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November 29, 2002
United Wrestling Federation (UWF)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
RESURGENCE- P.A.L. Hall - Fall River, MA
1.) "The Professional Ballbuster" Cueball defeated Antonio Thomas
2.) Team Tap-Out (Brian Black & Johnny Curtis) defeated The Elements of Suicide
3.) Striker defeated "Good Times" Vince Vicallo
4.) Simply Luscious & Trinity defeated April Hunter & Nikki Roxx
5.) Blade defeated Kid Mikazi & Amazing RED in a Triple Threat Match, pining Mikazi. Following the match Stiker and Divine Storm attacked RED until the SAT ran to his aid.
6.) "Psycho" Mike Osbourne defeated "Flash" Nick McKenna
7.) Slyk Wagner Brown defeated "Hurricane" John Walters
8.) Jose & Joel Maximo & Amazing RED defeated Chris Divine, Quiet Storm & Striker

November 24, 2002

World Wrestling Alliance (WWA)
Cadillac Ranch- Southington, CT

November 23, 2002

World Wrestling Alliance (WWA)
St. Michaels Hall Lynn, MA

Main Event Wrestling Federation (MWF)
Elk's Lodge- Newport, RI
1) MWF #1 contender match : Joe Black defeated Double-7 Chris Simmons (w/ Dr. Destruction & Texas Hitman Steve LaRock) by disqualification.
2) MWF #1 contender match : Mad Dog Eric Wheeler (w/ Tragedy) defeated Brett Krueger.
3) Loved One Luscious Lisa defeated Tragedy.
4) Gauntlet match for the vacant MWF tag team titles: Sypher & Ocyris defeated Sydistic & Suicidal C.
5) UltraViolent - Dr. Destruction & Double-7 Chris Simmons defeated Sypher & Ocyris.
6) UltraViolent - Dr. Destruction & Double-7 Chris Simmons defeated Cyclone & Kaos.
7) MWF #1 contender final : Mad Dog Eric Wheeler (w/ Tragedy) defeated Joe Black.
8) MWF A.I.R. Champion Thor successfully defended the MWF A.I.R. title against Mountain Of Love (w/ Loved One Luscious Lisa).
9) Texas Hitman Steve LaRock successfully defended the MWF Hardcore title against Fiend.
10) Mad Dog Eric Wheeler defeated MWF World Champion Carnage (w/ MWF Commissioner Rugged Ralph).

American Championship Wrestling (ACW)
Stonehill College- Easton, MA
1.) K.L. Murphy defeated Chris Venom
2.) Maverick Wild defeated Justin Powers
3.) The Damned defeated Antonio Thomas and Aaron Morrison and Rated G in an elimination match
4.) Larry Huntley defeated Rick Daniels in a hardcore match
5.) Alex Arion w/Captain Lou Albano defeated Chris Candido w/Tammy Lynn Sytch
6.) Stephanie the student won an all-student elimination match

Action Packed Championship Wrestling (APCW)
South Attleboro, MA
1.) Biggie Bluntz defeated Dante and Franz
2.) "Maniac" Mike Brannigan defeated Kid Kamakazi
3.) Impact Inc. defeated The O'Callahans for the Tag Team Titles
4.) Heavyweight Tournament Round #1- Triplelicious defeated Jose Perez, Brian Fierce defeated The Painter, The Northern Studd Rush Barlow defeated White Lion, John Fear defeated Blade Bishop
5.) Derik Destiny defeated "All State"Ivan Montoya for the Lightweight championship
6.) Heavyweight Tournament Semi-Finals- Brian Fierce defeated Triplelicious, The Northern Studd Rush Barlow defeated John Fear
7.) Danny Cama defeated Richard Pacifico for the East Coast championship
8.) Heavyweight Tournament Finals- Brian Fierce defeated The Northern Studd Rush Barlow

Universal Championship Wrestling (UCW)
Braintree, MA
1.) The Skunk defeated The Tank Brian Abbot and Angel
2.) Punisher and Blackheart defeated Joel Davis and Dan Bidondi for the UCW Tag Team Championship
3.) Natureboy Gary Gold defeated Volcanoe Vic for the U.S. Title
4.) Robbie Ellis defeated Iceburg
5.) Cowboy Matt Casey defeated Paco Riveira
6.) Vertebreaker, Jose Perez, Kevin Karizma, in a 3 way dance great match spiderman won the match
7.) Viucios Mike Hopkins Defeated The Inforcer Chuck Breadmore
8.) Virgil defeated UCW Champion Travis Funk by DQ when Funk accidentally hit the referee

November 22, 2002

Eastern Wrestling Alliance (EWA)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
Pilsudski Polish Social Club - Southbridge, MA
1.) Johnny Heartbreaker defeated Stephen Ramsey
2.) Cueball defeated Malibu Mark
3.) Adam Hastings defended the EWA New England Title defeating "Flash" Nick McKenna
4.) Dr. Heresey defeated Kid Mikazi
5.) "Goodtimes" Vince Vicallo & Antonion Thomas defeated "Enforcer" Larry Huntley & "Flash" Nick McKenna
6.) "The Trendsetter" Adam Booker w/ Miss Kristy defeated "Hurricanne" John Walters after interference from Cueball
7.) Team Tap Out (Brian Black and Johnny Curtis) defeated Kid Crazy & Frankie Armadillo with Dr. Everett Payne

South Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
YPW/SCCW Training Center- New Bedford, MA
1.) Tim Kilgore defeated The Living Legend & Hollywood Supserstar Robbie Ellis by DQ
2.) The Black Dragon Troy Bond defeated Mark Damon
3.) SCCW Lightweight Title match- Stevie Sky defeated The Portuguese Stallion, The Kreeper, & Schoolboy Derick Destiny. The title did not change hands because Sky did not pin the Kreeper.
4.) Heavenly Johnny Angel defeated Psycho Mike Osbourne
5.) Rock & Roll Mark Vincent defeated Pat Gunner after interference from Johnny Angel
6.) The Power Company (Dave & Dean) defeated The Southern Bad Boys (Mike Stryker & Mike Majors)
7.) SCCW Interstate Title Match- The Punisher Don Vega with Kevin Castro pinned Allaylah Silky to retain the Interstate Title
8.) SCCW Heavyweight Title Match- G.Q. Smooth defeated Fantastic Frank to remain Heavyweight Champion

World Wrestling Alliance (WWA)
National Guard Armory - Quincy, MA
1.) Shockwave defeated Nick Neighborhood
2.) Kurty Adonis defeated Timothy McNeany
3.) WWA Champion Fred Curry defeated Nicky Richards
4.) Shortsleve Sampson defeated Little Killer
5.) "Dangerous" Danny Davis defeated "Tough Enough" Danny Carney
6.) Mike Bell defeated Danger and Vik Dalishus in a three-way match
7.) Aron Stevens, Eddy Xstacy and Jimmy Snuka beat Rosie, Jamal and Pat Piper

November 18, 2002

Primal Conflict Wrestling (PCW)

November 17, 2002

Ring of Honor (ROH)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
The Americal Civic Center - Wakefield, MA
1.) Mark Brisco & "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels defeated Jay Brisco & The Amazing Red
2.) Alexis Laree defeated Mase of the Christopher Street Connection
3.) ROH champion "The All Around Best" Xavier defeated Jeremy Lopez in a Non-title match
4.) Da' Hit Squad defeated Tony Mamaluke and his new partner who is 6'8 and wrestles like a cruiserweight
5.) Amazing Red, Jose & Joel Maximo, Quiet Storm & Chris Divine defeated Special K, Slim J, and "Jumping" Joey Matthews in a 10 man tag match
6.) Samoa Joe defeated Dunn & Marcos in a handicap match
7.) Paul London & Rudy Boy Gonzalez defeated Michael Shane & Bio-Hazard
8.) Devito, Loc & a third defeated "The Golden Greek" Alex Arion, Fast Eddie, & a third partner
9.) "The Notorious 187" Homicide defeated Samoa Joe
10.) "Phenomenal" AJ Styles defeated "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels
11.) "American Dragon" Bryan Daniels defeated "The Torture Device" Doug Williams with a single fall in a 30 min Iron Man Match

November 16, 2002

Chaotic Wrestling (CW)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
Knight of Columbus Hall - Methuen, MA
1.) Pistol Pete defeated Mighty Mini
2.) "Goodtimes" Vince Vicallo defeated Handsome Johnny Blue
3.) "Latin Fury" Louis Ortiz defeated Antonio Thomas
4.) "The Trendsetter" Adam Booker & "Mr. Muscles" Frankie Armadillo defeated Matthew Evagrius & Billy Kryptonite to retain the CW Tag Team Championship
5.) Scarecrow & Big Mike Studd defeated Arch Kincaid and CW New England Champion Dukes Dalton after interference from Matthew Evagrius and Billy Kryptonite
6.) "Hurricane" John Walter defeated Aaron Stevens to retain the CW Heavyweight Title

Premiere Wrestling Federation-NE (PWF)
"VINDICATION" The Wrestleplex- Woonsocket, RI
1.) Thrillogy (Kid Mikaze/Chris Camero) defeated The HCI (Kid Krazy/Adam Hastey)
2.) "Schoolboy" Derik Destiny defeated Triplelicious by DQ in Luck of the Draw Qualifying Match
3.) "Big League" Brian Black defeated "Hott Stuff" Paul Hudson
4.) "Psycho" Mike Osbourne defeated "Kick Ass" Kyle Storm by DQ
5.) KL Murphy defeated Duff
6.) Mike Paiva and Kid Mikaze (substituting for an injured Blade) defeated The Talent Exchange (Johnny Curtis/Kenn Phoenix) for the PWF-NE Tag Titles
7.) "Toxic" Tommy Knoxville defended the PWF NE Junior Heavyweight title defeating Vertabreaker
8.) Chris Venom defeated "Bad Boy" Billy Black to become the NEW PWF NE Heavyweight Champion is a 2/3 falls match

November 9, 2002

Eastern Wrestling Alliance (EWA)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
Steven's Street Armory - Portland, ME
1.) Larry Huntley w/ Rugged Rick Daniels was defeated by "Mr. Muscles" Frankie Armadillo w/Dr. Everett Payne
2.) "The Extreme" Adam Hastings defended his New England Championship against Garf Garrison
3.) Antonio Thomas was defeated by "The Hurricane" John Walters in the match of the night
4.) Kid Krazy lost his tag team Championship to the New Mind & Matter consisting of Dr. Heresey & Maverick Wild. Wild was a replacement for Don Juan Desanto who was a no show
5.) A Over the Top Rope Royal Rumble was held to determine a #1 contender for the Heavy Weight Championship. The Entries included: Dr. Heresy, Maverick Wild, Frankie Armadillo, Cyna & Onyx of the EOS, Larry Huntley, Rick Daniels, Garf Garrison, Brian Black, Johnny Curtis, Adam Hastings, John Walters, Antonio Thomas, Dominic, Kid Crazy, Stephan Ramsey, Alexander Worthington III, and Nick Mckenna. The last 2 men came down to John Walters and Brian Black. Black picked up the big win and has been named #1 contender.
6.) "The Trendsetter" Adam Booker successfully defended his Heavyweight Championship against Ric Fuller in a hardcore match.

Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)
Top Rope Arena- New Bedford, MA
1.) G.E.D defeated Tony Cianci to remain The YPW Cruiserweight Champion
2.) Bobby Biggins defeated Ryan Drew
3.) Mike Benoit defeated S.A.T and Vinny Giuliani in a 3 way match
4.) "Nightmare" Nick Steel w/ Athena defeated Woody McGraw w/ Betty-Jo Walton in a Pig-Pen Match
5.) Big Daddy Kahuna defeated Booty Call
6.) "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards defeated Mike Majors
7.) Michael Foster & Terry Thomas defeated "Sweet" Scott Ashworth & "Heartthrob" Lance Silva

High Impact Championship Wrestling (HICW)
The Wrestlexplex- Woonsocket, RI
1.) K.L. Murphy defeated Triplelicious
2.) Derek Destiny puts out an open challenge that is accepted by Todd Hanson and Psycho Mike Osbourne. Osbourne hits the finisher and takes the win
3.) First 1/2 of the Heavy weight title match as Jose Perez VS Chris Blackheart. Perez got the win after Impact Inc. interfered
4.) Fuzion Vs Impact Inc. in a fast paced match which had an unfortunate incident in which Blade of Fuzion Doze off the top rope and fell to the ground head first. He was knocked unconscious and taken to the local hospital were it was confirmed that he had no major problems.
5.) Toxic Tommy defeated Beau Douglas w/ Amber Hearts
6.) Pat Gunner defeated Kilgore Murphy Vs Smooth and Brian Fierce "2 Cocky" Kevin Matthews w/ Valentina was defeated in what could be called a old school style match-up by Chris Venom. This sets Venom up for the main event at the next event

All-Star Wrestling Association (AWA)
St. Stanislaus Hall - Nashua, NH
1.) Casanova defeated Egg Head
2.) Tarzan Taylor defeated Alan Shape
3.) Morbius defeated Brian Fury in a No DQ Match
4.) Lobsterman & Angel Miranda defeated Boston Bulldog & Captain USA to win the AWA Tag Team Titles
5.) Johnny Vegas defeated "Rock and Roll" Marc Vincent
6.) Super Rhino defeated Chadstreet to win the AWA New England Title
7.) Brian Fury won a over the top rope Battle Royal

November 8, 2002

All-Star Wrestling Association (AWA)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
Dover Elks Lodge-Dover, NH
1.) Lobsterman was defeated by Captain USA
2.) Johnny Curtis was defeated by Tarzan Taylor in the match of the night
3.) Johnny Vegas & Kid Casanova took the first fall in a best 2 out of 3 against Super Rhino & Egghead. Rhino and Egghead took the last 2 falls to win the match
4.) Morbius w/Vanity Vixxen put his New England Championship up against Flying Brian Fury. The match ended in a no contest after interference from Alan Shape
5.) Tommy Screw was defeated by Rock & Roll Mark Vincent
6.) Alan Shape & Dirt Scott Dickinson were defeated by Flying Brian Fury & Morbius in a Toilet Bowl Match. Shape and Dickinson lost resulting in them being dunked into a toilet bowl. Shape came out with a log in his mouth!

November 3, 2002

Assault Championship Wrestling (ACW)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
"November Pain, Balance of Power" Club ArKadia 16 Broad Street, New Britain, CT
1.) Avil Graves defeated Shabba White
2.) Riot of the Elements of Suicide was destroyed by an impressive Paul Enormous
3.) Chi Chi Cruise was stripped of the Jr. Heavyweight Title after his second no show Del Tsunami became the new champion in a 4 way Dance with Jim Nastic, Abunai, and Scotty Charisma
4.) Iceberg destroyed Cueball
5.) Apollo defeated Wicked
6.) Mercedes Martinez & Riptide & Ariel w/ Mike E. Milano simply abused and defeated The Ultimate Males (3 skinny kids in masks and makeshift costumes) w/PJ. Following the match, Ariel was attacked by her partners.
7.) Johnny Thunder w/Alura defeated Slyk Wagner Brown w/April Hunter for The Great American Title
8.) A tag team gauntlet match for the vacant titles containing: Eddie Edwards & D.C. Dillinger, Bo & Jeff Douglas, The Panther Brothers, Kappa Tappa Kegga, The Rednecks from Hell, The Mutilators, Red Hot Russ & Mike Xylas, and the Backseat Boyz who became new Champions
9.) "The Rocket" Fred Curry returned to Assault defeating "Red Bull" Nick Berk
10.) "High Flying" Chris Hamrick defeated Tony Devito after faking an injury
11.) "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage w/Talia defended his ACW World Title against "The Machine" Jeff Rocker
12.) Jason Knight (Jason from ECW) & "The Deranged One" Ron Zombie were defeated in a hardcore match by the Prowlers after interference by Del Tsunami and Dylan Kage.  Dylan Kage announced that he was now part of La Familia with Mike E. Milano.  As a result of this match control of the Hardcore title goes to Mike E. Milano

November 2, 2002

Rampage Pro Wrestling (RPW)
1.) TV Champion T-Bone Jones defeated Matt Lindsay
2.) The Canadians (Jeremy Powers and Shane Williams) defeated Divine Diversity (The Bull and The Northern Studd)
3.) Gabriel defeated Steven Studly and "Hot Stuff" Paul Hudson in a three way dance
4.) Movie Star Michael Monroe defeated Cruiserweight champ Legion Cage by DQ
5.) Mass Destruction (Justice & "Enforcer" Larry Huntley defeated Santone Inc. (Steven Studly & "Hot Stuff" Paul Hudson) to remain the RPW Tag Team Championships Santone Inc. was filling in for The Power Company that no-showed
6.) HardWare defeated Mourning Star in a "Last Man Standing"
7.) Sonny Soprano defeated Sugar Daddy Scott Logan to remain RPW Heavyweight Championship

Premiere Wrestling Federation (PWF)
"Treachery" Loomis Arena- Plainfield CT
1.) KL Murphy defeated Kid Mikaze
2.) A handicap match with Vertabreaker facing Brotherhood of the Damned members "Kick Ass" Kyle Storm and PWF-NE Jr.Heavyweight Champion "Toxic" Tommy Knoxville, accompanied by Demonica, turned into a tag match with the surprise return of Mike Osbourne. Storm and Knoxville got the win after a chair shot
3.) Heartbreaker" Ruy Batello was defeated by Thrillogy's Chris Camero
4.) TNT" Antonio Thomas defeated Triplelicious
5.) Ken Phoenix was defeated by Blade
6.) Duff defeated KL Murphy
7.) "Revolution" Chris Venom defeated "Bad Boy" Billy Black, but the descios was later reversed as the Referee saw that Black's leg was on the ropes and a rematch was scheduled for the next event

Chaotic Wrestling (CW)
N. Smithfield High School-North Smithfield, RI
1.) Pete Mulloy defeated The Mighty Mini
2.) Luis Ortiz & Aaron Stevens defeated Scarecrow & Mike Studd
3.) Vince Viccalo defeated Arch Kincaid
4.) Tito Santana defeated Edward G. Xtasy
5.) Frankie Armadillo & Adam Booker defeated Mathew Evagrius & Billy Kryptonite to remain the Chaotic Tag Team Champions
6.) John Walters defeated Steven Richards in a Singapore Caning Match via Submission to remain Chaotic Heavyweight Champion

November 1, 2002

Southern Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
Police Athletic Leauge- Fall River, MA
1.) Rock & Roll Marc Vincent defeated The Portuguese Stallion
2.) Bad Boy Mike Stryker defeated The Kreeper
3.) Trinity H. Campbell defeated Allaylah Silky
4.) Tim Kilgore & Stevie Sky battled to a no contest after interference by The Kreeper
5.) Cpl. Mike Majors was victorious in a Battle Royale Rumble

Yankee Pro Wresting (YPW)
Warren High School - Warren, MA
1.) "Heartthrob" Lance Silva defeated GQ Smooth
2.) Pat Gunner defeated Punisher Don Vega
3.) Little Killer defeated Tiny The Terrible
4.) "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas defeated Psycho Mike Osbourne with Amanda Storm
5.) "Superstar" Shawn Candido & Vain defeated The Score (SAT & GED) (Non-Title Match)
6.) Bobby Biggins with Athena defeated Big Daddy Kahuna in a Body Slam Match
7.) "Heavenly" Johnny Angel defeated "Nightmare" Nick Steel with Athena
8.) Doink The Clown defeated "TNT" Terry Thomas

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