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January 31, 2003
Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)/Southern Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
Seebrook Community Center - Seebrook, NH

Eastern Wrestling Alliance (EWA)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
Pilsudiski Social Club - Southbridge, MA
1.) Kid Crazy & Johnny Heartbreaker defeated Adam Hastey & Steve Ramsey
2.) Vince Vicallo defeated Aaron Stevens
3.) The Masked Janitor, Dangerous Danny and El mino defeated Chris Camero, Little Luke(from rated G) and Evan Excell
4.) "Hurricanne" John Walters defeated Adam Booker in an impromptu match to become EWA Heavyweight Champion
5.) Cueball defeated Dr. Heresy, special referee was Kid Crazy
6.) Team Tap Out defeated Kid Mikazi & Frankie Armadillo
7.) "Enforcer"Larry Huntey and "Flash" Nick McKenna defeated "Broadway" Kenn Phoenix & Maverick Wild
8.) "Hurricanne" John Walters defeated "The Promise" Antonio Thomas to remain New England & Heavyweight Champion

January 26, 2003

New Age Wrestling Federation (NAWF)

1.) Genesis defeated B.S. Eddy Valentine
2.) 2Xtreme defeated Jack Holiday and Spider
3.) Jay Fitch defeated the Troubador of Death
4.) TV Title Match - Champion Mark Gore defeated J-Busta
5.) Bad Leroy Brown defeated Justin Sane
6.) Bad Leroy Brown destroyed Jay Fitch
7.) Jack Holiday defeated B.S. Eddy Valentine
8.) J-Busta defeated The Troubador of Death
9.) Mark Gore defended his TV title, defeating Spider, 2Xtreme and Genesis. Went to a ten minute time limit draw

January 25, 2003

Action Packed Championship Wrestling (APCW)
Seekonk American Legion - Seekonk, MA
1.) T.J. Richter defeated "The Painter" Jon Lowe
2.) East Coast Championship Match- "All American" Dan Bidondi defeated Danny Cama
3.) Tag Team Championship- Divine Diversity defeated Impact Inc, The O'Callahans, & John Phear & Max Ludicrous
4.) Lightweight Championship - Derik Destiny defeated "The Living Legend" Robbie Ellis and Fronz Rhody
5.) "The Punisher" Don Vega defeated "Brutal" Bob Evans
6.) Richard Pacifco defeated White Lion
7.) Jose Perez defeated Fred Curry JR.
8.) Heavyweight Championship - Chris Blacheart defeated Brian Fierce
9.) Fred Curry Jr. won Brawl for it all II for the Television Championship against Maniac Mike Brannigan, Angel, Jimmanie Beam O'Callahan, Derik Destiny, Richard Pacifico, Zanik, Danny Boy O'Callahan, Handsom Todd Hanson, The Bull, "Brutal" Bob Evans, "Punisher" Don Vega, Mystery Sweater Man, "The Painter" Jon Lowe, Kevin Karrisma, Jose Perez, Jon Phear, Vertabreaker, Fronz Rhody, "The Northern Studd" Rush Barlow, White Lion, Beau Douglas, and Big Pauly Gilmore

January 24, 2003

Chaotic Wrestling (CW)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
Knights of Columbus Hall - Lawrence, MA
1.) Vince Vicallo defeated Brian Black
2.) Louis Ortiz defeated Johnny Blue
3.) Attrition (Studd & Angers) defeated Mighty Mini & Pistol Pete
4.) Aaron Stevens defeated Dukes Dalton
5.) Billy Kryptonite w/Britney Summers defeated Frankie Armadillo w/Miss Kristy to remain New England Champion
6.) Arch Kincaid defeated Matthew Evagrius
7.) John Walters defeated Tim McNeeny to remain Heavyweight Champion

New England Championship Wrestling (NECW)
"Snowbrawl" - Cromwell High School - Cromwell, CT

January 19, 2003

Professional Wrestling Alliance (PWA)
"Day of Reckoning: A Night of Elimination" - Long River Middle School Prospect, CT
1.) Pat Gunner wins 16 man battle royal to become new PWA & APW (Acid Pro) Champion
2.) The Black Dragon Troy Bond defeated Spider
3.) Slugger defeated Trooper Gilmore
4.) The Puerto Rican Connection (Liathon & Johnny Bravado) defeated The Douglas Brothers (Beau and Hanson)
5.) Three Way Dance: "Platinum" Mike Preston defeated G.Q. Smooth w/ Ryan Cox and The Untouchable w/The Hungry Man
6.) "Screaming" Norman Smiley defeated "Hard to Handle" Matt Vandel
7.) The Lightning Cup Match: First PWA Lightning Cup Champion- "The Boston Bad Boy" Jason Rumble defeated Mark Core, J-Busta, Blade, Tim Kilgore, Kaos, Kash, Grim Reefer, and "Toxic" Tommy Knoxville
8.) Shorty Smalls w/Chucky Wynn defeated Wrecka
9.) EC Negro & KC Blade VS The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels VS Wayne The Convenient Store Guy & Mr. Vendetta VS All Money is Legal (Kaos and Kash) resulting in a no contest
10.) Matt Stryker defeated Psycho Mike Osbourne
11.) Pat Gunner defeated Steve Corino to remain PWA/APW Champion

January 18, 2003

Top Rope Promotions (YPW, SCCW, & UWF)
Thomas Chew Memorial Boys' & Girls' Club - Fall River, MA
1.) Brickhouse Baker of YPW Won The YPW VS. UWF War Games style Cage Match which featured: From YPW The Score (S.A.T. & G.E.D.) & Woody McGraw, and from The UWF "The Promise" Antonio Thomas, "Good Time" Vince Vicallo, Kid Mikaze, & Brian Black
2.) SCCW Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match: "Heavenly" Johnny Angel defeated GQ Smooth to become New SCCW Heavyweight Champion
3.) "Heartthrob" Lance Silva & "Nightmare" Nick Steel w/ Athena defeated "Superstar" Shawn Candido & "Sweet" Scott Ashworth
4.) SCCW Tag Team Elimination Match: Tremor & The Kreeper were eliminated first, followed by Brian Fury & Chris Venom. The Southern Bad Boys (Stryker & Majors) and the P&P Connection (Punisher & The Portuguese Stallion) then wrestled to a time limit draw
5.) Billy Kryptonite won the YPW, SCCW, UWF Battle Royal

Rampage Pro Wrestling (RPW)
"Winter Wargames 2003" - Dover-Foxcroft, ME

Ultimate Championship Wrestling (UCW)
The Moose Lodge Family Center - Braintree, MA
1.) Handsome Johnny Blue defeated Moose Monroe
2.) Tag Champions Blackheart & Punisher defeated Tommy Knoxville & Cowboy Matt Casey
3.) The Skunk & Joel Davis wresteld to a double DQ
4.) Bo Douglas & Dan Bidondi defeated Damien Darkside & Apocalypse
5.) Jason Rumble defeated Paulie Gilmore
6.) Natureboy Gary Gold & Enforcer Chuck Beadmore defeated Viscous Mike & Iceburg
7.) Gino Martino w/ Ox Baker defeated UCW Champion Travis Funk in a no DQ Strap match

January 17, 2003

Southern Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
Tope Rope Arena - New Bedford, MA
1.) Rock & Roll Marc Vincent defeated Tarzan Taylor
2.) Trinity H. Campbell defeated Kid Capri
3.) The Alpha Male Justin Powers defeated El Nigro Magnifico
4.) Semi-Final Tag Team Titles Tournament- The Southern Bad Boys (Mike Majors & Mike Stryker) defeated Generation of Disaster (The Kreeper & Tremor)
5.) SCCW Women's Title Match- Athena defeated Allaylah Silky to remain Women's Champion
6.) Raging Bull defeated Chad Street
7.) SCCW Interstate Title Match- The Punisher Don Vega w/Kevin Castro & Little Killer defeated Mark Damon to reamin the Interstate Champion
8.) SCCW Heavyweight Title Match- G.Q. Smooth defeated Tim Kilgore to remain the Heavyweight Champion

January 11, 2003

Chaotic Wrestling (CW)
"Cold Fury II" - North Andover Middle School - 495 Main Street, North Andover, MA
1.) Billy Kryptonite defeated Dukes Dalton to become the New England Champion
2.) Luis Ortiz defeated Brian Black
3.) Mini defeated Pistol Pete to earn a regular spot on the CW Roster
4.) Tim McNeany defeated Aaron Stevens
5.) Attrition (Studd & Angers) defeated Arch Kincaid (who was filling in for the injured Adam Booker) after Evagrius laid Kincaid out with a chair
6.) John Walters defeated Vince Vicallo to remain the Heavyweight Champion in a ladder match

New England Championship Wrestling (NECW)
North Kingstown High School - 150 Fairway Dr, North Kingston, RI
1.) The Noise Boyz (Mark Vincent & Tarzan Taylor) defeated Steve King & Zachary Springate III
2.) Aaron Morrison defeated Justin Powers
3.) The Killer Babes (April Hunter & Nikki Roxx) defeated Mercedes Martinez & Scott Dickinson
4.) Brian Fury defeated Amado Perez (Morbius from AWA)
5.) Alex Arion & Pain went to a double DQ
6.) Bob Evans defeated Chris Venom
7.) Antonio Thomas & Chad Storm defeated The Egomaniacs to remain NECW Tag Team Champions
8.) Maverick Wild defeated Slyk Wagner Brown to retain the NECW Championship

Main Event Wrestling Federation (MWF)
"New Year's Evil 2003" - Newport Elk's Lodge, Newport, RI

Top Rope Productions (TRP)
Watertown High School Gym - 50 Columbia St., Watertown, MA 7:00PM
1.) Mike Benoit defeated MCAS, Stevie Sky & The Kreeper In a 4-Way Elimination Match
2.) Redemtion defeated Bobby Biggins in A Bodyslam Challenge Match
3.) GQ Smooth defeated "Heavenly" Johnny Angel
4.) "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas defeated Brickhouse Baker w/ Amanda Storm
5.) Vain defeated "Too Cocky" Kevin Matthews, "Superstar" Shawn Candido & "Heartthrob" Lance Silva In A 4-Way Match
6.) Big Daddy Kahuna & The Power Co. defeated "The Black Dragon" Troy Bond, Pat Gunner & "Nightmare Nick Steel w/ Athena in a 6 Man Tag Team Match
7.) Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake defeated Woody McGraw & "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards in a Handicap Match

World Wrestling Alliance (WWA)
Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School - Bridgewater, MA
1.) Shockwave defeated Abunai and Kid Krazy in a Three Way Dance
2.) Vik D. Vine & Slick Rick Phoenix defeated Vik Dalishus and Damian Adams
3.) El Mascarado defeated Vegas
4.) Little Jeannie (with Edward G. Xtacy) defeated Lady Victoria
5.) Balls Mahoney defeated Mike Bell
6.) Danny Davis defeated Fred "The Rocket" Curry Jr. to retain the WWA Championship
7.) Steven Richards defeated Edward G. Xtacy

January 10, 2003

Crimson Mask Wrestling (CMW)
Watertown, MA
1.) Ruckus defeated Cueball
2.) Gino Martino defeated Beau Douglas and then Jimmy Cash
3.) Z-Barr defeated Vince Vicallo
4.) Three way hardcore match- Kronus defeated Nemesis and Ron Zombie
5.) Tre defeated Dukes Dalton
6.) John Walters defeated Luis Ortiz
7.) Balls defeated Paine

Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)
Police Athletic League Hall - Fall River, MA
1.) "Broadway" Kenn Phoenix defeated Billy Kryptonite
2.) 2000 Watts defeated Impact, Inc.
3.) "Superstar" Shawn Candido defeated "Pinnacle of Perfection" Paul Lombardi
4.) The Score (S.A.T. & G.E.D.) w/ GPA defeated The Family
5.) Flag on a pole match- Rayne (representing Japan) defeated "American Idol" Ryan Drew
6.) Brickhouse Baker defeated "Too Cocky" Kevin Matthews
7.) Big Daddy Kahuna defeated "Thunder From Down Under" Mike Foster
8.) No. 1 Contender Match for the Interstate Championship Woody McGraw w/Betty Jo Walton defeated "TNT" Terry Thomas

World Wrestling Alliance (WWA)
Norwood Civic Center - Norwood, MA
1.) Shockwave defeated Abunai
2.) Balls Mahoney defeated Tre "The Smooth Operatin' Gangsta" via DQ
3.) "Dangerous" Danny Davis defeated Fred "The Rocket" Curry, Jr. to become the WWA Champion
4.) Shortsleeve Sampson defeated Little Killa
5.) Little Jeannie defeated Lady Victoria
6.) Vik D.Vine & Lil Papa defeated El Mascarado & Damian Adams and Vegas & Vik Dalishus in a
Three Way Dance tag match
7.) Edward G. Xtacy defeated the Widowmaker
8.) Steven Richards defeated Mike Bell

January 4, 2003

Eastern Wrestling Alliance (EWA)
Steven Ave. Armory - Portland, ME
Canceled do to inclement weather

American Championship Wrestling (ACW)
National Guard Armory - Gardiner, ME
Canceled do to inclement weather

Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)
The P.A.L. Hall - Fall River, MA
1.) "Heartthrob" Lance Silva defeated Woody McGraw w/ Betty-Jo Walton to remain YPW Heavyweight Championship
2.) "Superstar" Shawn Candido Vs. "The Pinnacle of Perfection" Paul Lombardi - Double countout
3.) Danny Demanto defeated Rob Eckos and "Too Cocky" Kevin Matthews in a triangle match
4.) I.Q. defeated Riot to remain YPW Cruiserweight Champion
5.) "2000 Watts" Mike Benoit & Vain defeated "The Family" Vinny Giuliani & Tony Cianci To retain The YPW Tag Team Championship
6.) "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards defeated "Broadway" Kenn Phoenix
7.) "The Thunder From Down Under" Michael Foster w/ Julias Sweet defeated Billy Kryptonite
8.) "Sweet" Scott Ashworth & Brickhouse Baker defeated "TNT" Terry Thomas & "Nightmare" Nick Steel w/ Athena

All-Star Wrestling Alliance (AWA)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
St. Stansilus Hall - Nashua, NH
1.) Maverick Wild defeated Chris Venom
2.) Morbius & Mark Vincent defeated Psycho Mike Osbourne & Tarzan Taylor
3.) The Spolier defeated Egghead
4.) Brian Fury defeated Chad Street
5.) Vinny Vegas defeated Super Rhyno for the New England Championship
6.) Morbius defeated "Rapid Fire" AJ Star to remain U.S. Champion

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