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September 30, 2005
Connecticut Championship Wrestling (CCW)
The East Haven Academy - East Haven, CT
1) Marcus Hall defeated Kristian Frost
2) Ariel and Bull Dog Blanski defeated Tim Kilgore and The Troubador of Death
3) Monsta Mack defeated Mark Gore
4) Anthony Michaels defeated Jerk Jackson
5) Frankie Arion defeated Nocturne and Osirus in a Three way dance
6) T n’ A (Talia & April) defeated The Diva Killaz
7) Outkast Killas defeated Blade/Mikazi, Up in Smoke and The Canadian Superstars in a Tag Team Scramble to become the #1 contenders for the belts
8) Slyck Wagner Brown defeated Jay Lethal in 2 out of 3 falls after 35 minutes
9) Jose Perez defeated Homicide by DQ.  Perez retains the CCW New England title.
10) Ron Zombie & Jose Perez vs Homicide & Tony Devito ended in a double DQ
11) Mikey Batts defeated Dylan Kage

Chaotic Wrestling (CW)
Polish American Veterans Club - 200 Coburn St., Lowell, MA 8:00PM
1) The Logan Brothers (Bryan & Matt) defeated Fred "Bonecrusher" Sampson & "Big Man On Canvas" Craig Stratton to retain the CW Tag Team Championship
2) Brian Milonas defeated "Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz
3) Chase Del Monte defeated CW New England Champion Thomas Penmanship w/ Danielle Gibbs via countout — the title cannot change hands on a countout, so Penmanship retains the championship.
4) "The Shooter" Mike Kruel defeated "Dangerous" Dan McGuire, Psycho, and "Hurricane" John Walters in a gauntlet match.  Mike Kruel earns a rematch at Handsome Johnny for the CW Heavyweight Championship.
5) Handsome Johnny defeated Max Bauer w/ Danielle Gibbs to retain the CW Heavyweight Championship
6) Steven Richards defeated "Intellectual" Arch Kincaid w/ Danielle Gibbs in a hardcore match

September 25, 2005

New Wrestling Horizons (NWH)
Penquis Higher Education Center - Dover-Foxcroft, ME 1:00PM

New England Championship Wrestling (NECW)
"Superslam 2" Good Time Emporium - 30 Assembly Sq. Dr., Somerville, MA 2:00PM & 7:00PM
Afternoon Card
1) Sid Momentum defeated Jon Thornhill
2) The Hot Shots (Bryce Andrews & B.K. Jordan) w/ "The Egomaniac" Johnny Idol defeated PRIDE (Dan Freitas & Brian Nunes)
3) "The Epic" Mike Bennett defeated Pat Masters
4) Fergal Devitt and Joey Cabray defeated Matt Kai and Ricky Reyes
5) Joe Chece defeated "The Egomaniac" Johnny Idol via DQ.  Idol retains the NECW Television Championship
6) Sonny Goodspeed & "Sweet" Scott Ashworth defeated D-Unit (Rocco Abruzzi & Clip O'Reilly)
7) "Big Guns" Frankie Arion defeated "The Golden Greek" Alex Arion to earn a spot in the IRON 8 Tournament.
8) "Rocket" Fred Curry, Jr. defeated Michael Sain to earn a spot in the IRON 8 Tournament.
9) The A List (Mark Bourne & Andre Lyonz) defeated Afterburn (Ray Diamond & P.C. Cruz) to retain the NECW Tag Team titles
10) "Brutal" Bob Evans defeated "The Brooklyn Bomber" Tony Montana
11) "The Pinnacle" Paul Lombardi vs. "Revolution" Chris Venom ended in a double disqualification.  The NECW Heavyweight title was vacated.
Evening Card
1) Alere Little Feather defeated Jade and Tanya Leein a tripple threat match
2) Violet Flame defeated Amy Lee
3) Della Morte defeated Alex Breslin
4) The Diva Killaz (Kayla Sparks & Miss Deville) defeated The Big Unit (Cindy Rogers & Alicia)
5) Nikki Roxx defeated Luscious Lily
6) Natalia w/ Dan Freitas defeated Mercedes Martinez w/ D.C. Dillinger to become the new NECW Women's Champion

September 24, 2005

New Wrestling Horizons (NWH)
Dino's Pizzeria - Brewer, ME 8:30PM
1) Scott "By God" Vegas defeated Tim Sabin
2) "Hi Flying" Chris Hamrick and Hardware defeated "Canadian Heartthrob" Jason Holiday and Cameron Mathews
3) Mark Moment w/ Robert Sinclair defeated Johnny Primer w/ Marion Lawless
4) "Italian Superman" Sonny Roselli defeated Chris Carter
5) "Enforcer" Larry Huntley w/ Robert Sinclair defeated "Mournignstar" Marcus Hall w/ Quentin Michaels to become the new NWH Heavyweight Champion

Millennium Wrestling Federation (MWF)
Lynn Armory - Lynn, MA
1) Islanders defeated Southern Extreme
2) Todd Hanson & Beau Douglas defeated Canadian Sensations to retain the MWF Tag Team titles
3) Tiger Mulligan defeated Nocturne
4) The Outpatient defeated Paulie Gilmore
5) "Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz defeated "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage via DQ in a lumberjack match.  Kage retains the MWF Heavyweight title.
6) Jon Thornhill defeated "The Crafty Veteran" Leo Venis
7) Tiger Mulligan DCO Jimmy Jact Ca$h
8) Osirus vs. Nick Narcisstic ended in a time limit draw
9) Gino Martino defeated Kamala to win the AWA Brass Knuckles Championship

Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)
Plymouth North High School - 41 Obery St., Plymouth, MA 7:30PM
1) Stryker defeated Brickhouse Baker
2) Huey McGraw defeated "Sweet" Scott Ashworth to retain the YPW Heavyweight Championship
3) "H2O" Ryan Waters defeated Johnny Ova w/ Bobby Reidel
4) Big Rick Fuller defeated Vain
5) "Heavenly" Johnny Angel defeated Punisher Don Vega & Freightrain in a Triangle Match
6) Luscious Latasha defeated Beach Break Nikki to win the SCCW Women's Championship
7) Greg "The Hammer" Valentine & Brutus Beefcake defeated "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet & Gorgeous Gino Giovanni

Ring of Honor (ROH)
"Survival of the Fittest 2005" Dorchester Armory - 70 Victory Rd., Dorchester, MA 7:30PM
1) Jason Blade defeated Davey Andrews
2) Jay Lethal defeated Sal Rinauro
3) Colt Cabana defeated Rickey Reyes
4) Roderick Strong defeated Jerelle Clark
5) Austin Aries defeated Jimmy Rave by DQ
6) Samoa Joe defeated Milano Collection AT
7) Christopher Daniels defeated James Gibson
8) Devito & Shane Haggadorn defeated Derek Dempsey and Kelly Primo
9) Nigel McGuinness defeated BJ Whitmer to retain the ROH Pure Title
Survival of the Fittest
10) Roderick Strong eliminated Samoa Joe
11) Austin Aries eliminated Christopher Daniels
12) Roderick Strong eliminated Jay Lethal
13) Roderick Strong eliminated Colt Cabana
14) Roderick Strong eliminated Austin Aries to win the 2005 Survival of the Fittest

Power League Wrestling (PLW)
Gradwell Field - Smithfield Ave., Pawtucket, RI 6:00PM
1) Jason "the Slasher" defeated Derik Destiny to win the PLW championship
2) Chris Blackheart defeated Matthews
3) Adam Booker, Kid Krazy, Frankie Armadillo & Alexander Worthington III defeated Dr. Heresy, Mighty Mini, Andre Lyons & Adam Hastey
4) Duke Maximum defeated Stuart the Dollmaker by DQ
5) Alex Payne defeated Jason the Slasher by DQ
6) Sons of Sin (Reaper & Phoenix) defeated LA Studs (Eric Ego & Dollar D)

September 23, 2005

New Wrestling Horizons (NWH)
Oakfield Community Center - Oakfield, ME 8:00PM
1) Hardware and Scotty Vegas defeated Johnny Primer and Tim Sabin w/ Marion Lawless
2) In a #1 Contender's Match for the NWH Heavyweight Title, Bullmoose Calhoun defeated "Italian Superman" Sonny Roselli by disqualification due to outside interference
3) "Hi Flying" Chris Hamrick defeated Cameron Mathews w/ Quentin Michaels
4) T-Bone Jones defeated Sonny Roselli
5) In a Tag Team Dog Collar Match, "Enforcer" Larry Huntley and Mark Moment defeated Jason Holiday and Chris Carter (who was substituting for the injured CN Power.) Due to the stipulations of the match, Holiday and Carter were forced to eat dog food. NWH Owner Quentin Michaels then announced that due to the substitute, Carter, being pinned and not Holiday, the titles would not change hands.
6) "Mourningstar" Marcus Hall defeated Bullmoose Calhoun Calhoun to retain the NWH Heavyweight Title

Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)
North End Training Facility - 1 Norwood Court, North Oxford, MA 7:30PM

Wrestling Federation of America (WFA)
French Naturalization Club - 120 Broadway, Lawrence, MA 8:00PM

September 20, 2005

Atlas Championship Wrestling (ATLAS)
Farmington Fair - Farmington Fairgrounds - Farmington, ME (rain or shine!) 7:00PM

September 19, 2005

New Wrestling Horizons (NWH)
Rochester Fair - Rochester Fairgrounds - Rochester, NH
1) BullMoose Calhoun won an over-the-top-rope battle royal to get a shot at the Heavyweight title
2) "Hardcharger" Tommy Mack defeated Christian Angers w/ Stephen Marriott
3) The Big Islanders defeated "Rugged" Rick Daniels and "Fabulous" Johnny Vegas
4) "Enforcer" Larry Huntley and "Italian Superman" Sonny Roselli w/ Robert Sinclair defeated Chris Hammrick and Cameron Mathews w/ Quentin Michaels
5) "Boston Bad Boy" Jason Rumble defeated Flash Farenhyte
6) BullMoose Calhoun defeated "Mourningstar" Marcus Hall by DQ after interference from Quentin Michaels. Marcus Hall retained the NWH Heavyweight Title

September 18, 2005

National Wrestling Alliance-Green Mountain (NWA-GM)
Hyde Park V.F.W. - Hyde Park, VT 2:00PM
1) ‘Super Brat’ Justin White defeated WAR and Mike Maniacal in a 3-way dance
2) Dru Onyx defeated Hybrid Rain to retain the NWA British Commonwealth Championship
3) Damien ‘Pitbull’ Vachon vs. ‘Loose Cannon’ Shane Williams ended in a DDQ
4) Hybrid Rain defeated Original Hebert
5) The Vachons defeated Top Prospects and Franz in a handicap tag match
6) Sean Reed defeated Myzery to retain the NWA-GM TV title

Wrestling Federaion of America (WFA)
Newport Municipal Building - 74 Main St., Newport, VT 8:00PM

New Image Wrestling (NIW)
YMCA - 657 Winthrop Ave., Revere, MA 3:00PM

September 17, 2005

New England Championship Wrestling (NECW)
Framingham Civic League - 214 Concord St., Framingham, MA 7:00PM
1) RAVE (Zack Statik & Kristian Frost) defeated Evan Always & Rob Impact
2) Mike Bennett w/ Alex Crowley defeated "Big Guns" Frankie Arion
3) "The Egomaniac" Johnny Idol defeated Joe Chece to become the new NECW Television Champion
4) Nikki Roxx defeated Jade
5) D-Unit (Doug Summers & Rocco Abruzzi) defeated Sonny Goodspeed and "Sweet" Scott Ashworth
6) PRIDE vs. Execution was a no contest
7) "El Boricua" Danny Diaz defeated Tony Montana
8) Michael Sain w/ Alex Crowley defeated "The Rocket" Fred Curry, Jr.
9) The A List (Mark Bourne and Andre Lyonz) defeated Afterburn (Ray Diamond & P.C. Cruz) via disqualification.  The A List retain the NECW Tag Team title.
10) "The Pinnacle" Paul Lombardi defeated "Revolution" Chris Venom to win the NECW Heavyweight Championship.

SLAM All Star Wrestling (SAW)
Highgate Sports Arena - Gore Rd., Highgate, VT 7:00PM
1) The Contract Killers (Big Vigo & Scotty Vegas) w/Yvonna Leach defeated Aftershock & "Mexican Monkey" El Chango to win the SAW Tag Team title
2) "Boy Next Door" Timothy Pittman defeated "Pure Evil" Johnny Primer
3) "Live Wire" Alex Chamberlain defeated Slick in a SAW Television title #1 Contender's Tournament Semi-Final match to advance to the finals
4) Osirus w/Dave Thomas defeated The Bull w/Candy Man in a SAW Television title #1 Contender's Tournament Semi-Final match to advance to the finals
5) "The Enigma" Drake Evans defeated The Northern Studd w/Miss Montgomery to retain the SAW Television Championship
6) Nocturne defeated Jon Thornhill 2 falls to 1 in a 2 of 3 falls match to retain the SAW Cruiserweight Championship
7) "Live Wire" Alex Chamberlain defeated Osirus w/Dave Thomas in the finals of the SAW Television title #1 Contender's Tournament to earn a future shot at the SAW Television Championship
8) "Mourning Star" Marcus Hall defeated "Movie Star" Michael Monroe to retain the SAW Heavyweight Championship

September 16, 2005

Premiere Wrestling Federation-Mayhem (PWF-Mayhem)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
Quincy National Guard Armory - 1000 Hancock St., Quincy, MA 8:00PM
1) "The Talent" TJ Richter defeated Pat Masters to win the PWF Mayhem Junior-Heavyweight Championship
2) Pride defeated the American Body Squad to retain the PWF Mayhem Tag Team Titles
3) Ariel defeated Demonica to win the PWF Mayhem Women's Championship
4) "The Son of a Preacher Man" Ebony Blade defeated "Mad Dog" Matt Storm in an "I Quit" match
5) Evan Siks won the Toxic Waltz.  Other patricipants included Mark Bourne, Jon Thornhill, "Bad Boy" Billy Black, Kevin Karizma, Riot, Nocturne, Kid Mikaze and Kristian Frost.
6) Triplelicious w/ Sean Gorman defeated "Hurricane" John Walters to retain the PWF Northeast Heavyweight Championship
7) Jason Blade defeated "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

Wrestling Federation of America (WFA)
Dover Elks Lodge - 282 Durham Rd., Dover, NH 8:00PM
1) Metro Man "The Mike" defeated Scott Reed
2) Nikki Roxx defeated Ms. Peters via DQ
3) Metro Man "The Shane" defeated Sethron
4) "Psycho" Mike Osbourne defeated "The Graduate" Tim McNeeny
5) Captain C. Web and Smitty defeated The Mexicanos in a 2-out-of-3 falls match
6) D.C. Dillenger defeated El Dragon
7) "The Hoochie Playa" Danny Jaxx won a 15 Man Battle Royal
8) Brian Fury defeated "MoFo" Steve Bradley in a Russian chain match
9) "The Golden Greek" Alex Arion defeated Brandon Locke in a Dover street fight

Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)
PAL Hall - 31 Franklin St., Fall River, MA 7:00PM

September 10, 2005

Atlas Championship Wrestling (ATLAS)
Fitness World - 770 Main St., Lewiston, ME 7:00PM

Eastern Townships Wrestling Association (ETWA)
ETWA Arena - Irasburg, VT 7:00PM
1) Josh Night defeated jaba King , Spud McKenzie, and Eclypse in a Fatal 4-way Cruiser weight title match to win the ETWA Cruiserweight title
2) Simon Starr defeated Venom
3) Misery defeated Damien "The Pitbull" Vachon and Piere "The Beast" Vachon
4) Seperatist defeated Dougie Fresh in a Hardcore Match
5) Sack defeated "The One Man Army" Aaron Fire in a Strap Match
6) Business Alliance vs Phat Kidz w/ "The Boss" Donnie Myers

Yankee Pro Wrestling (YPW)
Top Rope Arena - 139 Hathaway Rd., New Bedford, MA
1) H2o Ryan Waters defeated defeated The Kreeper
2) That 80's Team defeated Freightrain & Stryker
3) Sweet Scott Ashworth defeated Tremor following a DDT
4) Gene Joseph & his hired gun Redemption (filling in for the "injured" Gregory Edwards) defeated Brickhouse Baker & David Baker
5) Don Vega defeated The Widowmaker
6) Johnny Angel, Alex Payne, and Vain defeated Gino Giovanni, Marc Damon and Jason Jaillette
7) Huey McGraw defeated Big Rick Fuller to win the YPW Heavyweight Championship

September 9, 2005

New Wrestling Horizons (NWH)
Clinton Fairgrounds - Clinton, ME
1) Enforcer Larry Huntley defeated Scott Vegas
2) Bullmoose Calhoun defeated Tim Sabin and Johnny Primer
3) Mourningstar Marcus Hall defeated Hardware to retain the NWH Heavyweight Championship
4) Sonny Roselli and Enforcer Larry Huntley defeated Cameron Mathews, Scott Vegas and Rugged Rick Daniels in a handicap match.

Chaotic Wrestling (CW)  neiwasthere.jpg (5046 bytes)
"Summer Chaos" Knights of Columbus Hall - 1 Gaythorne Rd., Methuen, MA 8:00PM
1) Psycho defeated "Big Man On Canvas" Craig Stratton in a "Hair vs. Hair" Match
2) Fred "Bonecrusher" Sampson & Mike Tobin defeated The Heavyweights ("Dangerous" Dan McGuire & Sean Royal)
3) "Hurricane" John Walters defeated Brian Milonas w/ Cherry Payne
4) El Milagro (revealed to be Nick Logan) defeated "Hi Flyin" Andre Lyonz in a Casket Match
5) Intellectual Properties ("Intellectual" Arch Kincaid, CW New England Champion Thomas Penmanship, Max Bauer, & Danielle Gibbs) defeated The Logan Brothers (CW Tag Team Champions Bryan & Matt, plus their brother Nick) & Chase Del Monte, when Penmanship pinned Chase
6) "Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz defeated The Mighty Mini
7) Handsome Johnny defeated "The Shooter" Mike Kruel to become the new CW Heavyweight Championship

September 3, 2005

Connecticut Championship Wrestling (CCW)
Branstock Festival - Branford, CT
1) Mike McNasty defeated the Janitor
2) Tim Kilgore defeated Doug Summers
3) Marcus Hall defeated Dave Wilcox
4) Arvil Graves defeated BM Foster
5) Trinity H Cambell defeated Taylor Nichole w/ Joe Rules
6) The Iron Eagle defeated the American Idol
7) Eric Andretti defeated Joey Image
8) RAVE (Frost and Static) defeated Tim Kilgore and Doug Summers w/ TJ Wild
9) Nocturne defeated Arvil Graves
10) J-Busta defeated Ebony Blade
11) Paul E. Normous defeated Anthony Micheals
12) Blue Meanie and Ron Zombie w/ Talia defeated Jamie Pain and Big Jay

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