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MAY, 2003


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May 31, 2003
Millennium Wrestling Federation (MWF)
"Soul Survivor" - Lynn Technical School - Lynn, MA 7:00PM
1) Todd Hanson defeated D-Lo Brown
2) "2Xtreme" John Brooks defeated Spider
3) Jimmy Jact Ca$h defeated Beau Douglas
4) "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage defeated Vince Vicallo
5) "Slyk" Wagner Brown defeated Arch Kincaid
6) Gino Martino w/ Ox Baker defeated Paulie Gilmore, Matt Logan and Mike Lano
7) Tommy Knoxville defeated "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards
8) Luis Ortiz and "Smooth Operating Gangsta" Tre' battled to a time limit draw
9) Tiger Mulligan defeated "Raging Beast" Brian Wenzell.
10) Tiger Mulligan defeated John Brooks to become the first Millennium Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion.
11) Talia defeated April Hunter

All-Star Wrestling Alliance (AWA)
St. Stansilus Hall - Nashua, NH 8:00PM
1) Captain USA defeated the Spoiler
2) ZR Xtreme defeated AWA America's Champion Maverick Wild in a non-title match
3) Stingray, the Amazing Egghead & Jason the Slasher defeated "Enforcer" Larry Huntley, "Dynamite" Joe Powers and "Sellout" Shane Simons.
4) Frankie Armidillo defeated Kid Krazy
5) Dr. Heresy defeated Fantastic Jim Nastic
6) A.J. Storm defeated Big Daddy Walker via DQ to retaine the New England title
7) "Iron Man" Tim Walker defeated "Fabulous" Johnny Vegas
8) ZR Xtreme defeated Maverick Wild for the AWA America's title and Rip Morrison's reinstatement

Wrestling Federation of America (WFA)
Littleton Opera House - 2 Union St., Littleton, NH 7:30PM

New England Wrestling Alliance (NEWA)
Attleboro Masons Lodge - 46 South Washington St., North Attleboro, MA 7:30PM
1) One Man Army defeated GED of the Score
2) The Made Men defeated The Freaks of Nature
3) John Phear defeated Delicious D
4) Bobby Biggens defeated Bloodstone
5) In a "Spanish Harlem Back Alley Brawl" featuring Jose Perez as Special guest ref, The Score defeated The Twysted Latin Souls to become the New NEWA Tag Team Champions
6) Ocho & LowLife defeated Brian Cairo & Jason Chaos
7) NEWA TV Champion Mike Benoit defeated Cameron Matthews to retain the TV Title
8) Legion "Freakin" Cage went to a time limit draw with Tim Kilgore
9) In The Street Fight Main Event, "Pistol" Pete Mulloy defeated The Mighty Mini

May 30, 2003

South Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
"Rage in a Cage" PAL Hall, Franklin St., Fall River, MA 7:30PM
1) SCCW Lightweight Elimination Title Match - The Kreeper defeated Spyder, Derik Destiny defeated Kid Capri, Stevie Sky defeated Derik Destiny, Stevie Sky defeated The Kreeper to retain the championship
2) Fantastic Frank defeated The Orphan in a cage match
3) Caged Conceit - Mirrors will be hung above the cage, the first participant to get a mirror and use it on their opponent wins. Gorgeous Gino Giovanni defeated Nick Narcissistic
4) SCCW Women’s' Triple Threat Title Match - Allaylah Silky defeated Athena and Trinity H. Campbell to retain the women’s' championship
5) The Black Dragon Troy Bond defeated Mark 'Flex' Damon
6) SCCW Tag Team Title Match - The first team to successfully leave the cage wins or retains the SCCW tag team titles. The Southern Bad Boys defeated Wisdom of Experience to retain the tag team titles
7) SCCW Heavyweight Title Match - Pinfalls only. Cage door locked. Heavenly Johnny Angel defeated G.Q. Smooth to become the new SCCW Heavyweight Champion

Wrestling Federation of America (WFA)
American Legion Hall - 5 Riverside St., Hooksett, NH 8:00PM

May 25, 2003

eXiled Championship Wrestling (XCW)
"Memorial Mayhem: Brawls, Battles & Belts" - XCW Arena - Franklin, VT 5:00 PM
1) "The Catholic" Chris Soderberg defeated "The Everyman" John Doe
2) Andy Awesome defeated Justin Powers and "2Fit" Sal Nutrition in a three way dance
3) Ed "Lightning Bolt" Johnson defeated Oscar the Hardcore Clown to become the #1 contender for the XCW Northern New England title
4) Tope` Pe Peh defeated "Arctic" Adam Lawless in the Hardcore rules 20-min Ironman Grudge match by 2-1 to RETAIN the XCW Northern New England title.
5) Krazy K defeated The No One
6) The Outlanders defeated The Unfathomables to WIN the XCW World Tag Team titles
7) "Badass" Brutality defeated "Trailer Park King" John Rosen in the hardcore rules match.
8) In the 8-man tag gauntlet match for the XCW World 6-man tag titles, the 3 men that survived were Brian "The Freak" McIntyre, Elektrakution, and Buddy Stevens to become the NEW XCW World 6 man tag champs.
9) J-Brown defeated Pete Weeks to become the 2-TIME XCW WORLD CHAMPION

May 24, 2003

World Wrestling Alliance (WWA)
Natick High School - 19 Jersey St, Natick, MA 7:30 PM
1) Shockwave defeated Damon Vitale
2) Shortsleeve Sampson defeated Little Killer
3) Coach Nick Richards w/  Aron Stevens defeated El Diablo Santiago
4) Mike Bell defeated Texas Outlaw in the WWA's first ever Cowbell Strap Match
5) Sgt. Slaughter, Doink & Danny Davis defeated The Desert Destroyers
6) Little Jeannie defeated Eve via DQ due to interference by The Graduate.
7) Kid Krazy & Little Gino defeated Awe & El Mascarado
8) Jonah defeated Aron Stevens to become the new WWA Champion

Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)
Top Rope Arena - Price-Rite Plaza - 139 Hathaway Rd, New Bedford, MA 7:30PM
1) Vain defeated Rage
2) Kid Pyro & Billy Braxx defeated Woody & Huey McGraw
3) Michael Foster w/ Julias Sweet defeated CJ Matthews
4) Tex McCoy defeated Moco w/ Julias Sweet by DQ
5) Hilite Kid defeated Riot To remain The YPW Cruiserweight Champion
6) Revelation defeated "Heartthrob" Lance Silva With Commissioner Candido as Special Referee
7) "Nitemare" Nick Steel w/ Athena defeated "American Idol" Ryan Waters To remain The YPW Heavyweight Champion
8) "Sweet" Scott Ashwort & Brickhouse Baker defeated "Hollywood" Johnny Nash, "Blockbuster" Rob Hagan & Slick Johnson In a Table Match To remain The YPW Tag Team Champions

All-Star Wrestling Alliance (AWA)
VFW Hall - Milford, NH 8:00PM
1) Captain USA defeated Parts Unknown
2) The Egghead defeated Jacques Paul Pierre w/ Scott Dickinson
3) Big Daddy Walker defeated Stingray
4) ZR Extreme defeated Rayne
5)  Larry Huntley defeated Joe Powers
6) Maverick Wild w/ Scott Dickinson defeated AJ Storm.

May 23, 2003

World Wrestling Alliance (WWA)
John P. Metropolis Ice Skating Arena - 2167 Washington St, Canton, MA 7:30PM
1) Shockwave defeated Hunt of the Desert Destroyers to become the first WWA Cruiserweight Champion
2) El Mascarado defeated Little Gino and Kid Krazy in a Triple Threat match
3) Shortsleeve Sampson defeated the Killer Pimp via DQ
4) Aron Stevens w/ Coach Nick Richards defeated "Dangerous" Danny Davis for the WWA Championship
5) El Diablo Santiago & Mike Bell defeated Vik Dalishus and The Texas Outlaw
6) Tim McNeany's defeated a fan at ringside named Billy.  After the match, McNeany and his manager, Eve, beat down the fan, who was soon saved by Doink and Little Jeannie! The Clown Prince of Wrestling suggested a mixed tag between him and Jeannie, against Tim and Eve, which his opponents agreed to! Doink nailed McNeany with the Whoopie Cushion, but called Billy in the ring to get the pinfall.
7) Jonah defeated Coach Nick Richards
8) Shock, Awe & Sgt. Slaughter defeated the Destert Destroyers w/ the Highwayman

May 18, 2003

Power League Wrestling (PLW)
"Power-Fest 2003" West Warwick Civic Center - West Warwick, RI 4:00PM
1) Heavyweight Champion Dr. Heresy vrs. Gary Apollo ended in a time limit draw
2) "Heavenly" Johnny Angel defeated Kenn Phoenix, Kid Krazy and Revelation in fatal four-way match to win the PLW New England Championship
3) Tag Team Champions E.o.S. vrs. The Storms ended in a double DQ
4) Lightweight Champion Tim Kilgore defeated Milton Cass
5) Robbie Ellis defeated Irwin Quincy
6) "Nightmare" Nick Steel & Athena defeated Duke Maximum & Alaylah Silky
7) Billy Kryptonite defeated Vince Vicallo
8) Team O.I.C. (Lt. Rick Ramsay, Sgt. Jim Tiernan & Sgt. Fred Araujo) defeated Mr. Wrestling 4, Mr. Wrestling 6 & "Lethal" Paul Lauzon
9) Chris Blackheart & "New Era" Don Vega wins tag team gauntlet.  Other participants included Jose Perez & Vertabreaker, Ruy Batello & Triplelicious, Jason "the Slasher" & Mighty Moco, Shawn Candido & GQ Smooth, "Psycho Mike" Osbourne & Derik Destiny, Mike Mayhem & Dan Havoc, Billy Brax & Legion Cage

May 17, 2003

Atlas Championship Wrestling (ATLAS)
Gray Newbegin Gym - Gray, ME 7:00PM

Action Packed Championship Wrestling (APCW)
Seekonk American Legion - Seekonk, MA

Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW) / South Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts - Amsler Campus Center, 375 Church St, North Adams, MA 7:30PM
1) Vain defeated "Superstar" Shawn Candido w/ Athena
2) Mike Stryker defeated Dave Powers
3) Brickhouse Baker defeated Revelation
4) Mark Damon w/ Allaylah Silky defeated Gorgeous Gino Giovanni
5) G.Q. Smooth defeated "Heavenly" Johnny Angel To Become the NEW SCCW Heavweight Champion
6) Doink The Clown defeated HiLite Kid
7) Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake defeated "The Black Dragon" Troy Bond
8) Jonah defeated "Nitemare" Nick Steel w/ Athena

Eastern Wrestling Alliance (EWA)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
Strive Center - South Portland, ME 7:00PM
1) Adam Hastey defeated Flash Nick Mckenna
2) Larry Huntley and Rick Daniels defeated Ken Phoenix and Billy Kryptonite
3) Kid Krazy w/ Dr. Payne defeated Frankie Armadillo by DQ
4) Team Tap Out defeated EOS to win the EWA Tag Team Titles
5) Dr Heresy & Maverick Wild defeated Vince Vicallo & Antonio Thomas
6) Adam Booker defeated Cueball to win the EWA New England Championship
7) Alexander Worthington III defeated Steve Ramsey in a retirement match

New England Wrestling Alliance (NEWA)
"Violence is a Virtue" The South Quincy Social Club - 480 Quincy Ave, Quincy MA 7:30PM
1) "Pistol" Pete Mulloy w/Crystal Kitty defeated "Handsome" Todd Hanson
2) Ocho defeated Damien Darkside
3) Army Of One defeated Jason Chaos
4) The Score (MCAS & SAT) defeated The Freaks Of Nature
5) John Bruiser Phear defeated Tim Kilgore
6) Bad News defeated LowLife to retain the NEWA title
7) Iwin Quincy defeated Gino falcone
8) NEWA Tag Team Champions The Twysted Latin Souls defeated The Made Men
9) Legion "Freakin" Cage defeated "The Superstar" Mike Monroe
10) NEWA TV Champion "The Miracle" Mike Benoit defeated The Mighty Mini and "Pistol" Pete Mulloy to retain the TV title

May 16, 2003

Wrestling Federation of America (WFA)
Concord Elks Lodge, 48 Airport Rd., Concord, NH 8:00PM

South Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
Amesbury High School Gymnasium - 5 Highland Street, Amesbury, MA 7:30PM
1) Stevie Sky defeated The Kreeper and Brian Fury to retain the SCCW Lightweight title
2) The Southern Bad Boys (Mike Stryker and Mike Majors) defeated The Noise Boyz (Rock and Roll Marc Vincent and Matt Spectro) to retrain the SCCW tag team titles
3) Gorgeous Gino Giovanni defeated Mark Damon
4) Mr. USA Tony Atlas defeated Vain
5) Heavenly Johnny Angel defeated G.Q. Smooth to become the new SCCW Heavyweight champion
6) Brutus The Barber Beefcake defeated The Black Dragon Troy Bond
7) Mark Damon won the over the top Battle Royal

Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)
P.A.L. Hall - 31 Franklin St, Fall River, MA 7:30PM
1) Rage defeated C.J. Matthews
2) "Hollywood" Johnny Nash & Blockbuster" Rob Hagan defeated Paul Lombardi & Woody McGraw w/ Huey to advance to the finals of The YPW Tag Team Tournament
3) HiLite Kid defeated Duke Maximum to remain The YPW Cruiserweight Champion
4) "Sweet" Scott Ashworth & Brickhouse Baker defeated Kid Pyro & Billy Braxx to advance to the finals of The YPW Tag Team Tournament
5) Revelation defeated "American Idol" Ryan Waters
6) Big Daddy Kahuna & Tex McCoy defeated Moco & Michael Foster w/ Julias Sweet
7) "Sweet" Scott Ashworth & Brickhouse Baker defeated "Hollywood" Johnny Nash & Blockbuster" Rob Hagan To become The New YPW Tag Team Champions
8) "Nitemare" Nick Steel w/ Athena defeated "Heartthrob" Lance Silva To remain The YPW Heavyweight Champion

May 10, 2003

South Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
Top Rope Arena - Price-Rite Plaza - 139 Hathaway Rd, New Bedford, MA 7:30PM

May 9, 2003

Chaotic Wrestling (CW)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
Knights of Columbus - 1 Market Street, Lawrence, MA 8:00PM
1) "The Promise" Antonio Thomas defeated Peter Mulloy w/ Matthew Evagrius
2) "The Trendsetter" Adam Booker and "Mr. Muscles" Frankie Armadillo w/ Miss Kristy defeated The Local Legends (Dukes Dalton and Tim McNeany)
3) Matthew Evagrius w/ Peter Mulloy defeated Johnny Curtis
4) Attrition (Studd and Angers) defeated Brian Black and The Mighty Mini to retain the CW Tag Team Championships
5) "Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz defeated "The Idol" Aaron Stevens to retain the CW Heavyweight Championship
6) "Life Saver" Billy Kryptonite defeated Handsome Johnny to defend the CW New England title
7) "Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz defeated "Intellectual" Arch Kincaid and "Good Time" Vince Vicallo in a Triple Threat match to retain the CW Heavyweight Championship

May 4, 2003

Assault Championship Wrestling (ACW)
"Evil Intent: Blood for Blood" Rider's Cafe & Grill - Waterbury, CT
1) "DieHard" Eddie Edwards defeated Abunai, Kaguchi & Wiqued in a four way elimination match to became the number one contender to the ACW Jr. Heavyweight Title
2) Iceberg w/ Sheik Ali Abdullah defeated Mike Roos
3) The Mutilators (Pain & Nemesis) defeated The Rednecks from Hell
4) Jim Nastic defeated Del Tsunami w/ Mike E. Milano & Talia to regain the ACW Jr. Heavyweight Title
5) "The Hitman" Vic Gun'R defeated Bobby Panther
6) Tony Devito defeated Julio Dinero by DQ after Dinero caused the referee to get blasted by Devito
7) "The Deranged One" Ron Zombie defeated Dave Donovan w/ Sheik Ali Abdullah to retain the ACW Hardcore Title
8) "The Latina Sensation" Mercedes Martinez w/ Mike E. Milano defeated Ariel
9) "The One Man Foundation" Apollo defeated "The Original Mr. Loverman" Shabba White
10) "All Natural" Scotty Charisma w/ Avil Graves defeated Kappa Tappa Kegga to retain the ACW Tag Team titles
11) "Lightning" Johnny Thundar defeated Red Hot Russ to retain the ACW World Heavyweight Title
12) "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage w/ Talia & Mike E. Milano defeated Jason Knight inside a Steel Cage, with help from Bull Dredd & Justin Credible.

New Wrestling Horizons (NWH)
Oakfield Community Center - Oakfield, ME 4:00PM
1) Movie Star Michael Monroe defeated Bubba Franklin
2) Rugged Rick Daniels defeated Justice
3) Sports Illustrated Legend and Maine Icon Robbie Ellis w/ Nickolas Santone defeated Hardware to become the 1st NWH Cruiserweight Champion
4) Bull Moose defeated Dangerous Donnie
5) Hott Stuff Paul Hudson w/ Nickolas Santone defeated Top Quality Cameron Matthews for control of the NWH Tag Team Titles
6) Legion "Freakin" Cage defeated T-Bone Jones
7) Enforcer Larry Huntley defeated The Italian Superman Sonny Roselli to retain the Heavyweight Championship

May 3, 2003

Ultimate Championship Wrestling (UCW)
Seekonk American Legion Hall - 351 Fall River Ave., Seekonk, MA 7:30PM
1) DC Dillinger w/ Nikki Rox defeated Die Hard Eddie Edwards
2) The Extreme Strongman Gino Martino w/ OX Baker defeated Big Moose Monroe
3) The English Enforcer Ebony Blade battled the Widowmaker w/ Steak Daddy Peter B to a time limtit draw for the vacant UCW TV Title
4) Natureboy Gary Gold defeated Chris Blackheart and The All American Dan Bidondi in a triple threat match to retain the UCW heavyweight title

Independent Championship Wrestling (ICW)
Penquis Higher Education Center - Dover-Foxcroft, ME 7:00PM
1) Movie Star Michael Monroe defeated Hardware
2) "Knightmare" Marcus Hall defeated Rugged Rick Daniels
3) Sports Illustrated Legend and Maine Icon, Robbie Ellis w/ Nickolas Santone defeated Top Quality Cameron Matthews
4) Bull Moose won a 12 Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal
5) Hott Stuff Paul Hudson w/ Nickolas Santone defeated Legion "Freakin" Cage to be crowned as the first ICW Cruiserweight Champion
6) Divine Diversity (The Bull and The Northern Studd) defeated the Eliminators
7) Enforcer Larry Huntley w/ Miss Bobbi defeated the Italian Superman Sonny Soprano to be crowned the first ICW Heavyweight Champion

May 2, 2003

South Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
PAL Hall - 31 Franklin St, Fall River, MA 7:30PM

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