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October 4, 2002
Primal Conflict Wrestling (PCfnW)
American Legion Post #312 - South Attleboro, MA
1.) Ruckus defeated Cue Ball
2.) Tiger Khan was defeated by Kevin Karizma and was Unmasked
3.) The Latin Fury Ortiz defeated Kevin Karizma
4.) The Fucking Hardcore Legend NEMESIS defeated The Sickest Bastard in the World Jaimie Pain and became The New PCfnW Hardcore Champion
5.) The Vertabreaker defeated Zbarr the Superstar and once again got his PCfnW light weight Title belt back
6.) Jose Perez Successfully defended his World Title in a match against The Original Gangsta New Jack & The First ever Champion The Cowboy from Hell Dave Donovan

New England Championship Wrestling (NECW)
Good Time Emporium - Somerville, MA
1.) Antonio Thomas defeated Zaqary Springate III.
2.) "The Fabulous Firebird" Phoenix from Toronto's AWF was victorious over Stephanie.
3.) Ring of Honor Challenge Match: Chris Divine defeated Quiet Storm
4.) Joey Knight of The All Knighters Vs "No Respect" Aaron Morrison ended in a draw when a Unidentified masked man attacked both athletes
5.) NECW Tag Team Title Match: The Egomaniacs defeated The Mix (Kid Trance and Chad Storm)
6.) NECW Heavyweight Champion, 'The Golden Greek" Alex Arion and Slyk Wager Brown, with April Hunter in their corner, took on "The Alpha Male" Justin Powers and Maverick Wild, accompanied by L. Spencer Greenwood, Esq. Resulting in a double count out.
7.) A Special Transatlantic Challenge Match: British Heavyweight Champion "The Anarchist" Doug Williams Vs "Brutal" Bob Evans which resulted in a draw.

Eastern Wrestling Alliance (EWA)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
Stevens Avenue Armory - Portland, ME
1.) "Flash" Nick McKenna & Garf Garrison defeated the Elements of Suicide w/ Gina
2.) Tag Team Champion Kid Krazy defeated Tommy Heartbreaker & Dominik in a handicap- match
3.) Don Juan DeSanto defeated "Rugged" Rick Daniels w/Larry Huntley
4.) Adam Hastings defeated Stephan Q. Ramsey w/Dominik & Mercedes) to win the EWA New England championship
5.) "Hurricane" John Walters defeated Chi Chi Cruz
6.) Dr. Heresy & Frankie Armadillo w/Dr. Payne defeated Brian Black and Johnny Curtis
7.) Rick Fuller beat EWA Heavyweight Champion Adam Booker w/Miss Kristy by a DQ

Southern Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
Police Athletic League Hall - Fall River, MA
1.) Psycho Mike Osbourne defeated Stevie Sky
2.) SCCW Interstate Title Match- The Punisher Don Vega w/Kevin Castro defeated Cpl. Mike Majors to retain the Interstate Title
3.) Rock & Roll Marc Vincent & Fantastic Frank defeated Tarzan Taylor & Trinity H. Campbell
4.) Heavenly Johnny Angel defeated The Portuguese Stallion w/Kevin Castro
5.) SCCW Lightweight Title Match- The Kreeper defeated Ryan Cox to retain the title
6.) Pat Gunner w/Ryan Cox defeated Tim Kilgore
7.) SCCW Heavyweight Title Match- G.Q. Smooth defeated Mike Stryker to retain the title

October 5, 2002

Southern Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW )
Berlin Fairgrounds - Berlin, CT
1st Show - 5:00pm
1.) Pat Gunner w/Ryan Cox defeated The Punisher Don Vega in a Non-Title Match
2.) Psycho Mike Osbourne defeated Tim Kilgore
3.) Trinity H. Campbell defeated Ryan Cox
4.) The Power Company (Dave & Dean) defeated G.Q. Smooth & The Black Dragon Troy Bond
2nd Show - 8:00pm
5.) Pat Gunner defeated The Black Dragon Troy Bond
6.) Fantastic Jim Nastic defeated Tim Kilgore
7.) Trinity defeated The Kreeper
8.) The Power Company defeated The Punisher Don Vega & Psycho Mike Osbourne
9.) Heavyweight Title Match G.Q. Smooth defeated Heavenly Johnny Angel to remain champion

Yankee Pro Wresting (YPW)
Carver High School - Carver, MA
1.) Woody McGraw with Betty-Jo Walton defeated "Bad Boy" Mike Stryker
2.) Bobby Biggins defeated Hi-Flyin Tommy Johnson
3.) YPW Heavyweight Champion "Heartthrob" Lance Silva defeated Brickhouse Baker to remain champion
4.) "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas defeated Redemption with Amanda Storm
5.) Mike Majors defeated Woody McGraw with Betty-Jo Walton
6.) Mike Benoit & Vain defeated The Score (SAT & GED) w/IQ
7.) Big Rick Fuller defeated "Sweet" Scott Ashworth

October 11, 2002

Yankee Pro Wresting (YPW)
Top Rope Training Center - New Bedford, MA
1.) Mike Benoit defeated Kid Pyro to remain YPW Cruiserweight Champion
2.) Bobby Biggins defeated The Kreeper
3.) Mongo and "The Thunder from Down Under" Michael Foster ended in a double count out
4.) Southern Bad Boys vs. Elements of Suicide ended in a draw
5.) GQ Smooth defeated Nick Narcissistic to remain The SCCW Heavyweight Champion
6.) The Score defeated Vain & Woody McGraw with Betty-Jo Walton
7.) "Sweet" Scott Ashworth defeated Paul Lombardi to remain The YPW Interstate Champion
8.) "Heartthrob" Lance Silva defeated Eddie Edwards to remain The YPW Heavyweight Champion

Eastern Wrestling Alliance (EWA)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
Pilsudski Polish Club - Southbridge, MA
1.) Johnny Heartbreaker defeated Antonio Thomas
2.) Vince Vicallo defeated Billy Kryptonite
3.) Frankie Armadillo defeated Mark Malibu
4.) EWA New England Champion Adam Hastings defeated Cueball and "Flash" Nick McKenna in a triple-threat match
5.) Brian Black and Johnny Curtis defeated Larry Huntley and Rick Daniels
6.) EWA Heavyweight Champion Adam Booker w/Miss Kristy and "Hurricane" John Walters battled to a 20-minute time limit draw
7.) Kid Krazy and Frankie Armadillo defeated Chris Hamrick and Dr. Heresy.

October 12, 2002

Chaotic Wrestling
North Andover, Mass
1.) The Mighty Mini defeated "Pistol" Pete Mulloy to take a 1-0 lead in a best of 5 series
2.) Adam Booker and Frankie Armadillo defended their tag team championships against Cueball and Scarecrow
3.) Antonio Thomas defeated "Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz
4.) "Dancing" Dukes Dalton and "Intellectual" Arch Kincaid (with Cherry Payne) defeated Matthew Evagrius and "Life Saver" Billy Kryptonite (with Brittany Summer)
5.) Loser Leaves Chaotic Wrestling No-DQ match where "Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz defeated Big Mike Studd (with Randy Miller)
6.) Chaotic Wrestling Champion "Hurricane" John Walters defeated "Good Time" Vince Vicallo

Rampage Pro Wrestling (RPW)
"RECKONING 2002" - Washburn High School, Washburn, ME
1.) Big Vic defeated Mervin Greenwald
2.) Legion Cage defeated "Kash Money" Cameron Mathews to win the RPW Cruiserweight Title
3.) Bubba Franklin defeated Psycho Mike
4.) Northern Studd defeated the Bull
5.) "Enforcer" Larry Huntley & Justice w/ Miss Bobbi defeated 69 Degrees (Cameron Mathews & "Hott Stuff" Paul Hudson) to become the first ever RPW Tag Team Champions
6.) Sonny Soprano defended the RPW World Title against Mourning Star
RPW Invitational Tournament Matches:First Round
7.) "Movie Star" Michael Monroe defeated T-Bone Jones
8.) Davistation & Paul Hudson battled to a double countout due to interference from Scott Logan
9.) The Dark Angel Gabriel defeated Matt Lindsay
10.)"Sugardaddy" Scott Logan defeated HardWare

October 16th, 2002

World Class Wrestling Alliance (WCWA)
Chief Dave Fox Benefit-Boys & Girls Club Worcester, MA
1.) Cueball defeated "Handsome" Todd Hanson
2.) Dylan Kage (w/ Talia) defeated Brian Jury
3.) El Mascarado, Jose Perez, Kevin Karizma & Derik Destiny defeated Beau Douglas, Eddy Edwards, Chris Blackheart & Dan Bidondi in an 8 Man Tag match
4.) Tim Kilgore & KL Murphy defeated Chris Venom & Kenn Phoenix
5.) Mike Paiva (w/ Mercedez) defeated Blade & Kid Makazi in a Triple Threat Match
6.) "Handsome" Todd Hanson won a Battle Royal
7.) Adam Booker & Kid Krazy defeated Brian Black & Dr. Heresy
8.) Tommy Knoxville defeated Tony Gangsta
9.) "Big Gun" Jim Sergeant & "Kidd USA" Jay Jillette defeated Widowmaker & Donnie Rotten
10.) Kyle Storm defeated Freightrain to win the WCWA Title

October 18th, 2002

Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)
Police Athletic League Hall - Fall River, MA
1.) G.E.D. defeated Mike Benoit for The YPW Cruiserweight Champion
2.) Bobby Biggins defeated Billy Braxx & Riot in a handicap match
3.) Eddie Edwards defeated John Sullivan and Tony Gangsta in a 3 Way Match
4.) Woody McGraw w/ Betty-Jo Walton defeated "Nightmare" Nick Steel w/ Athena
5.) The Score defeated Vain & Mike Benoit to retain The YPW Tag Team Titles
6.) "The Thunder from Down Under" Michael Foster defeated Mongo w/ Athena in a Hair Vs. Mask
7.) Impact Inc. defeated Elements of Suicide & The Southern Bad Boys in a 3 Way Tag Elimination Match
8.) "Heartthrob" Lance Silva defeated "TNT" Terry Thomas to retain The YPW Heavyweight Title

NWA-New England (NWA-NE)
Wrestleplex in Woonsocket, RI
1.) Kevin Karizma defeated KL Murphy & Chris Venom in a 3 Way Match
2.) Jose Perez defeated TJ Richter
3.) The Killaz defeated Trailer Park Trash
4.) Dave Greco defeated Shawn Sherridan
5.) TJ Richter won a 5 Man Gauntlet Match to win a TV Title shot in November
6.) Outpatient defeated Todd Hanson by a DQ
7.) The Seven defeated the t.W.o (Douglas and Storm)
8.) Jason Rumble defeated Tommy Knoxville to become NWA-NE Junior-Heavyweight Champion

October 25, 2002

World Class Wrestling Association (WCWA)
Chief Dave Fox Benefit Boys & Girls Club Worcester, MA

Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)/Southern Coast Championship Wrestling (SCCW)
Horror & Headlocks: YPW/SCCW Training Center New Bedford, MA 7:30pm
1.) Nitemare Nick Steel w/Athena defeated El Nigro Magnifico
2.) SCCW Lightweight Title Match- The Kreeper defeated Tim Kilgore to remain SCCW Lightweight Champion
3.) Maverick Wild def. The Alpha Male Justin Powers
4.) SCCW Women's Title Match- (Special Guest Referee Heavenly Johnny Angel) Athena vs. Allaylah Silky vs. Trinity ended in a no contest
5.) The Black Dragon Troy Bond defeated Fantastic Frank
6.) SCCW Interstate Title Match- The Punisher Don Vega w/Kevin Castro defeated The Portuguese Stallion w/Little Killer and Rock & Roll Marc Vincent to retain the Interstate Title
7.) SCCW Heavyweight Title Match- G.Q. Smooth defeated Mark Damon to remain the Heavyweight Champion
8.) LEGNA defeated Pat Gunner was defeated by a mystery mask man named LEGNA who revealed his identity to be Johhny Angel 

Rampage Pro Wrestling (RPW)
EVIL INTENTIONS '02 Presque Isle Armory- Presque Isle, ME 7:00pm
1.) Skott Phoenix defeated "Too Fit" Tony Armstrong & Lance Romance in a Three-Way Dance
2.) Psycho Mike Osbourne deeated Steve Studly. Osbourne was then attacked by Wang Chung who was defeated in a surprise match
3.) Bubba Franklin (w/ Cousin Cledus) d. Mervin Greenwald
Rampage Invitational Tournament, Semi-Final Matches:
4.) HardWare d. "Movie Star" Michael Monroe
5.) "Sugar Daddy" Scott Logan (w/ Nickolas Santone) d. Davistation when 69 Degrees interfered
Rampage Invitational Tournament, Final Match:
6.) Scott Logan d. HardWare After the match, Logan claimed the right to compete for the RPW World Title
7.) Mass Destruction ("Enforcer" Larry Huntley & Justice) retained their RPW Tag Team Titles against 69 Degrees (Paul Hudson & Cameron Mathews)
8.) RPW World Champion Sonny Soprano & TV Champion T-Bone Jones d. The Beautiful People (Legion Cage & Matt Lindsay)

October 26, 2002

Atlas Championship Wrestling  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
Gray New Beginings Community Center - Gray, ME 7:00 PM
1.) Tony Omega defeated Billy Kryptonite
2.) Psycho Mike defeated Dangerous Donny (Mervin Greenwald from Rampage Pro)
3.) Shipwreck and (I don't know who) defeated The Big Bull Moose in a handicap match
4.) Mr. USA Tony Atlas defeated Buh Buh Franklin
5.) Amanda Storm defeated Skunk O'Malley

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