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MAY, 2004
Height: 5' 2"

Weight: 130 lbs.

Age: 19

Finishing Maneuvers: None

Entrance Music: "Ce La Vie" by Bewitched

Promotions Worked for: Crush Wrestling, JAPW, ROH, USA PRO, BWO, BWA BCW, PWF-NE, YPW, SCCW, SSCW, ACW, ACE, ACWA, GWF, JWA, P3Pro, G.L.O.R.Y., WXW, PLW, CSWF, UWF, APCW, Powerhouse Wrestling, WWW, NECW, OSPW, NEWGEN, SCW, OSPW, UWA, UCW

Title History: SCCW Women's champ, SSCW Women's Champ, Ace Wrestling Women's Champ, BCW Women's Champ, JWA Women's champ

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Q&A with Ariel

NEI: How did you first get interested in Wrestling?

Ariel: Well I used to watch wrestling occasionally in Europe, but Wrestling isn't popular there so I would only catch PPV's. Then when I moved to the US in 1996 I became hooked on it and watching girls like Chyna, Lita, and Molly made me want to be part of it. Honestly I think Lita was the one that made me see you didn't have to be perfect to be part of it.

NEI: Where are you originally from and did you have the opportunity to experience Wrestling there at all?

Ariel: I am from St. Michael, Azores which is part of Portugal and no, I never experienced it there due to the fact that NOBODY followed it!

NEI: Once you moved to the U.S. what finally got you involved in the sport?

Ariel: I went to a couple of independent shows, then once watching it on TV and watching Lita/Molly made me want to be part of it so then I went to a local promotion and tried out.

NEI: What promotion did you get your start with and how did you begin your training?

Ariel: I started in "Top Rope Promotions" in southeaster MA and I began training on January 13th of 2001. It was Tuesdays and Thursdays and also on the weekends with trainer Brickhouse Baker.

NEI: How were you received as a student in a sport dominated by men?

Ariel: I think I was taught the same way as the guys. I don't think anyone really treated me different just because I'm a girl. I always wanted to try what the guys did and wanted to do the same as every one of them just because I wanted to prove to myself and everyone else that I could hang with the guys.

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NEI: Who was your first match with and how do you reflect on it now?

Ariel: My first match was with Amanda Storm. I look back on it now and I think it was a decent match but you can tell how nervous I was. I look at matches now and I compare them with that one and you can see how much I have evolved. I will never forget how I did a schoolgirl but I hooked it weird, but its ok Amanda went with it anyway.

NEI: You have been feuding in PWF-NE with Demonica, how do you reflect on those matches and do you think those are indicative of some of your best performances?

Ariel: Those matches have been some of my best because of the fact we now know each others style and we push each others to higher levels all the time.

NEI: Having spent time in the professional wrestling industry what are some of the highs and some of the lows that you have experienced?

Ariel: Some of the highs would be making people smile, travelling, meeting new people, and working with some of the people you grew up watching. Lows I would have to say some of the drama that comes along with it. Whether you want to or not you become watched and people judge everything you do and of course there are always those people who want to stab you in the back to get ahead. One definite low is the rumors that get spread.

NEI: Who were some of your role models that you had growing up that you have had the opportunity to meet and work with?

Ariel: Some of the guys I remember watching and I was in the locker room with include Al Snow, Jerry the King, Brutus Beefcake, Buff Bagwell, Animal, Honky Tonk Man. Working with (in the ring) I worked with Dawn Marie, Simon Diamond, Steve Corino, Blue Meanie, and Captain Lou Albano!

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NEI: Working regionally in New England, who are some of the workers who you have come to accept as role models?

Ariel: Brickhouse Baker, Sweet Scott Ashworth, & Jose Perez.

NEI: What is your perception of "Women's Wrestling" today? Do you feel it is often looked down on by many fans or is sexualized?

Ariel: Women's Wrestling could be a lot bigger than it is but of course ALL women's wrestling would not work. I think allot of the time it is looked down on by fans because of the sexualized thing. I lost count of how any times I was at a show and there I was getting killed by some girl twice my size and I hear someone in the crowd say "WE WANT PUPPIES" or more recently "HLA, HLA" (Hot Lesbian Action). Women's Wrestling could be taken more seriously but it will take time I think.

NEI: Have you ever dealt with any sexualized situations or bookings that your were uncomfortable with in your career?

Ariel: No, from the start people knew I wanted to wrestle. I haven't done anything I am uncomfortable with. If I were uncomfortable with it, I wouldn't do it.

NEI: You began wrestling at a young age, how did your family and friends respond to it?

Ariel: My mom & dad weren't too fond of it at first at all! Then again what parents would want to see their kid get beat up weekend after weekend? But they realized its something I love to do and now I know they are very proud of me. I can see their look of pride when they see me in a magazine or on TV or on the web. They are like, "That's my baby girl" (Laughing). My brothers were very supportive and friends were all just amazed that someone my stature and age had the drive to be part of it, but they learned to deal with it. I lost some friendships due to the fact that they didn't believe in that at all so they couldn't relate to being a friend anymore, but for the most part everyone was proud.

NEI: How do your classmates respond to their short, girl next door, classmate working wrestling matches?

Ariel: For the most part just the curiosity comes out, they normally go, "WOW ARE YOU SERIOUS?" and then ask more and more questions. Some go into the mode, "WOW YOUR A WRESTLER, I Could KICK YOUR BUTT THOUGH", I normally just ignore those people.

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The Final Word

In an industry over run with physically dominant men who pound, stretch, and beat each other into submission nobody would suspect a teenager with a girl next door appearance to be in the ring keeping up with them men. Standing just over 5' in height Ariel has an innocence and charm that makes her anything but imposing to opponents, but when the bell rings her fighting spirit shines through. In a faction of Wrestling (women's) so often mocked or dismissed this young girl often wins over a crowd with her ability to put together solid matches and to sell her opponents work. Touring the New England region extensively Ariel has recently branched out across the U.S., into Ring of Honor, and now touring Japan. She has proven time and time again her ability to entertain fans and to earn their appreciation as a wrestler.
Upcoming Dates:
Currently on tour in Japan.  Check website for future dates.

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