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MARCH, 2003


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March 29, 2003
Tri-State Wrestling (TSW)
Rutland Eagles Club - Rutland, VT 7:00 PM
1) Nick Neighborhood & Kid Krush defeated Shane Alden & Swinger Sidusky
2) Erics Downs defeated Bathory
3) Texas Outlaw defeated Steve Cruz
4) Jimmy Jact Cash w/ Miss Michelle defeated Thorn
5) Jim Tanner defeated Hoss in a Leather Strap Match
6) Brian Immaculate defeated Damon Vitale and Mean Marcos in a Three Way Dance
7) Maxx Burton & Alex defeated Punk in an  Intergender Handicap Match
8) TSW Tag Team Champions Green Mountain Boys (new champs) defeated Playerz Club w/ OO Smoothe
9) Kevin Dunn defeated HC Loc
10) Jeff Starr & Shockwave defeated Diablo Santiago & Oman Tortuga

Ultimate Championship Wrestling (UCW)
Family Center - 413 175 Howard St., Braintree, MA 7:00PM
1) "Toxic" Tommy Knoxville defeated "Die. Hard" Eddie Edwards to retain the UCW Lightweight title
2) Ebony Blade, Jose Perez and Jason Rumble defeated The Skunk, Don Vega and Chris blackheart w/ Steak Daddy Peter B
3) Omega w/Cherry Payne defeated Kevin Karizma
4) Joel Davis defeated Robbie Ellis to retain the UCW TV title
5) Beau Douglas and Todd Hansen defeated Apocalypse and Paulie Gilmore to retain the UCW tag team titles
6) Cueball w/Eve defeated Dan Bidondi
7) Widowmaker defeated Travis Funk by countout
8) Gary Gold defeated Gino Martino to become the new UCW Heavyweight champion

Yankee Pro Wrestling / South Coast Championship Wrestling (YPW/SCCW)
Middleboro High School Gymnasium - 71 E. Grove St., Middleboro, MA 7:00PM

Action Packed Championship Wrestling (APCW)
Seekonk, MA 7:00 PM
1) Team Elite defeated The O'Callahans
2) The American Patriot defeated The Top Prospects (Jeremy Powers & Shane Williams)
3) Vertabreaker w/Amber defeated Thrash
4) Angel defeates Fronz Rhody, Hot Carlson, Epps, Jimmanie Beam, Eclipz, Scarecrow in a Battle Royal, with the winner to face the Lightweight Champion Later in the show
5) Outpatiant defeates T.J. Richter
6) Brian Fierce defeates Brutal Bob Evans
7) Jr Heavyweight Championship Derik Destiny defeats Angel
8) Team Elite defeated Divine Diversity for the Tag Team Championship

New England Wrestling Alliance (NEWA)
"Begin the Mayhem" - South Quincy Social Club - 480 Quincy Ave, Quincy, MA 7:30PM

March 28, 2003

Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)
Top Rope Arena - Price-Rite Plaza - 139 Hathaway Rd, New Bedford, MA 7:30PM
1) The Family (Vinny Giuliani & Tony Cianci) defeated EOS To remain The YPW Tag Team Champions
2) "Nitemare" Nick Steel w/ Athena defeated Vain To remain The YPW Interstate Champion
3) Riot defeated Kid Pyro, Billy Braxx & Rage In a 4-Way Cruiserweight Match
4) Moco w/Julias Sweet defeated Woody McGraw
5) "American Idol" Ryan Waters defeated HiLite Kid To remain The YPW Cruiserweight Champion
6) Duke Maximum defeated Billy Kryptonite
7) Collossus defeated The Boston Crab
8) Paul Lombardi defeated Michael Foster w/ Julias Sweet
9) Brickhouse Baker & "Sweet" Scott Ashworth defeated "Hollywood" Johnny Nash & Slick Johnson

March 23, 2003

eXiled Championship Wrestling (XCW)
"A Fight For Freedom" - XCW Arena - Franklin, VT 4:00 PM
1) The Inferno Kid defeated "Trailer Park King" John Rosen & The No-One in a three way dance
2) Ed "Lightning Bolt" Johnson defeated "Two Sweet" Johnny Lingo
3) Oscar "The Hardcore Clown" defeated "Badass" Brutality in a close contest
4) "Arctic" Adam Lawless defeated Krazy K in a #1 contendersship match for the XCW Northern title
5) The Unfathomables defeated The Party Boyz in the first round of the XCW World Tag title tournament
6) The Outlanders (Dean Dangers & Kenny Caution) defeated The Canadian Connection (Andy Awesome & Brian "The Freak" McIntyre) to advance to the finals in the XCW World tag title tournament
7) Tope Pe Peh defeated "Too Fit" Sal Nutrition to win the XCW Northern title
8) The Unfathomables defeated The Outlanders to win the XCW World Tag titles
9) The Bod-Squad defeated Elektrakution, Silverside, & John "The Everyman" Doe to retain the XCW World 6 man titles
10) J-Brown defeated The Serial Thrilla in the main event 30 min iron man match with XCW owner Dave Allos as special guest referee

March 22, 2003

Ace Pro Wrestling (APW)
"Emersion" - Bristol, RI
1) Blade defeated Kid Mikazi and Riot to become the first lightweight champion
2) "The Rookie" Jon Thornhill defeated Hades
3) Ru Star defeated Danny DeManto and Kevin Quinn
4) Power Company Twins defeated the team of Jim Nastic and A.J. Hott
5) Jeff Rocker defeated Kevin Mathews
6) Chi Chi Cruz defeated "Schoolboy" Derek Destiny
7) Ariel defeated Little Jeanne to become Ace Pro Wrestling's first women's champion
8) Due to outside interference by Chi Chi Cruz, New wave defeated Chris Hamrick to became Ace Pro Wrestling's first Heavyweight champion

Ultimate Championship Wrestling (UCW)
Canton Highschool - Canton, MA 7:00PM
1) "Toxic" Tommy Knoxville defeated Widow Maker to retain the UCW Lightweight Title
2) Tiny the Terrible defeated The Skunk
3) "Paco Rivera, D.C. Dillon and "Diehard" Eddie Edwards battled (La Familia) Big Paulie Gilmore, Tony Cianci, and Vinny Giuliani to a double DQ
4) "The Real Deal" Joel Davis defeated "Nature Boy" Gary Gold to become the new UCW TV champion
5) Apocalypse defeated The Outpatient
6) "Handsome" Todd Hansen & Beau Douglas w/"The English Enforcer" Ebony Blade defeated "New Era" Don Vega & Chris Blackheart with "Steak Daddy" Peter B. to become the new UCW tag team champions
7) "Tough Texan" Travis Funk battled "The Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino to a no contest in a two out of three falls title match

Eastern Wrestling Alliance (EWA)
The Strive Center - 28 Foden Rd, South Portland, ME, 7:30 PM
1) Billy Kryptonite defeated "Flash" Nick McKenna
2) Antonio Thomas defeated Kenn Phoenix, Rick Daniels and Vince Vicallo to advance in the EWA New England Title Tournament
3) EWA Tag Team Champions The Elements of Suicide w/Gina Maries defeated Brian Black and Johnny Curtis
4) Cueball defeated Larry Huntley, Kid Krazy and Adam Hastey to advance in the EWA New England Title Tournament
5) Dr. Heresy defeated Frankie Armadillo
6) Cueball defeated Antonio Thomas to become the EWA New England Champion
7) Steve Ramsey defeated John Walters to become the EWA heavyweight Champion.

March 21, 2003

Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)
P.A.L. Hall - 31 Franklin St, Fall River, MA 7:30PM
1) Duke Maximum defeated Viper
2) In a 4 Way Tag Team Elimination Match For The YPW Tag Team Championship, The Family (Vinny Giuliani & Tony Cianci) defeated EOS, The Team of Brickhouse Baker & "Sweet" Scott Ashworth And The Team of "Hollywood" Johnny Nash & Bobby Biggins w/ Slick Johnson To Become The New YPW Tag Team Champions
3) In a 4 Way Cruiserweight Match, "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards defeated HiLite Kid, Billy Braxx & Riot To Become The #1 Contender For The YPW Cruiserweight Title
4) "Heartthrob" Lance Silva defeated Vain To Retain The YPW Heavyweight Championship
5) "American Idol" Ryan Waters defeated Kid Pyro To Retain The YPW Cruiserweight Championship
6) Woody McGraw & "The Pinnacle of Perfection" Paul Lombardi defeated "TNT" Terry Thomas & Moco w/ Julias Sweet
7) Big Daddy Kahuna defeated "The Thunder from Down Under" Micheal Foster w/ Julias Sweet In a Leather Strap Match
8) Jonah of TE3 defeated "Nitemare" Nick Steel w/ Athena

Eastern Wrestling Alliance (EWA)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)  
Pilsudski Polish American Club - Southbridge, MA 7:30PM
1.) Lil Mac & Evan Excell defeated Aaron Morrison & The Masked Janitor
2.) Josh Daniels defeated Jim Nastic
3.) Larry Huntley & Rick Daniels defeated Team Tap Out and the team of Steve Ramsey & Adam Hastey in a Tag Team Triple Threat Match
4.) Frankie Armadillo defeated Chris Hammerick
5.) Cueball & Nick McKenna defeated Antonio Thomas & Kenn Phoenix
6.) Dr. Heresy defeated Kid Crazy in an I Quit match

Chaotic Wrestling (CW)
Knights of Columbus - 1 Gaythorne Road (Rt 28) Methuen, MA 8:00PM
1) "Good Time" Vince Vicallo defeated "The Idol" Aaron Stevens to defend the CW New England Championship
2) Attrition (Studd and Angers) defeated "Too Cocky" Kevin Matthews and Danny Demanto to defend the CW Tag Team titles
3) "Life Saver" Billy Kryptonite defeated the debuting Brian Buffet
4) "Hurricane" John Walters defeated The Mighty Mini to defend the Chaotic Wrestling Championship
5) Matthew Evagrius w/Cherry Payne defeated "Handsome" Johnny
6) "Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz defeated "Intellectual" Arch Kincaid to become the #1 Contender to John Walters's CW Championship

March 16, 2003

Maine Event Wrestling (MEW)
Portland Expo - Portland, ME

March 15, 2003

Ring of Honor (ROH)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
Massachusetts National Guard Amory - 450 Concord Ave., Cambridge, MA
1.) Chad Collyer defeated Matt Stryker
2.) The Amazing Red defeated Slim J
3.) AJ Styles, who didn't have a partner, defeated The Backseat Boyz, The SAT, & Carnage Crew in a four-way scramble
4.) Alex Arion defeated Hotstuff Hernandez
5.) Low Ki & Da' Hit Squad defeated Special K
6.) Quiet Storm & Ghost Shadow defeated The Ring Crew Express of Dunn & Marcos
7.) CM Punk defeated Raven by tap out
8.) Samoa Joe defeated Homicide, BJ Whitmer, and EZ Money in a #1 contenders match
9.) AJ Styles & Amazing Red defeated The Prophecy of Christopher Daniels & ROH champion Xavier to become new ROH Tag Team Champions

Atlas Championship Wrestling (ACW)
Newbegin Center - Gray, ME

All-Star Wrestling Alliance (AWA)
St. Stansilus Hall - Nashua, NH

South Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
Top Rope Arena - Price-Rite Plaza, 139 Hathaway Rd, New Bedford, MA 7:30PM
1) Derick Destiny defeated Kid Capri
2) Mike Stryker defeated Raging Bull
3) Gorgeous Gino Giovanni w/GQ Smooth defeated Tim Kilgore
4) SCCW Lightweight Title Match - Stevie Sky defeated The Kreeper to become the NEW Leightweight Champion
5) Mike Majors defeated The Black Dragon Troy Bond
6) The Power Company defeated Mark Damon & Ring King Randall
7) G.Q. Smooth w/Gino Giovanni defeated Allaylah Silky

March 14, 2003

All-Star Wrestling Association (AWA)
Dover Elks - Dover, NH
1.) Captain USA defeated Blood Sucking Alien
2.) AJ Storm defeated Tarzan Taylor
3.) Maverick Wild defeated Egghead
4.) Johnny Vegas defeated Marc Vincent
5.) Johnny Curtis defeated Dave Walker
6.) Awesome Al Starr defeated Brian Fury

Assault Championship Wrestling (ACW)
The 2nd Annual Dave Vicious Memorial Cup Tournament - Stage East - 1022 Main St., East Hartford, CT 8:00PM
1) "The Original Mr. Loverman" Shabba White defeated Kaguchi
2) Texas Tornado match between The Mutilators and (Pain & Nemesis) and The Rednecks from Hell w/ Mike E. Milano ended in a no contest.
3) Vic Gun'R defeated Spider
4) Iceberg defeated Bobby Panther w/Sheik Ali Abdullah
5) Ariel & Trinity defeated Mercedes & Riptide
6) Julio Dinero won the 2nd Annual "Delicious" Dave Vicious Memorial Cup Tournament.  Other participants included: Tony Blaze, Mark Gore, Dave Donovan, Wicked, Thunderbolt, Mo' Sexy, and Eddie Edwards.
7) "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage w/Talia, "The Brazilian Shooter" Del Tsunami, and The Prowler w/Mike E. Milano defeated "The Deranged One" Ron Zombie, Avil Graves, "The Director of Operations" Jason F'n Night to retain the Hardcore Title in a six man hardcore match.
8) Jim Nastic defeated Abunai
9) "Lightning" Johnny Thundar w/Alura defeated Paul Enormous to win the ACW World Heavyweight title.
10) Matt Striker & Scotty Charisma defeated Red Hoss Russ & "The Specialist" Mike Xylas to win the ACW World Tag Team Championship.
11) Homicide defeated "The Machine" Jeff Rocker to become the new Great American Champion
12) Julio Dinero & Chris Hamrick defeated Kid Kash w/Trinity & Tony Devito

Wrestling Federation of America (WFA)
American Legion Hall - 5 Riverside St., Hooksett, NH 8:00 PM
1.) Psyco Mike Osbourne defeated Brandon Locke
2.) Kid Makazi defeated Chris Camero
3.) Nikki Rox vrs. Ms. Peters ended in D coming to the ring and chokeslamming both girls
4.) Scott Reed defeated Big Matty
5.) Justin Shape defeated Antonio Thomas
6.) Nightbreed defeated the Egomaniacs
7.) Alex Arion defeated Brutal Bob Evans
8.) KL Murphy defeated Chris Venom

Professional Wrestling Alliance (PWA)
Bill Williams Gym - Western CT State University, Danbury, CT
1.) Shorty Smalls w/ Chucky Wynn defeated Bad Leroy Brown
2.) Spider defeated J-Busta
3.) The NEW PR Connection defeated Wayne the Convenient Store Guy & Mr. Vandetta
4.) "The Untouchable" Anthony Michaels defeated "Fantastic" Jim Nastic
5.) #1 Contender for the Lightning Weight Title- Quiet Storm defeated Blade
6.) PWA HeavyWeight Title Match- Raven defeated Champion Pat Gunner & "Psycho" Mike Osbourne by stipulation, no title change
7.) Chucky Wynn defeated Tainted Youth Cold Blooded
8.) The Grim Reefer & Wrecka defeated the Elements of Suicide (EOS)
9.) Chris Divine defeated Ru Star
10.) PWA Tag Team Championship Match- Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz defeated The SAT
11.) Sabu defeated Balls Mahoney

March 8, 2003

World Wrestling Alliance (WWA)
VFW Hall 24 - Qunicy, MA
1.) Shockwave defeated Rob Eckos
2.) El Mascarada & Ova defeated Scotty Charisma & Specialist Mike Xylas
3.) Purty Kurty & Josh Daniels defeated Kid USA & Vic D. Vine
4.) Nick the Hippie defeated Thunderbolt
5.) Danny from TE2 defeated Jonah from TE3
6.) Vik Dalishus & Kenn Phoenix defeated Arizona & Damien Adams
7.) Paul E. Normus defeated Tim McNeany via DQ
8.) "Dangerous" Danny Davis & D'Lo Brown defeated Aron Stevens & Edward G. Xtacy, managed by Pat Piper

Chaotic Wrestling (CW)
Narraguagus High School - Harrington, ME

Wrestling Federation of America (WFA)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
Littleton Opera House Littleton, NH
1) Noize Boys defeated Chris Venom and Brian Fury
2) Steve Bradley defeated Branton Lock
3) Kid Mikazi defeated Chris Camero
4) Justin Shape defeated Antonio Thomas
5) The Egomaniacs defeated Paul Hudson & "Prince?"
6) Alex Arion defeated "Brutal" Bob Evans
7) Brian Fury defeated Justin Shape
8) The Egomaniacs defeated Dan Freetus & Brian News
9) "D" defeated Mark Bennet
10) "Brutal" Bob Evans defeated Chris Venom
11) Catfight Match: Mrs. Peters defeated Nikki Roxx
12) The Egomaniacs defeated Even Cohen & Danny Diez
13) Antonio Thomas defeated KL Murphy
14) Night Breed defeated The Egomaniacs

March 7, 2003

Chaotic Wrestling (CW)
Knights of Columbus Methuen, MA
1) "Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz defeated Matthew Evagrius (with Cherry Payne)
2) "Mr. Muscles" Frankie Armadillo (with Miss Kristy) defeated The Mighty Mini (with Brian Black)
3) "2 Cocky" Kevin Matthews defeated Handsome Johnny
4)  In a non-title match, Brian Black (with Mini) defeated the Chaotic Wrestling Champion "Hurricane" John Walters
5) Attrition (Studd and Angers) defeated "Intellectual" Arch Kincaid and Dukes Dalton to defend their tag team titles
6) "Good Time" Vince Vicallo defeated "Life Saver" Billy Kryptonite (with Brittany Summer) to become the new CW New England Champion

New England Wrestling Alliance (NEWA)
Lowell Elks - Lowell, MA
1.) Q. of The Score defeated Jimmy The Beane
2.) John The Painter Lowe defeated Angel & Relic in a Handicap match
3.) LowLife defeated Bobby Biggens to remain TV Champion
4.) Danny Boy O'Callahan & 1 Man Army defeated Richard Pacifico & Mad Jester
5.) Woody McGraw defeated Blade Bishop
6.) The Brian Cairo Open Invatational Gauntlet Match- John Phear Defeated Zanic, John Phear defeated Manix, John Phear destroyed "The Dean Of Mean" Damien Darkside
7.) The Score and The Twysted Latin Souls ended in a 10 minute time limit draw
8.) N.E.W.A. Heavyweight Champion Brutus The Barber Beefcake defeated Danny Cama
9.) Damien Darkside won a 20 man Over The Top Rope $5000 Battle Royal

World Wrestling Alliance (WWA)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
Massasoit Community College Conference Center - Brockton, MA 7:30PM
1.) Shockwave defeated Rob Eckos
2.) "Dangerous" Danny Davis defeated Purty Kurty to remain WWA Champion
3.) Thunderbolt defeated Specialist Mike Xylas
4.) "The Graduate" Tim McNeany & The Hippy Freak defeated Danny (Tough Enough II) & Jonah (Tough Enough III).
5.) Travis "N" Tomb defeated Chip Stetson
6.) Vik Dalishus defeated Aron Stevens
7.) Paul E. Normus defeated Vic D. Vine
8.) Damian Adams & Josh Daniels w/ The Highwayman defeated Kenn Phoenix, Johnny Ova, & Sal Valentino and Kid Justice in a three-way tag match
9.) D'Lo Brown def. Edward G. Xtacy

South Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
P.A.L. Hall Fall River, MA
1.) SCCW Lightweight Title Match- The Kreeper defeated Tim Kilgore
2.) School Boy Derick Destiny defeated CJ Summers
3.) Morbius w/Vanity Vixen defeated Tarzan Taylor & AJ Storm
4.) Stevie Sky defeated Gorgeous Gino Giovanni
5.) SCCW Heavyweight Title Match- G.Q. Smooth defeated Mark Damon
6.) The Orphan defeated The Black Dragon Troy Bond by DQ
7.) Raging Bull defeated Brian Fury, to adavance his team in the Tag Team Titles tournament
8.) The Southern Bad Boys defeated The Silver & Black Attack

March 2, 2003

Ultimate Championship Wrestling (UCW)
Club Escapades - Rte. 138 Broadway St., Raynham, MA 6:00PM
1.) UCW Lightweight Title Match- "Toxic" Tommy Knoxville defeated "The East Coast Intensity" Jose Perez to remain UCW Lightweight Champion
2.) Paco Riveira defeated "The Sports Illustrated Legend" Robbie Ellis
3.) Travis Funk defeated Apocalypse with Damian Darkside
4.) Widow Maker defeated Hiro Hashimoto
5.) UCW Triple Threat TV Title Match- "Nature Boy" Gary Gold defeated "Iceberg" Sonny D. by pinning "Big Paulie Gilmore to remain UCW TV Champion
6.) UCW Tag Team Title Match- Beau Douglas & Todd Hansen defeated champions Don Vega & Chris Blackheart by DQ
7.) UCW World Title Match- Champion Gino Martino defeated Joel Davis

March 1, 2003

Professional Wrestling Alliance (PWA)
Worcester Boys & Girls Club - 2 Ionic Ave., Worcester, MA 7:30 PM
1.) The Untouchable Anthony Michaels defeated Mark Gore
2.) Kidd USA defeated Dangerous Don Rotten
3.) Wrecka defeated "Fantastic" Jim Nastic
4.) Lightning Weight Title Match- "Toxic" Tommy Knoxville defeated J Busta
5.) "All Money is Legal" (Kash & Kaotic Kid) defeated "The NEW Puerto Rican Connection" (Don Vega & Johnny Bravado)
6.) April Hunter defeated Trinity
7.) PWA Champion Pat Gunner defeated Chris Divine
8.) Tag Team Championship Match- Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz w/ Becky Baliss defeated EOS and The Grim Reefer & Azriel
9.) Homicide defeated Slyk Wagner Brown w/ April Hunter and "The Hurricane" John Walters in a Triple threat Match
10.) Mikey Whipwreck defeated Matt Striker

All-Star Wrestling Alliance (AWA)
St. Stansilus Hall - Nashua, NH
1) Mr Wrestling IV defeated Jason the Slasher (barn burner)
2) Antonio Thomas defeated Tarzan Taylor
3) Rock and Roll Marc Vincent defeated The Spoiler
4) Johnny Vegas defeated Chris Venom to retain the AWA New England title
5) Maverick Wild defeated Brian Fury by submission.
6) Super Rhyno and Egghead defeated Psycho Mike Osbourne and "Big Daddy" Dave Walker
7) A.J. Storm defeated Morbius to win the AWA title.  After the match, he got 5 minutes alone in the ring with Vanity Vixxxen. Maverick then came to ringside saying that isn't how a champion should act. He challenged A.J. for the title and abrubtly ended his reign as champion.
8) "Rock and Roll" Marc Vincent won a "Pit of Death" match (Tarzan eliminated Antonio, Brian Fury eliminated Tarzan, Brian Fury eliminated Johnny Vegas, Dave Walker eliminated Super Rhino, Marc Vincent eliminated Dave Walker, Marc Vincent eliminated Brian Fury, Marc Vincent eliminated Mike Osbourne.)

Rampage Pro Wrestling (RPW)
Penquis Higher Education Center - North St. Dover-Foxcroft, ME 7:00PM

New England Wrestling Alliance (NEWA)
Masons Hall - Attleboro, MA
1) The Maniac defeated Steve Savage
2) Twysted Latin Souls defeated NEWA Tag Team Champions Bad News & Gino Falcone in a non-title match, Xavier pinned Gino Falcone
3) I.Q. (Irwin Quincy of The Score) defeated Brian Fierce
4) Jose Perez defeated G.E.D. of The Score
5) LowLife defeated Mike Benoit to retain the NEWA TV Title
6) MCAS & SAT of The Score defeated Bruno & Joey Devino of the Hardcore Mafia
7) Jason Chaos w/Brian Cairo defeated Ocho The Luchador
8) John Phear won the NEWA Classic Battle Royal
9) Blade Bishop, John The Painter Lowe & Jimanie Beane defeated Roberto & Christoph Luchiano & Dana Cama
10) Billy Kryptonite defeated The Mighty Mini in a 2 out of 3 falls match

Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)
Top Rope Arena - Price-Rite Plaza - 139 Hathaway Rd, New Bedford, MA 7:30PM
1) The Family (Vinny Giuliani & Tony Cianci) defeated "Bigtime" Bert Williams & Thornn w/ Kenny Casanova
2) "Nitemare" Nick Steel w/ Athena defeated Vain
3) Riot defeated "Hollywood" Johnny Nash w/ "The Agent To The Superstars" Slick Johnson
4) Moco & "The Thunder from Down Under" Micheal Foster & Julias Sweet defeated Paul Lombardi & Woody McGraw
5) Hilite Kid, Billy Braxx & Kid Pyro defeated "American Idol" Ryan Waters, "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards & Zachary Richards
6) "Sweet" Scott Ashworth defeated Bobby Biggins via DQ
7) Omega defeated Viper
8) "Heartthrob" Lance Silva defeated Brickhouse Baker to retain The YPW Heavyweight Championship

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