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November 30, 2004
New Wrestling Horizons (NWH)
Skip's Bar - Rt. 202, Buxton, ME (21+ only) 8:00PM
1) "Hott Stuff" Paul Hudson defeated Jon Thornhill, "Boy Next Door" Timothy Pittman, and Mark Moment in a 4-way match to retain the NWA-NE X Division Championship
2) Cameron Mathews defeated Danny Dugan
3) NWH Heavyweight Champion Hardware and NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion "Boston Bad Boy" Jason Rumble defeated the Carnival of Payne (NWH Maine State Champion Rugged Rick Daniels and "Mourningstar" Marcus Hall) w/ Dr. Payne
4) Frankie Armadillo defeated Scott Vegas
5) Sonny Roselli, Enforcer Larry Huntley, and Miss Bobbi defeated the Brothers Dangerous (Donny and Danny) and Quentin Michaels in a 6 Person Hardware Match

November 27, 2004

Eastern Wrestling Alliance (EWA)
Holyoke, MA
1) The Mighty Mini defeated Chase DelMonte
2) El Boriqua and Mercedes Martinez defeated Larry Huntley & Handsome Jonny Huntley
3) Brian Roselli defeated Brian Black
4) Maverick Wild defeated Cueball to become the new EWA Heavyweight Champion.
5) Jim Nastic defeated Tony Omega and Frankie Armadillo in a Three Way Dance
6) Jonny Idol and Aaron Morrison defeated Rave
7) Holyoke Joe defeated Kid Krazy in a Street Fight.
8) Thrillogy defeated Clinically Inclined to become the new EWA Tag Team Champions

Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)
Top Rope Arena - Price-Rite Plaza - 139 Hathaway Rd., New Bedford, MA 7:30PM
1) Aaron Knight defeated Gregory Edward Dreyfuss
2) "Blockbuster" Rob Hagan defeated "H2O" Ryan Waters to retain the YPW Interstate Title
3) "Sweet" Scott Ashworth, Freightrain & Huey McGraw defeated Moco, Chris Evans & Fantastic Frank w/ Bret Lemieux
4) Tex McCoy w/ Julius Sweet defeated Stryker
5) Chris Blackheart defeated El Loco
6) Bloodstone defeated Aaron Knight to retain the YPW Cruiserweight Championship
7) Hilite Kid & Big Daddy Kahuna defeated Brickhouse Baker & "Prodigy" Mike Majors w/ Kevin Castro

Wrestling Federation of America (WFA)
Newport Opera House - 20 Main St., Newport, NH 8:00PM

National Wrestling Alliance-Green Mountain (NWA-GM)
Powerslam Arena - 458 Sheldon Rd., St. Albans, VT 7:00PM

World Wrestling Alliance (WWA)
Rockland Youth Center - Rockland, MA 7:00PM

New Image Wrestling (NIW)
Byrne Tang Soo Do - Malden, MA 6:00PM

November 26, 2004

Wrestling Federation of America (WFA)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
"Crossing the Line" Dover Elks Hall - Dover, NH 8:00PM

Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)
PAL Hall - 31 Franklin St., Fall River, MA 7:30PM
1) Moco & Redemption w/ Julius Sweet defeated "Sweet" Scott Ashworth & Freightrain to become the #1 Contenders for the YPW Tag Team Titles (winners will meet The McGraws later that night)
2) Bloodstone defeated Jon Thornhill, RuStarr, El Loco, "H2O" Ryan Waters, Gregory Edward Dreyfuss, Paul Duggan and Kid Pyro in an 8 Man Elimination Match to become the new YPW Cruiserweight champion.
3) Stryker defeated Tex McCoy w/ Julius Sweet via count out
4) Moco w/ Julius Sweet defeated Huey McGraw to give him and Redemption The YPW Tag Team Titles (Due to an earlier attack on Woody McGraw and an injury to Redemption in the earlier match, both men were unable to compete)
5) "Blockbuster" Rob Hagan won a Battle Royal to become the new YPW Interstate Champion
6) Big Daddy Kahuna defeated "Prodigy" Mike Majors
7) Brickhouse Baker defeated Aaron Knight
8) Hilite Kid defeated "The Thunder From Down Under" Michael Foster w/ Julius Sweet to remain the YPW Champion

Premiere Wrestling Federation-NE (PWF-NE)
Squared Circle Academy 2051 Smith Street North Providence, RI 8:00PM
1) Pat Masters defeated Kevin Karisma by countout in a title unification match (Mayhem Junior Heavyweight title and PWF-NE Junior Heavyweight title.)  No titles changed hands.
2) Natalia defeated Ariel to retain the PWF-NE Women's championship
3) Pride defeated the Elements of Suicide, The Logans, and the Doug Sommers experience to win the PWF-NE Tag Team titles.
4) Dave Padula defeated Nice Guy Nat to retain the Mayhem Heavyweight title
5) Riot and GPA defeated TJ Richter and Evan Siks
6) Jose Perez defeated Triplelicious w/ Sean Gorman to retain the PWF-NE Heavyweight title
7) Jason Blade defeated Kyle Storm

American Wrestling Entertainment (AWE)
Polish American Veterans Club - 201 Coburn St., Lowell, MA 7:00PM

World Wrestling Alliance (WWA)
St. Micheals Hall - Lynn, MA, 8:00PM

November 23, 2004

New Wrestling Horizons (NWH)
Skip's Bar - Rt. 202, Buxton, ME (21+ only) 8:00PM
1) Boston Bad Boy Jason Rumble defeated Mark Moment to retain the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship
2) Robbie Ellis defeated Jon Thornhill to retain the NWH Cruiserweight Championship
3) NWH Maine State Champion "Rugged" Rick Daniels and Marcus Hall defeated Frankie Armadillo and Timothy Pittman
4) Donny and Danny Dangerous w/ Quentin Michaels defeated Enforcer Larry Huntley and Sonny Roselli
5) Cameron Mathews and Hott Stuff Paul Hudson defeated Legion Cage and Danny Dugan

November 20, 2004

All-Star Wrestling Association (AWA)
St. Stans Hall - 22 Pine Hill Rd., Nashua, NH 8:00PM

Tri-State Wrestling (TSW)
"Operation Homefront: A Salute to Heroes" Vergennes Armory - Vergennes, VT 7:30PM

New England Championship Wrestling (NECW)
Framingham Civic League - Framingham, MA
1) Sabotage (DC Dillinger/Eddie Edwards) defeated the Slade Brothers
2) El Boriqua defeated Pinnacle Paul Lombardi in a Puerto Rican Strap match
3) Violet Flame won a woman's four way elimination match.  Other participants were Sarah Sullivan, Ariel, and Hayley Skye
4) Alex Crowley and Michael Sain defeated Frankie Arion and Alex Arion
5) Doug Sommers And Rocco Abruzzi defeated Thrillogy, Mike Bennett & Pat Masters, and Dead Red
6) Chris Venom defeated Brian Fury to become the #1 contender for the NECW Heavyweight Championship
7) Strangler Steve King defeated Johnny Idol in a Texas Death match
8) The Logans defeated Pride in a TLC match

New World Wrestling (NWW)
"Night Of Champions" The Patriot Lounge - Bellingham, MA
1) Gino Martino tossed out Beau Douglas to not only win the 2nd 2004 Tony Rumble Memorial “Rumble” 20 man over the Top Rope Battle Royal, but is also named the first NWA-NE Colonial Heavyweight Champion.
2) NWW Cruiserweight Champion “Toxic’ Tommy Knoxville defeated NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Jason Rumble by disqualification in a 2/3 falls, Title vs Title Match.  Both participants retained their respective titles.
3) Cris Blackheart defeated Canadian Danny Duggan
4) "Punisher" Don Vega defeated Devin Raines w/ Nix and Brain Cairo
5) "Bionic" Dan Bidondi w/ Quentin Michaels defeated Beau Douglas w/ Mr. Mann
6) The Outpatient w/Damian Darkside defeated Mark Moment to retain the NWW Championship
7) The Men Of Business (Jimmy “Jact” Cash and “Big” Paulie Gilmorea) w/ WAAF Radio Personality Spazz defeated The Widowmaker and “Dangerous” Donny Rotten w/ Brian Cairo to win the vacated NWW Tag Team Championship
8) NWW Champion The Outpatient w/ Damian Darkside vs. "Big" Rick Fuller ended in a double countout
9) The "Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino w/ Quentin Michaels defeated The “Cowboy From Hell” Dave Donovan to retain the NWA-NE Brass Knuckles Championship. 

November 19, 2004

Chaotic Wrestling (CW)
Polish American Veterans Club - 200 Coburn St., Lowell, MA 8:00PM
1) Roman w/ George Ceaser defeated Chase DelMonte w/ Sparkles
2) Fred Sampson defeated Dr. Reginald Heresy
3) Arch Kincaid defeated Mini
4) The Valedictorians defeated Pretty Psycho to become the new CW Tag Team champions
5) Curley Mike Colluci defeated Luis Ortiz
6) Brian Milones defeated Brian Black to retain the CW New England title
7) Low Ki defeated Andre Lyons

National Wrestling Alliance-NE (NWA-NE)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
Tony Rumble Memorial - Knights of Columbus - 41 High St., Sanford, ME 8:00PM

Wrestling Federation of America (WFA)
French Naturalization Club - 120 Broadway, Lawrence, MA 8:00PM

November 16, 2004

New Wrestling Horizons (NWH)
Skip's Bar - Rt. 202, Buxton, ME (21+ Only) 8:00PM
1) Frankie Armadillo defeated Jon Thornhill
2) Boston Bad Boy Jason Rumble defeated Timothy Pittman to retain the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship
3) Hardware defeated Marcus Hall by disqualification to retain the NWH Heavyweight Title
4) Sonny Roselli defeated Mark Moment
5) Rugged Rick Daniels w/ Dr. Payne, Marcus Hall, and Jenna defeated Enforcer Larry Huntley to retain the NWH Maine State Championship
6) Robbie Ellis defeated Danny Duggan to retain the NWH Cruiserweight Championship
7) Cameron Mathews and Hott Stuff Paul Hudson defeated Donny and Danny Dangerous

November 13, 2004

Ultimate Championship Wrestling (UCW)
Taunton VFW Hall - Taunton, MA 7:00PM
1) "The Sports Illistrated Living Legend" Robbie Ellis defeated Angel to retain the UCW Cruiserweight Championship
2) Hughie McGraw defeated Duke and Misery in a three-way dance
3) "Nature Boy" Gary Gold defeated Dan Bidondi in a texas strap match.
4) Doink the Clown defeated Chris Blackheart
5) Widowmaker defeated Christian Reddinger
6) The Silver Stallions defeated Shawn Candido

Millennium Wrestling Federation (MWF)
"Soul Survivor 2004" Shawsheen Valley Tech High School - 100 Cook St., Billerica, MA
1) Jimmy Jact Ca$h defeated "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards
2) The Outpatient w/ Heff defeated Paulie Gilmore w/ Bull Montana
3) "Hoochie Playa" Danny Jaxx defeated Matt Logan
4) "The Living Legend" Bull Montana won the 2nd Annual Memorial Battle Royal.
5) Coach Donovan and Mr. Fusco in an arm wrestling match ended in a no contest
6) "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage defeated Tiger Mulligan in a ladder match to retain the MWF Heavyweight Championship
7) Todd Hanson, "Cowboy" Bob Orton & Beau Douglas defeated "The Ugandan Giant" Kamala, Gino Martino & Ox Baker's Executioner.

Ringside Wrestling (RW)
Loomis Arena - 38 Academy St., Plainfield, CT 7:30PM

Defiant Pro Wrestling (DPW)
"Through The Fire" The Portuguese Club - 110 Rubber Ave., Naugatuck, CT
1) Fantastic Jim Nastic defeated Brian Myers
2) Cheech defeated Cloudy
3) Nocturne defeated Jason Blade
4) Paul E Normous defeated Mana
5) Outcast Killaz defeted the Rednecks from Hell
6) Kid Mikazi defeated Spider
7) Fred Curry Jr defeated Kurt Adonis
8) Jose Perez defeated Jamie Pain by DQ
9) Mercedes Martinez defeated Alere Little Feather and Cindy Rogers
10) Slyck Wagner Brown defeated Ron Zombie
11) Brian Fury defeated EC Negro w/ Luscious Lilly
12) The Outcast Killaz defeated Nikki Roxx and April Hunter to win the DPW Tag Team Championship
13) Luis Ortiz defeated Tony Devito to retain the DPW Heavyweight Championship

All-Star Wrestling Association (AWA)
Zotto Gymnasium - 130 Broad St., Claremont, NH 8:00PM

South Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
Top Rope Arena - Hathaway Road Plaza (Price Rite), New Bedford, MA 7:30PM

November 12, 2004

South Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
PAL Hall - 31 Franklin St., Fall River, MA 7:30PM

November 9, 2004

New Wrestling Horizons (NWH)
Skip's Bar - Rt. 202, Buxton, ME (21+ Only) 8:00PM
1) Danny Dangerous defeated Mark Moment
2) Enforcer Larry Huntley w/ Miss Bobbi defeated Extreme Stronman Gino Martino w/ Rugged Rick Daniels, Dr. Payne, and Jenna by DQ
3) Carnival of Payne (Extreme Stronman Gino Martino and NWH Maine State Champion Rugged Rick Daniels) w/ Dr. Payne and Jenna defeated NWH Heavyweight Champion Hardware and Enforcer Larry Huntley
4) Sonny Roselli defeated Donny Dangerous
5) "Hott Stuff" Paul Hudson defeated Cameron Mathews in a Tables Match to retain the NWA-NE X Division Championship

November 6, 2004

Connecticut Championship Wrestling (CCW)
"Aftermath" Sunnyside Elementary School - 418 River Rd., Shelton, CT 7:00PM
1) American Idol defeated Iron Eagle
2) Jose Perez defeated Bad Leroy Brown
3) Slugger and Dan the Man defeated The Rednecks From Hell
4) Cindy Rogers defeated Allere Little Feather
5) Nocturne, Hallowicked and Mr. Zero defeated Rorschach, Icarus and Ultramantis in a Lucha Libre 6-man tag match.
6) Latin Fury Luis Ortiz vs. Mana ended in a double count out
7) All Money is Legal defeated Anthony Michaels & Mark Gore
8) Dave Cole defeated Spider to retain the CCW Northeast Title
9) Sudden Impact Dylan Kage defeated Matt Striker to retain the CCW Heavyweight Championship

SLAM All-Star Wrestling (SAW)
"Honor Among Thieves" Saint Albans City Hall - Saint Albans, VT 7:00PM
1) Jon Thornhill defeated Aftershock to advance in the SAW Cruiserweight Tournament
2) "By God" Scott Vegas defeated Tim Pittman to advance in the SAW Cruiserweight Tournament
3) Legion "Freakin" Cage defeated "Playboy" Paul Hudson in the SAW Cruiserweight Tournament Semi-Finals
4) The Northern Studd defeated SAW Television Champion,"Movie Star" Michael Monroe to retain the SAW Heavyweight Title, with both Candy Man and Tim Dog St. Pierre handcuffed to the ring
5) Drake Evans defeated "Mexican Monkey" El Chango
6) Jon Thornhill defeated "By God" Scott Vegas in the SAW Cruiserweight Tournament Semi-Finals
7) Big Vigo defeated Cameron Mathews
8) "Mourning Star" Marcus Hall defeated The Bull in a Ladder Match to retain the RPW Championship

November 5, 2004

Ring of Honor (ROH)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
"Weekend Of Thunder" Greater Boston Indoor Sports Center - 321 Charger St., Revere, MA
1) Jimmy Rave defeated Ace Steel
2) Homicide defeated Angel Dust, Fast Eddie and Dunn in a four corners match
3) The Carnage Crew defeated Dan Maff and BJ Whitmer in a Boston Street Fight
4) Low Ki defeated Chad Collyer
5) John Walters & Nigel McGuinness defeated Samoa Joe & Jay Lethal
6) The Outkast Killaz w/Prince Nana defeated Davey Andrews & Shane Hagadorn
7) Austin Aries defeated C.M. Punk
8) The Havana Pitbulls defeated Roderick Strong & Jack Evans to retain the ROH Tag Team Titles
9) Jushin “Thunder” Liger defeated American Dragon

MXW Pro Wrestling (MXW)
Crystal's Nightclub - 388 Broad St., Bristol, CT
1) Mason Rage defeated Tony Burma
2) Rob Eckos w/ Mike Winner defeated Wayne the Convenience Store Guy
3) All Money is Legal defeated Nick Noshus & Southern Vinny Stylin'
4) John Curse defeated Ken Scampi
5) Tim Arson defeated Muscles "Striker" Marinara
6) Boogeyman and Lo Ryda defeated Team Target
7) Mikey Whipwreck defeated Maverick Wild and Dylan Cage

November 2, 2004

New Wrestling Horizons (NWH)
Skip's Bar - Rt. 202, Buxton, ME (21+ only) 8:00PM
1) Danny Dangerous defeated Mourningstar Marcus Hall
2) Enforcer Larry Huntley w/ Miss Bobbi defeated Mark Moment
3) "Rugged" Rick Daniels defeated Cameron Mathews to retain the NWH Maine State Title
4) Hardware defeated Extreme Strongman Gino Martino by disqualification to retain the NWH Heavyweight Title
5) Donny Dangerous defeated Scott Vegas
6) "Hott Stuff" Paul Hudson defeated Legion "Freakin'" Cage to retain the NWA-NE X Division Title

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