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January 31, 2004
Eastern Wrestling Alliance (EWA)
Elk's Lodge - Ludlow, MA
1) Good Times Vince Vicallo defeated Andre Lyons
2) Commissioner Heartbreaker defeated Arch Kincaid and Handsome Todd Hanson in a Three Way Dance
3) El Boriqua defeated Jonny Idol
4) The Necromaster, Aaron Morrison, Evil Nick, and another guy defeated Dr. Heresy, Legion Cage, Larry Huntley and Flash Fahryenhyte in an 8-man tag
5) Chi Chi Cruz defeated Cueball, Johnny Curtis and Adam Booker to retain the EWA New England title
6) Kid Krazy defeated Mighty Mini
7) Thrillogy defeated Z Barr & Nick Berk
8) Antonio Thomas defeated Maverick Wild to win the EWA Heavyweight title.

January 30, 2004

South Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
PAL Hall - 31 Franklin St, Fall River, MA 7:30PM

January 27, 2004

New Wrestling Horizons (NWH)
Skips Bar - RT 202, Buxton, MA (21 and older) 8:00PM
1) "Boston Bad Boy" Jason Rumble w/ Vixen defeated "Hott Stuff" Paul Hudson
2) Sports Illustrated Legend Robbie Ellis defeated Rain
3) Bull Moose Calhoun defeated Dangerous Donny to retain the NWH Heavyweight Title
4) Sonny Roselli and Enforcer Larry Huntley defeated Firefighter Steve Rupard and Hardware to retain the NWH Tag Team Titles
5) Rugged Rick Daniels won a 16 Man Royal Rumble Style Match.

January 25, 2004

Connecticunt Championship Wrestling (CCW)
Knights of Columbus Hall - Fairfield, CT 2:00PM
1) Spider, Azreal, JBusta and Boogaloo survived a ten man rumble to gain entrance into the Northeast title ladder match later in the show. Nocturne, Jay Fitch, Genesis, Dave Cole, Wiqued and Abunai were also in the match.
2) Bad Leroy Brown defeated Donnie Rotten
3) Striker defeated Kidd USA by DQ
4) Molsonn and Mana defeated Bison Bravado and El Boriqua
5) La Familia member Mercedes Martinez defeated Cindy Rogers
6) La Familia members Dylan Kage, Mercedes, and Avil Graves defeated Scotty Matthews, Scotty Charisma and Vic Gun'r
7) The Untouchables (Mark Gore and Anthony Michaels) defeated the Solution and All Money is Legal to retain the CCW Tag Team titles
8) The Iron Eagle defeated GQ Smooth
9) Crazy Ivan defeated Ron Zombie
10) Boogaloo defeated J-Busta, Azreal and Spider in a ladder match to become the CCW Northeast champion

January 24, 2004

Atlas Championship Wrestling (ATLAS)
New Begin Gym - Gray, ME 6:00 PM

New England Wrestling Alliance (NEWA)
South Quincy Social Club - 480 Quincy Ave, Quincy, MA
1) Legion Cage defeated Matt Logan
2) Travis Funk defeated Volcanic Vic
3) Larry Huntley defeated Psycho
4) Vince Vicallo defeated The Hoochie Playa Danny Butler
5) Jose Perez defeated Cueball
6) Pistol Pete Mulloy defeated “High Fly” Andre Lyonz
7) Osirus & Wrayth (formerly the Solution) defeated NEWA Tag Team Champions the Freaks Of Nature in a non-title contest
8) The Mighty Mini defeated The Miracle Mike Benoit
9) Big Brian Rogers defeated Handsome Todd Hanson to become the NEW NEWA Heavyweight Champion

South Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
Thomas Chew Memorial - Boys & Girls Club - Fall River, MA 7:30PM
1) SCCW/YPW Lightweight Cage Match (Pinfall Finish Elimination Style) - Kid Pyro defeated Derik Destiny, Billy Braxx, Riot, Hi-Lite Kid, and The Kreeper
2) Southern Justice: Round 2 Cage Match (Classic Over the Top Finish Only) - Mike Stryker defeated Mike Majors for the clean sweep and voiding Round 3
3) SCCW Coastal Title Gauntlet Match (Coastal Rules Apply) - Kidd USA Jay Jaillette defeated Chris Blackheart, Kidd USA Jay Jaillette defeated The German Strangler Alex Payne, "Flex" Mark Damon defeated Kidd USA Jay Jaillette to retain his title
4) SCCW Heavyweight Title Match - Heavenly Johnny Angel defeated Gorgeous Gino Giovanni
5) YPW Inerstate Title Match (4-Corner Single Pinfall) - Paul Lombardi defeated Vain to become the NEW YPW Interstate Champion
6) YPW Single Emimination 10-Man Tag The Team of: Brickhouse Baker, The McGraw(Huey and Woody), Lance Silva, and Big Daddy Kahuna defeated The Regime(Nightmare Nick Steel, Rage, The Stallion), Moco, and The Thunder from Down Under Michael Foster with Juilas Sweet and Kevin Castro
7) "The Rookie" Matt Modoul won the classic over-the-top Battle Royal

January 23, 2004

Eastern Wrestling Alliance (EWA)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
Knights of Columbus Hall - Southbridge, MA
1) Antonio Thomas defeated Kenn Phoenix
2) Brian Roselli defeated Paul Hudson
3) Chi Chi Cruz vrs. Adam Booker for the New England Title ended in a double countout
4) Dr Heresy and Andre Lyonz defeated Legion Cage, Robbie Ellis, Sonny Roselli and Larry Huntley
5) Kid Krazy defeated Mini
6) Johnny Heartbreaker & Antonio Thomas defeated Nick Mckenna & Cueball to win the EWA Tag Team titles.
7) Vince Vicallo defeated Maverick Wild via DQ

South Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
Top Rope Arena ~ Price-Rite Plaza 139 Hathaway Rd - New Bedford, MA, 7:30PM
1) Kid Pyro defeated The Kreeper to become the new SCCW Lightweight Champion
2) SCCW Coastal Title (Coastal Rules Apply) - "Flex" Mark Damon defeated Trinity H. Campbell
3) "The German Strangler" Alex Payne defeated The Iron Eagle in 3:22
4) Heavenly Johnny Angel defeated Verge to retain the SCCW Heavyweight Title
5) Coastal Championship #1 Contender Gauntlet Match (Coastal Rules Apply) - CJ Summers defeated The Predator, CJ Summers defeated Derik Destiny, CJ Summers defeated Raging Bull via DQ, CJ Summers defeated Mathmatico, CJ Summers defeated Chris Blackheart.
6) SCCW Tag Team Championship - The Silver & Black Attack (Gino Giovanni & GQ Smooth) defeated "The Rookie" Matt Modoul & The Crazy Mexican
7) Southern Justice Round 1 (5,000 Thumbtacks in the ring) - Mike Stryker defeated Mike Majors

January 20, 2004

New Wrestling Horizons (NWH)
Skips Bar - RT 202, Buxton, MA (21 and older) 8:00PM
1) Extreme Adam Hastey defeated Hott Stuff Paul Hudson to gain a NWH Cruiserweight Title Match later in the evening.
2) Sports Illustrated Legend Robbie Ellis defeated Rugged Rick Daniels
3) In a NWH Tag Team Title Match, Firefighter Steve Rupard and Nickolas Santone beat the Champions Sonny Roselli and Enforcer Larry Huntley by Disqualification
4) In a NWH Cruiserweight Title Match, Osirus with Quentin Michaels defeated Extreme Adam Hastey.

January 17, 2004

World Wrestling Alliance (WWA)
Knights of Columbus Hall - 19 Jersey St., Pepperell, MA 7:30PM
1) Bert Centeno defeated Billy Jack
2) Kenn Phoenix defeated Ru Starr
3) Quinson Valentino defeated Mike Zylas & Dynamite Dude in a Triple Threat match
4) Josh Daniels defeated Kid Justice
5) Brandon Locke & Tanya Lee defeated DC Dillenger & Nikki Roxx
6) Rob Eckos & Shockwave & Nick Neighborhood defeated The Widowmaker & Brodie Lee & Chuck Deep
7) "The Graduate" Tim McNeany & Paul E. Normus defeated Damian Adams & JT
8) The Highlanders w/ Pat Piper defeated Chris Candido & "Dangerous" Danny Davis w/ Sunny

January 16, 2004

World Wrestling Alliance (WWA)
Norwood, MA 7:30PM
1) Shockwave defeated Rob Eckos
2) Jonah defeated "The Graduate" Tim McNeany
3) Kid Justice defeated The Dynamite Dude
4) DC Dillenger & Nikki Roxx defeated Brandon Locke & Tanya Lee
5) Kenn Phoenix w/ Pat Piper defeated Jon Thornhill
6) The Widowmaker defeated Brodie Lee & Extreme with Morgana in a Triple Threat match
7) Josh Daniels defeated Damian Adams
8) Quinson Valentino defeated Ru Starr
9) Chris Candido & "Dangerous" Danny Davis & Jon Thornhill managed by Sunny defeated The Highlanders & Kenn Phoenix managed by Pat Piper.

Chaotic Wrestling (CW)
Knights of Columbus - One Gaythrone Rd (Rt 28), Methuen, MA 8:00PM
1) "Good Time" Vince Vicallo defeated "Hi Flyin'" Andre Lyonz w/ Dr. Heresy
2) "Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz defeated "The Trendsetter" Adam Booker
3) CW New England Champion "Intellectual" Arch Kincaid defeated Ted "Theodore" Logan w/ Bill Logan
4) The Lost Souls (Brian Buffet & Peter Mulloy w/ Cherry Payne) defeated Pretty Psycho (Handsome Johnny & Psycho) to retain the CW Tag Team Championship.
5) The Mighty Mini w/ Brian Black defeated Dr. Heresy
6) "Hurricane" John Walters defeated "Lifesaver" Billy Kryptonite w/ Pristine Kristine in a "LOSER LEAVES CHAOTIC WRESTLING" match to become the new CW Heavyweight Champion

January 13, 2004

New Wrestling Horizons (NWH)
Skips Bar - RT 202, Buxton, MA (21 and older) 8:00PM
1) In a Title vs. Title Match, Cruiserweight Champion Osirus defeated Maine State Champion Legion "Freakin'" Cage by Countout. Both champions retained their belts.
2) Sports Illustrated Legend Robbie Ellis defeated Rugged Rick Daniels
3) Hardware defeated NWH Tag Team Champion Sonny Roselli by Disqualification
4) Rugged Rick Daniels defeated Hott Stuff Paul Hudson
5) Sonny Roselli and Enforcer Larry Huntley defeated Hardware and the Eliminator to retain the NWH Tag Team Titles

January 11, 2004

New Age Wrestling Federation (NAWF)
USA Pro Wrestling 9th Graduating Class Matches and Ceremonies Masonic Temple - West Haven, CT 2:00PM
1) El Mascarado (in his last NAWF match) defeated the Iron Eagle
2) Dave Wilcox defeated Nocturne
3) John Brooks and Gran Akuma defeated Mark Gore and a debuting Spike Vedo
4) Spider defeated Dave Cole
5) Thornn defeated Bert Williams
6) In the Royal Rumble, Dave Wilcox won after eliminating Dave Cole at the end.

Premiere Wrestling Federation -NE (PWF-NE)
Squared Circle Academy - 2051 Smith St., North Providence, RI 3:00PM
1) “The Talent” TJ Richter defeated “Hott Stuff” Paul Hudson, “Zero Gravity” Jason Blade, and Mighty Mouth” Mike Paiva w/ Mercedes in a fatal four way match to win the PWF Northeast Junior-Heavyweight Championship.
2) Irwin “IQ” Quincy and Valerie Dictorian w/ Grayson P. Alexander defeated “Disturbed Dreams” comprising of “Disturbed” Damian Dragon and Foxxy Dreams
3) PWF Northeast Co-Owner Mark Reality and PWF Northeast Tag Team Champions Thrillogy (Kid Mikaze & Chris Camaro) w/ Ariel defeated PWF Northeast Co-Owner Kyle Storm, “East Coast Intensity” Jose Perez, and “Bad Boy” Billy Black.
4) Ebony Blade defeated J. Kronic and Johnny Trendy
5) Triplelicious w/ “Mouthpiece of the East” Sean Gorman defeated “SAT” Sigmund A. Tribeck, of The Score w/ GPA
6) Johnny Curtis defeated PWF Northeast Heavyweight Champion Kid Krazy by DQ.   Krazy retained the belt.

January 10, 2004

Premiere Wrestling Federation -NE (PWF-NE)
Elks Lodge - Cudworth Rd., Webster, MA 7:00PM
1) “Hott Stuff” Paul Hudson defeated “The Talent” TJ Richter to retain the PWF Northeast Junior-Heavyweight Championship.
2) In a mask vrs. mask match, Hiroshi Asai defeated El Diablo forcing him to unmask and show that he was “The East Coast Intensity” Jose Perez.
3) “Mighty Mouth” Mike Paiva defeated “Zero Gravity” Jason Blade w/ Mercedes in a leather strap match
4) Irwin “IQ” Quincy & Valerie Dictorian defeated Ariel and Ebony Blade
5) Thrillogy (Kid Mikaze & Chris Camaro) defeated The Score (Mcas & SAT) w/ GPA and Ruy-Nation (Triplelicious and manager “Mouthpiece of the East” Sean Gorman subbing for an ill Ruy Batello) in a triple threat match to retain the PWF-NE Tag Team Titles
6) PWF Northeast Heavyweight Champion Kid Krazy w/ Dr. Everette Payne vrs. Johnny Curtis ended in a  time limit draw.

Chaotic Wrestling (CW)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
"COLD FURY 3" Polish American Veteran's Club - Lowell, MA 8PM
1) Clinically Inclined (Dr. Reginald Heresy & "High Flyin'" Andre Lyonz) defeated Lethal Injection (Roman & Brandon Young)
2) "Broadway" Kenn Phoenix w/ Sparkles defeated "Good Time" Vince Vicallo
3) The Lost Souls (Brian Buffet & Peter Mulloy w/ Cherry Payne) defeated The Mighty Mini & his substitute partner Psycho w/ Brian Black to retain the CW Tag Team Championship
4) CW Heavyweight Champion "Lifesaver" Billy Kryptonite w/ Pristine Kristine defeated "The Trendsetter" Adam Booker in a 2-out-of-3 falls match
5) CW New England Champion "Intellectual" Arch Kincaid defeated Handsome Johnny
6) Dr. Reginald Heresy won an 18-man battle royal
7) "Hurricane" John Walters defeated "Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz in the first-ever SHOOTS AND LADDERS match

New England Championship Wrestling (NECW)
"Snow Brawl" The Framingham Civic League - 214 Concord St., Framingham, MA 7:00PM
1) Aaron Morrison defeated Evil Nick
2) Mike Bennett defeated Zaqary Springate III
3) The French Connection defeated "Big Guns" Frankie A and "Heartthrob" Kurt Adonis
4) El Boriqua defeated Egomaniac Johnny Idol
5) Brutal Bob Evans defeated Brandon Locke
6) Maverick Wild defeated Mercedes Martinez to retain the NECW Championship.
7) Sabotage defeated Adrenaline to retain the NECW Tag Team Championships.

Main Event Wrestling Federation (MWF)
"New Years Evil" Newport RI Elk's Lodge
1) The Kult defeated the Flock to retain the MWF tag team titles
2) MWF Commissioner Great White Hunter defeated Vic Con
3) Sypher w/ The Kult & Luscious Lisa defeated Double-7 Chris Simmons
4) In a 4-Way Gauntlet for the right to face Unified Champion Dr. Destruction, the order of elimination was: Ocyris pinned Kaos (w/ Terror Squad - Joe Black & Steve LaRock) following a roll-up after MWF Unified Champion Dr. Destruction caned Ocyris then instructed Kaos to follow up and eliminate Ocyris. Kaos refused to comply but this provided the distraction for Ocyris to quickly roll up Kaos. Kaos congratulated Ocyris but then got into a verbal exchange with Dr. Destruction who responded by caning both LaRock and Kaos, then executing the thunderstruck powerbomb on Kaos on the floor outside the ring. Kaos needed be assisted back to the dressing room.  Ocyris pinned Cyclone after reversing a roll-up. Ocyris pinned Sydistic (w/ Double-7 & MWF Unified Champion Dr. Destruction) following a neck-cutter fireman-carry stunner after dodging a Sydistic spear attempt (who speared Double-7 instead) and drop-kicking Dr. Destruction off the apron.
5) Mad Dog Erik Wheeler defeated Thor w/ The Kult
6) Ares w/ Fiend & Ocyris defeated Brett Krueger
7) In a MWF Unified Title Match, Ocyris w/ The Flock defeated MWF Unified Champion Dr. Destruction w/ UltraViolent.
8) MWF World Champion Fiend w/ The Flock defeated Texas Hitman Steve LaRock w/ Terror Squad - Joe Black & Kaos

Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)
Top Rope Arena ~ Price-Rite Plaza 139 Hathaway Rd - New Bedford, MA, 7:30PM
1) SCCW vs YPW Tag Team Match - The Kreeper & Enigma defeated Kid Pyro & Riot
2) Redemption w/ Julias Sweet defeated Tex McCoy
3) "Nightmare" Nick Steel defeated Aaron Knight in a Special Challenge Match
4) Tables Match - The Premier Experience defeated The X Foundation
5) YPW Tag Team Title Match - The McGraws (Woody & Huey) defeated The Regime (Rage & Stallion) To Remain The YPW Tag Team Champions
6) Cruiserweight Title Match - "B2" Billy Braxx defeated Nick Narcisstic To Remain The YPW Cruiserweight Champion
7) "Heartthrob" Lance Silva & Vain defeated Moco & Paul Lombardi w/ Julias Sweet By Disqualification
8) 3 Way YPW Heavyweight Title Match - Brickhouse Baker defeated "Nightmare" Nick Steel & Michael Foster with Julias Sweet To Remain The YPW Heavyweight Champion

January 2, 2004

Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)
PAL Hall - 31 Franklin St, Fall River, MA 7:30PM
1) "B2" Billy Braxx defeated Riot, Kid Pyro, and Super Soprano To Remain The YPW Cruiserweight Champion
2) Tex McCoy defeated Julius Sweet
3) Slick Johnson (substituting for Lombardi) & Premiere Experience defeated Vain & X Foundation (Duke Maximum & "H20" Ryan Waters)
4) Lance Silva defeated Hilite Kid
5) The McGraws (Woody & Huey) defeated Rage & Stallion To Remain YPW Tag Team Champions
6) Moco defeated Aaron Knight in a Special Challenge Match
7) Brickhouse Baker & Kahuna Vs. Nick Steel & Micheal Foster Ended in a no contest

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