise Boyz defeated Night Breed
7) A member of nightbreed won the Texas Round Up match.  Other participants were KL Murphy, Antonio Thomas, Bob Evans, D, & the Noize Boys.
8) Alex Arion defeated D via DQ

April 24, 2003

Yankee Pro Wrestling / South Coast Championship Wrestling (YPW/SCCW)
Cape Cod Mall - Hyannis, MA 2 Shows 6:30 PM & 8:00 PM

April 20, 2003

eXiled Championship Wrestling (XCW)
"Springtime Superslam" - XCW Arena - Franklin, VT 5:00 PM
1) Oscar The HARDCORE Clown defeated Krazy K to become the #1 contender to the XCW Northern New England title
2) Ed "Lightning Bolt" Johnson defeated The Inferno Kid
3) Ed "Lightning Bolt" Johnson defeated "Super Cold" Scott Austin
4) Justin Powers defeated Andy Awesome
5) The Unfathomables defeated The Outlanders to retain the XCW World Tag Team titles
6) "Badass" Brutality defeated "The Catholic" Chris Soderberg
7) Tope` Pe Peh defeated "Arctic" Adam Lawless to retain the XCW Northern New England title in a falls count anywhere match
8) "Trailer Park King" John Rosen defeated The No-One by countout
9) The Bod-Squad defeated The Party Boyz & Brian "The Freak" McIntyre to retain the XCW World 6-man tag team titles
10) Pete Weeks w/ The Serial Thrilla defeated J-Brown w/ Dave Allos to win the XCW World Title

April 19, 2003

New England Championship Wrestling (NECW)
Knights of Columbus Hall - Hamden, CT
1) "Rapid Fire" Brian Fury defeated K.L. Murphy
2) Chris Venom defeated "The Alpha Male" Justin Powers
3) "Untouchable" Anthony Michaels defeated Psycho Mike via disqualification, after Psycho Mike refused to release a chokehold
4) April Hunter and Trinity defeated Mercedes Martinez and Riptide
5) Noodles Nixon defeated Puerto Rican Brother Vega
6) "Brutal" Bob Evans defeated Slyk Wagner Brown
7) The Noize Boys defeated "Rapid Fire" Brian Fury and Chris Venom
8) Zaqary Springate III defeated the Gothic star Angelis
9) "The Golden Greek" Alex Arion defeated Pain and Antonio Thomas to earn a shot at the heavyweight title

Chaotic Wrestling (CW)
Knights of Columbus - 1 Gaythorne Road (Rt 28) Methuen, MA 8:00PM
1) Brian Black and The Mighty Mini defeated "Too Cocky" Kevin Matthews and Danny Demanto
2) Matthew Evagrius w/ "Pistol" Pete Mulloy and Cherry Payne defeated "Good Time" Vince Vicallo
3) "The Idol" Aaron Stevens defeated Handsome Johnny
4) "Life Saver" Billy Kryptonite defeated "Intellectual" Arch Kincaid to retain the CW New England Championship
5) 1/2 of the CW Tag Team Champions, Studd defeated El Chupacabra
6) "Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz defeated "Hurricane" John Walters in an "I QUIT" Match to retain the CW Heavyweight Championship

All-Star Wrestling Alliance (AWA)
St. Stansilus Hall - Nashua, NH
1) Mr. Wrestling IV defeated The Enforcer Larry Huntley
2) Sting Ray defeated the Spoiler via DQ
3) AJ Storm defeated Fabulous Johnny Vegas to retain the New England Championship
4) In the first ever Sumo Boxing Match: The Amazing Egg Head defeated The Lobsterman
5) Big Daddy Dave Walker defeated Dynamite Joe Powers
6) K-9 defeated Jaques Paul Pierre

Ultimate Championship Wrestling (UCW)
American Legion Hall - Cedar, St., Taunton, MA 7:00PM
1) "Toxic" Tommy Knoxville defeated DC Dillinger with Nikki Roxx to retaine the UCW lightweight title
2) Big Dog Marino and Cueball with Ox Baker defeated Travis Funk and Big Moose Monroe
3) El Mascarado defeated The All American Dan Bidondi
4) The Natureboy Gary Gold defeated The Punisher Don Vega to retain the UCW Heavyweight title
5) In a 6-man tag team grudge match, The English Enforcer Ebony Blade, The Extreme Strongman Gino Martino & Iceberg Sonny D defeated The team of the Made Men Tony Cianci, Vinny Giuliani and Big Paulie Gilmore
6) The Real Deal Joel Davis defeated The Widowmaker to retain the UCW TV title

Assault Championship Wrestling (ACW)
Connecticut Expo Center - Hartford, CT
1) Scotty Charisma defeated Red Hot Russ
2) Vic Gun'R defeated Mike Xylas
3) Avil Graves defeated Bobby Panther
4) Johnny Thundar defeated Dylan Kage as a result Jason Knight running in to deliver a Fire Thunder Driver to Kage. Thundar retains the ACW World Title
5) Riptide defeated Ariel and Mercedes Martinez in a three way dance
6) Shabba White defeated Apollo
7) Dave Donovan defeated Danny Gonzalez
8) Del Tsunami defeated Kaguchi to retain the ACW Jr. Heavyweight Title
9) Eddie Edwards defeated Spider
10) The Mutilators defeated Avil Graves & Dave Donovan
11) Tony Blaze defeated Bobby Panther
12) IceBerg defeated Mike Roos
13) Jim Nastic defeated Del Tsunami in a non title match. Tsunami keeps the ACW Jr. Heavyweight Title
14) Doug Dearborne defeated Shabba White
15) Dylan Kage defeated Eddie Edwards
16) Jason Knight & Ron Zombie defeated The Prowlers. Due to Zombie getting the pinfall, he once again is the new ACW Hardcore Champion

Tri-State Wrestling (TSW)
"Absolute Chaos" - Knights of Columbus Hall - 21 Merchants Row, Rutland, VT 7:00PM
1) The Players Club of Spanish Fly and Scott Scarsdale defeated Steve Kruz and Chameleon
2) Swinger w/ Marty the Party defeated Nick Neighborhood, Kid Krush, Archangel and Magnum B.I. in a 5-way elimination match to determine who will meet the Cruiserweight Champion at the next show
3) Jimmy Jact Kash w/ Marty the Party defeated Damon Vitale
4) Vendetta defeated Punk
5) Jeff Starr defeated Vik Dalishus to retain the Heavyweight Title
6) The team of White Lion Jim Tanner and Eric Downs defeated Devine Deversity
7) Kevin Dunn defeated Thornn
8) Shockwave defeated Oman Tortuga to retain the Cruiserweight Title
9) The Green Moutain Boys defeated The Rough Riders by DQ after the Rough Riders laid out TSW Referee AJ Matthews.

April 18, 2003

Eastern Wrestling Alliance (EWA)
Pilsudski Polish American Club - Southbridge, MA 7:30PM
1) Aaron Morrison and Evil Nick defeated El Guapo and the Puerto Rican Brawler
2) Alexander Worthington III defeated Mark Mini
3) Josh Daniels defeated Antonio Thomas
4) EWA New England Champion Cueball and "Flash" Nick McKenna w/Aaron Stevens defeated Team Tap-Out
5) Frankie Armadillo defeated Kid Krazy by DQ
6) Assault and Battery and Rob Eckos defeated Adam Booker, Billy Kryptonite and Adam Hastey
7) EWA Heavyweight Champion Dr. Heresy and Billy Kryptonite went to a no-contest
8) Steve Ramsey defeated Aaron Stevens w/Cueball and "Flash" Nick McKenna
9) Vince Vicallo defeated John Walters via submission

Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)
P.A.L. Hall - 31 Franklin St, Fall River, MA 7:30PM
1) HiLite Kid w/ Lil Eve vrs. Riot ended in a Double Count out
2) Revelation w/ Slick Johnson defeated C.J. Matthews
3) "The Thunder From Down Under" Michael Foster w/ Julias Sweet defeated Vain
4) "American Idol" Ryan Waters defeated Rage via disqualification to remain The YPW Cruiserweight Champion
5) Big Daddy Kahuna defeated Moco w/ Julias Sweet in a Body slam Challenge
6) "Heartthrob" Lance Silva defeated Kid Pyro To remain The YPW Heavyweight Champion
7) "The Family" Vinny Giuliani & Tony Cianci defeated Paul Lombardi & Woody McGraw to remain The YPW Tag Team Champions
8) "Nitemare" Nick Steel w/ Athena defeated Duke Maximum to remain The YPW Interstate Champion
9) "Hollywood" Johnny Nash & "Blockbuster" Rob Hagan w/ Slick Johnson defeated "Sweet" Scott Ashworth & Brickhouse Baker In a Lumberjack Tag Team Match

April 12, 2003

Ultimate Championship Wrestling (UCW)
Lodge 463 - Attleboro, 241 Thatcher St., Attleboro, MA 7:00PM
1) "Toxic Tommy Knoxville defeated Omega w/ Cherry Pain to retain the UCW Lightweight Title
2) "The Real" Deal Joel Davis defeated "All American" Dan Bidondi to retain the UCW TV Title
3) Travis Funk defeated Apocalypse
4) "Mr. U.S.A." Tony Atlas and UCW Champion "Nature Boy" Gary Gold defeated "Too Cold" Sonny D and "The Extreme Stongman" Gino Martino
5) "The English Enforcer" Ebony Blade and "Big" Paulie Gilmore w/ "Steak Dady" Peter B. battled to a double disqualification
6) The Widowmaker defeated "Diehard" Eddie Edwards w/ Amber Sheridan
7) UCW Tag Team Champions "Handsome" Todd Hansen and Beau Douglas defeated The Made Made Men Tony Cianci and Vinny Guliani w/ "Big" Paulie Gilmore and "Steak Daddy" Peter B. to retain the UCW Tag team Titles

World Wrestling Alliance (WWA)
Knights of Columbus Hall - 19 Jersey St., Pepperell, MA 7:30PM
1) Shock & Awe defeated Mike Phoenix & Damon Vitale
2) "Dangerous" Danny Davis defeated Purty Kurty w/Coach Nick Richards to retain the WWA Championship
3) Lady Victoria defeated Little Jeannie
4) Doink the Clown w/ Little Jeannie defeated "The Graduate" Tim McNeany w/ Eve
5) Vik Dalishus, Jonah & Aron Stevens vrs. Primo Canero, Little Geno & Coach Richards ended in a DDQ
6) Sabu vs. Perry Saturn attempted to have the match they were originally contracted to wrestle in from the previous night, when, once again, The Highwayman sent his proteges into the ring and caused the match to be thrown out. As had been case the night before, Sabu and Saturn defeated the Destroyers

Eastern Wrestling Alliance (EWA)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
The Strive Center - 28 Foden Rd, South Portland, ME, 7:00 PM
1) Alexander Worthington III defeated Mighty Mini
2) Onyx defeated Brian Black
3)  Vince Vicallo defeated Antonio Thomas and Nick McKenna in a Tripple Threat Match
4) Dr. Heresy defeated Steve Ramsey to become the new EWA Heavyweight Champion
5) Johnny Curtis defeated Cynna
6) Cueball defeated Adam Hastey to retain the New England Title
7) Assault & Battery (Rick Daniels & Larry Huntley) defeated the Bash Brothers (Frankie Armadillo & Kid Krazy)
8) Adam Booker defeated John Walters

Main-Event Wrestling Federation (MWF)
"April Cruels Day" - Elks Lodge (141 Pelham Street) - Newport, RI 6:00PM
1) Fiend w/ Ares & Dr. Destruction defeated Mad Dog Erik Wheeler w/ Tragedy in a falls-count anywhere match to become the new MWF World Champion
2) Loved One Luscious Lisa w/ Mountain Of Love defeated the Candyman
3) Sydistic w/ Sypher & Ocyris defeated Joe Black w/ Cyclone
4) Cyclone w/ Joe Black defeated Ocyris w/ Sypher
5) Fiend w/ Ares & Dr. Destruction defeated Mad Dog Erik Wheeler w/ Tragedy in a 10 minute ironman match
6) MWF Commissioner Great White Hunter defeated Tragedy
7) Brett Krueger won a 4-way elimination match to unify the MWF U.S. and A.I.R. titles.   Other participants included Sypher, City Brawler Matt Rolando, Brett Krueger, and Ares.
8) Kaos defeated MWF Hardcore Champion Steve LaRock to become the new Hardcore Champion
9) Mountain Of Love and Carnage defeated MWF world tag team champions UltraViolent (Dr. Destruction and Double-7 Chris Simmons) in a texas tornado street fight t become the new MWF world tag team champions
10) Mad Dog Erik Wheeler (w/ Tragedy) Fiend in a hair vs. hair match to become the new MWF World Champion

South Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
Top Rope Arena - Price-Rite Plaza - 139 Hathaway Rd, New Bedford, MA 7:30PM
1) Gorgeous Gino Giovanni w/GQ Smooth defeated Kid Capri
2) Heavenly Johnny Angel defeated The Portuguese Stallion
3) Allaylah Silky & Sienna Blaze defeated Athena & Trinity H. Campbell
4) SCCW Heavyweight Title Match: G.Q. Smooth w/Gino Giovanni defeated CJ Summers to retain the Heavyweight Title
5) Tim Kilgore defeated Mathematico
6) Tremor & The Kreeper defeated The Crazy Mexican & Stevie Sky
7) SCCW Tag Team Titles Match: The Power Compnay defeated The Southern Bad Boys by DQ in which titles do not change hands

April 11, 2003

Wrestling Federation of America (WFA)
Laconia Elks Lodge - 383 South Main St., Laconia, NH 8:00 PM
1) Kid Makazie defeated Brandon Locke
2) Justin Shaype defeated Brian Fury.  Then Brian Fury defeated Justin Shaype
3) Antonio Thomas defeated Johnny Idol
4) D defeated Scott Reed
5) Ms. Peters defeated Nikki Roxx
6) Noise Boyz defeated Nightbreed
7) KL Murphy defeated Chris Venom
8) Alex Arion Defeated Bon Evans

World Wrestling Alliance (WWA)
Knights of Columbus - 25 Teed Dr, Randolph, MA 7:30PM
1) Vik Dalishus defeated Purty Kurty
2) Little Jeannie defeated Lady Victoria
3) "The Graduate" Tim McNeany defeated Aron Stevens in a teacher vs. student matchup
4) The Desert Destroyers defeated Shock & Awe
5) Mike Phoenix defeated Damon Vitale
6) Vik Dalishus, Jonah & "Dangerous" Danny Davis defeated Primo Canero, Little Geno & Coach Richards
7) Sabu vs. Perry Saturn went to a no contest when the Desert Destroyers, with The Highwayman, interfered and attacked both men. However, at Perry Saturn's request, the match was restarted as a tag match between the Iraqis and the former ECW stars! Sabu & Saturn then soundly defeated the Destroyers.

April 10, 2003

All-Star Wrestling Alliance (AWA)
Nashua High School - Nashua, NH 7:00PM

April 6, 2003

National Wrestling Alliance-NE (NWA-NE)
Riverside Middle School - 179 Forbes Street, Riverside, RI 2:00PM
1) T. J. Richter w/ Bruno defeated Sean Sheraton
2)  In a Gauntlet Match to determine the # 1 Contender for the NWANE Heavyweight Championship: Psycho Mike Osbourne defeated School Boy Derrick Destiny; Psycho Mike Osbourne defeated Rico Rivera; Tony Cianci defeated Psycho Mike Osbourne; Tony Cianci defeated John Lowe; DC Dillinger defeated Tony Cianci; Vinny Guiliani defeated DC Dilenger; Jimmy the Bean defeated Vinny Guiliani; Big Paulie Gilmore defeated Jimmy the Bean; Diehard Eddie Edwards defeated Big Paulie Gilmore
3) "Toxic" Tommy Knoxville defeated Kyle Storm and Nick Narcisstic in a triple threat
4) Kevin Karisma & Adorable Amber defeated IQ w/ PhD & Hailey Sky in a mixed tag match
5) Impact Inc. (Louis Ortiz, Don Vega, & Jose Perez) defeated "The Score" (SAT, GED, & MCast) in a six-man tag
6) Captain Charisma defeated Zak Mason to gain a shot at Jason Rumble at a later date
7) "Handsome" Todd Hansen & "Big Time" Beau Douglas defeated The Seven (Vertebreaker & Apocalypse) for the tag team titles
8) OutPatient defeated "Diehard" Eddy Edwards for the NWA-NE Heavyweight Championship
9) Jonah defeated "Boston Bad Boy" Jason Rumble

April 5, 2003

South Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
Taunton High School - Taunton, MA 7:00PM

All-Star Wrestling Alliance (AWA)
St. Stansilus Hall - Nashua, NH
1)"The Flying Frenchman" Jaque' Paul Pierre' w/"Fabulous" Johnny Vegas defeated "Dynamite" Joe Powers
2) Stingray defeated Lobsterman by DQ when the Spoiler interfered
3) Zachary Richards, Jason the Slasher and Mr. Wrestling defeated Robert Rayne, Big Daddy Walker & "Enforcer" Larry Huntley
4) A.J. Storm defeated "Fabulous" Johnny Vegas
5) The Egghead defeated the Spoiler by DQ
6) Maverick Wild defeated "Bulldog" Rip Morrison in a loser leaves town TLC match

Chaotic Wrestling (CW)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
"Breaking Point" - Knights of Columbus Hall - 1 Gaythorne Road (Rt 28), Methuen, MA 8:00PM
1) "The Promise" Antonio Thomas defeated Handsome Johnny
2) 1/2 of the CW Tag Team Champions, Angers defeated El Chubacabra
3) Brian Black and The Mighty Mini defeated Adam Booker and Frankie Armadillo w/Miss Kristy and Matthew Evagrius and "Pistol" Pete Mulloy w/Cherry Payne in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match
4) In a battle of members of the CTPW federation out of Texas, "Lunatic" Russell Simpson (with Venus) defeated Delicious D
5) "Life Saver" Billy Kryptonite defeated "Good Time" Vince Vicallo to regain the CW New England Championship — as agreed to in a pre-match stipulation, Vince Vicallo may not consume any alcohol until he wins another match in Chaotic Wrestling
6) "Intellectual" Arch Kincaid defeated "The Idol" Aaron Stevens
7) "Intellectual" Arch Kincaid won a 20-man Battle Royal to earn himself a CW New England Championship match on April 19th in Methuen
8) "Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz defeated "Hurricane" John Walters (with special guest referee, WWE Talent Coordinator Dr. Tom Prichard) to become the Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Champion

April 4, 2003

Wrestling Alliance of Mayhem (WAM)
Worcester State College - 486 Chandler St., Worcester, MA 7:30PM
1) Mike Steelerelli defeated Zachary Richards
2) Richie Rich w/ The Detroit Wrecker defeated Nick Neighborhood
3) New Era Don Vega defeated Kid Krush
4) Angela "Ang" Notaro and Kristen "Brownie" Brown boxed to a draw
5) The Flash defeated Canadian Dream (Champion) w/ Sonny Suavino (Television Championship)
6) Tiny The Terrible defeated Half Nelson
7) April Hunter and Slyk Wagner Brown defeated Nikki Roxx and D.C. Dillinger
8) Ruff Ryder defeated Tank ( WAM Championship)
9) Jason "JP" Piskator and Joey "Azz" Azzolino boxed to a draw

Premiere Wresting Federation (PWF-NE)
Loomis Arena - Plainfield, CT 7:00PM
1) The Talent Exchange (Kenn Phoenix/Dean Ripley) defeated Torrential Downpour (Brian Thunder/Robert Rayne) to retain the PWF-NE Tag Team Titles.  Shortly thereafter, the Storms defeated the Talent Exchange to become the new PWF-NE Tag Team Champions
2) "Psycho" Mike Osbourne defeated Triplelicious w/ Sean Gorman
3) Duff defeated Ruy Batello
4) Ariel defeated Demonica
5)  In the first match of the best of three series to determine the #1 Contenders for the Tag Team titles, Thrillogy (Chris Camero/Kid Mikaze) defeated Fuzion (Blade/Mike Paiva)
6) Chris Venom defeated KL Murphy to retain the PWF-NE Heavyweight title

South Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
P.A.L. Hall - 31 Franklin St, Fall River, MA 7:30PM

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