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AUGUST, 2003
"The Trendsetter" Adam Booker
Height: 6' 4''

Weight: 249 lbs.

Age: 23

Finishing Maneuvers: Bookdaddy Flapjack (Power-bomb into an inverted flapjack)

Entrance Music: "Burning Flag" by Marilyn Manson

Promotions Worked for:
U.S.: PCW, NOW, AAW, NEPW, IPW Hardcore, Wildside, NWF, NWA-TNA

Title History: SCCW World Heavy Weight Champion, Chaotic Wrestling Tag Team Championship w/ "Mr. Muscles" Frankie Armadillo, EWA Hardcore Champion, EWA Heavyweight Champion, EWA New England Champion (Current)

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Q&A with Adam Booker

NEI: When did you first get into Wrestling and what was your first match?

Booker: I moved to Illinois to begin training in July of 99'. I actually went for one training session before going off for a week to Woodstock. When I came back I began full time training. The promotion I was training with booked me in my first match in September of 99', so not that long after I began. Fortunately though I was tagged with Jimmy Valiant vs. two students of his, so Jimmy led the way. I do want to dispel a rumor that actually made print in the PWI 500 though. I was not trained by Jimmy Valiant, although I did learn a lot that day.

NEI: What made you get into Wrestling? What was your motivation that caused you to take your first step towards being a professional wrestler?

Booker: I always had the boyhood dream. Sadly enough the advertisements for the Warrior University were the first thing that made me realize that it was actually possible to become a pro wrestler and not just a fantasy. That folded in two weeks, but my desire didn't luckily.

NEI: What has been your greatest accomplishment in wrestling thus far?

Booker: Oh I don't know. I've been fortunate enough to have a few moments I'm proud of. I've worked with people I used to only watch on T.V., I've traveled across the United States more than most ever will, I've had the opportunity to headline shows in consistently run areas. I don't have one great accomplishment that I think about every day. My great accomplishment is the whole pie that is my career.

NEI: The EWA recently announced their departure from the Portland, ME area where you were a hometown hero. How do you feel about this move for the company?

Booker: It's unfortunate. I always like to work a show 5 minutes from my home. At first when the future of the EWA was unknown I was very worried. I have invested over 2 years of my life and career in to the EWA and to see it just go away would have been very upsetting, fortunately that didn't happen. The new homebase isn't much of a change either. Just a change in focus really.

NEI: Along those same lines, Portland will now be promoted by Chaotic wrestling a company you also work for. How do you think Portland fans will respond to the new product?

Booker: I think the fans in Portland will respond very well to the new show in town. Chaotic runs great shows and I'm glad that they're picking up where the EWA left off. I think the fans will at least give Chaotic a try and if that happens I don't think we'll have any problems.

NEI: What has Miss Kristy meant to your career?

Booker: Miss Kristy has been a very important aspect of my career for about 2 years now. I've enjoyed working the different angles we've done so far. Especially when we worked with Frankie Armadillo and Dr. Payne.

NEI: In 2002 you were engaged in a heated feud with Ric Fuller for the EWA Heavyweight title. In your first match a 200+ crowd saw you take an incredible bump through a table on the outside. How was that experience?

Booker: That was a thrilling experience for myself. I hope the crowd felt the same. The 1st match I got counted out after getting choke slammed off the stage through a table on the floor. The 2nd match I got disqualified after beating Fuller down with a chair. The 3rd match I took a choke slam from the second turnbuckle through a table on the floor. Each time was exhilarating and I believe added a lot to the match as well. Fuller was tremendous to work with.

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Booker leaving the ring the hard way

NEI: How was the experience of traveling to TNA with EWA stablemate Johnny Curtis?

Booker: That was a great experience and I thank Johnny Curtis for taking part in that with me. We had a good time down there. Bill Behrens was a great help and I think we had a decent match. Unfortunately less than a week after I got back I found out my wrist was broken and had been for sometime.

NEI: Speaking of which, you recently came back from reconstructive wrist surgery. How did you suffer the injury and how hard was the comeback?

Booker: I initially broke my wrist in January of 2002 in a match with Dr. Heresy in Lewiston, ME for the EWA. It was when they had their old ring, which felt harder than wrestling on the concrete floor. I broke it landing a frog splash on Heresy. After the match it didn't seem nearly as bad as it really was and I was actually able to work out again within a week. That lead me to believe it wasn't broken and was maybe just something else that would heal. It got better at first but that soon stopped and months later it started getting worse until shortly before going to NWA-TNA I realized it wasn't getting better and what I feared was probably true. After the trip I went to the hospital and found out after 10 months my wrist was indeed broken and needed surgery to be repaired. I finished my bookings up through the date of the surgery on January 10th, including losing the Chaotic tag titles that Frankie and I held. I was also supposed to lose the EWA Heavyweight title before my surgery but the show got snowed out. Because of that I wrestled John Walters 21 days after my surgery in a 3 minute impromptu "match" I guess you would call it. Probably not wise but nothing bad came of it fortunately. They wanted me to just hand the title over in Portland the next month but I didn't want to do that. I wanted the momentum the title had to continue. The idea was something I came up with so I was comfortable with it. Plus I have 100% trust in John Walters in the ring as well. I started wrestling again in April I think it was. I've been taking it slow so far. Just working for places around the area that I worked for consistently before. I'm about ready to start working full time again and I think I'll be picking the pace up again after this summer.

NEI: Coming off an injury are you as motivated as ever? What keeps you motivated when the going gets tough?

Booker: You never know how bad an injury really gets you down until it happens. I was actually the most down about it when I knew it was broken but hadn't gone to the doctor yet. I just knew though and it was very depressing. Eventually though I realized if I had an opportunity thrown at me I couldn't capitalize so I got back on track and had the surgery. I feel very motivated and feel Frankie and I have been having some great tag matches as of late. I was also very happy with the first few singles matches I had with the EWA in South Portland before they left the venue. It's been slow getting back to the shape I was in before but I'm almost there now. I keep motivated by just remembering what it's all for, what it's all about.

NEI: What is your opinion of the New England Invitational Event and how was being a part of it.

Booker: I was very glad that not only the event was being held but that I was also one of the 8 participants selected. It showed me that at least two guys running a website think I'm doing something right. Seriously though, it was great and I am honored to have been able to work with Maverick Wild that night. I hope the tradition continues on next year and I think you can count on seeing Adam Booker in the 2004 NEI Invitational.

NEI: What are your long term Wrestling goals? Goals outside of Wrestling?

Booker: Right now I'm considering going back to school. I'm not sure yet though. As far as my wrestling goals, of course I'm shooting for the top with this. I'm very happy with what I've done already but would not be satisfied if I stopped now. If you're not in this to try to be the best than you're just taking up space.

NEI: Where in New England have you enjoyed working the most and where are the hottest fans in your opinion?

Booker: I would say I've enjoyed working for the EWA. Reason being that they gave me the opportunity to be the #1 guy for a long time and it was a tremendous learning experience. From not only the guys I got to work with but also from being in the same venue consistently for over a year and learning what it takes to do that. I can't tell you who the hottest fans are because I think even a fan that isn't yelling at the top of his/her lungs can be really enjoying what they're seeing. I know we're not there but take Japan for example. Some crowds aren't vocal but are still enjoying what they see. Then again some are just plain dead. I guess the "loudest" crowds I've worked in front of were at NWA Wildside. Those Georginian girls don't stop yelling.

NEI: Who has been the most influential in your ring work and who has helped you get where you are today?

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Booker delivers a powerbomb to Dr. H

Booker: I would have to give that credit to a handful of people. Frankie Armadillo and I talk to no end about wrestling nearly everyday. Undoubtedly he has had an impact on my work. Kid Krazy is another person I'm glad to have in my ear. Dr. Heresy has been a great help in my career since moving back to Maine. Dr. Heresy gets a lot of shit sometimes, and I must say he deserves it all and then some (laughing). What, I mean is Dr. Heresy is one of the most helpful and genuine guys I know in New England and deserves more credit than he gets. Recently I've been influenced by some guys like John Walters and Billy Kryptonite. I've been trying to improve my mat game and working with guys like them has been great. I also thank Scott King and Steve Ramsey for everything they've done for me.

NEI: You were part of a regular televised promotion in the State of Maine called Maine Event Wrestling. How was your experience working for this company and should they return in the fall, as it has been rumored. Do you plan to be a part of the program?

Booker: It was actually amazing at how fast Paul Adams disappeared. When we all first heard about it we gave him about a year tops. He spent through his wad in about 4 months. His commercial advertising for bought shows during Midnight Madness always cracked me up. It starts with a Paul Adams voice over saying, "Money, Money, Money!" and went on about how you could make so much buying his shows. He lost thousands the first Expo show. I don't think he lost so much the second Expo show though because he bounced all his checks he wrote out. Including Moolah and Mae's. Amazing, 80+ years old and still getting screwed by loser promoters. I can't say I would never work with him again but if he plans on getting in touch with me he'll have to mail an envelope to my house first, then we could talk. I don't think you should hold your breath on that triumphant return though.

NEI: Who would you like to work a program with that you have yet to?

Booker: Twice I've been scheduled to work a program with Chris Hamrick that has gotten side tracked. Hopefully that will come to fruition someday. I'd like to work with the Local Legends in some tag team stuff. We had one quick match a bit ago and I think we could do a lot more. I'd also like to have an NEI Invitational rematch with the winner Maverick Wild. Maybe get him to put the trophy up.

NEI: Many regional break out stars like Slyk Wagner Brown and John Walters are now working more recognized promotions outside of New England. Any thoughts on traveling once you are 100%?

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A classic "Hardcore" matchup between Booker & Chris Venom

Booker: It has been a bit now since I've made it to say Georgia or Florida or even Pennsylvania. TNA actually would be the last big trip I made before my surgery that was back in November. I think I'll be laying low though the rest of the summer and then picking it back up in the fall. I've enjoyed working back in to it slow with the local promotions I work for consistently. I plan to start branching back out though soon.

NEI: Professional Wrestling or Sports Entertainment?

Booker: Both, and I think you have to realize that in order to be able to work in front of any crowd out there. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't sway towards one more than the other because that's what sets some apart. Also that's what some crowds want and others don't. The ability to go both ways is ideal.

NEI: Adam Booker is a multi-time champion. What is the breakfast of Champions?

Booker: You know I'm one of those people that is in no way phased by what time of day it is in comparison to what I'm eating. I typically have something meat related for breakfast. Usually after going to the gym. Then again my breakfast happens at about 12 noon or later. Depending on how late the previous night went. I'm stuck on burgers from the grill right now. We have a gas grill on our front porch and you can't beat that for easy cooking.


The Final Word

Coming into 2003 the Trendsetter held the EWA Heavyweight Title and the CW Tag Team Titles (with Frankie Armadillo) coming off of feuds with Ric Fuller and John Walters. All of this hard work and success came to an abrupt end shortly after the start of the year as he underwent reconstructive wrist surgery that jeopardized his career. Back in action for only a few months the Trendsetter has already had a tremendous EWA return match with John Walters, has won the EWA New England Champion, and stood as one of the Invitational 8 at the first ever New England Invitational event. With his wrist at 100% Booker will undoubtedly reestablish himself as one of the best workers in the region today. A member of the PWI 500 (2001 & 2002), multi-time champion, and established draw in both EWA and CW, which promotion will the Trendsetter rise to the top in next in 2003?

Upcoming Dates:

  • August 9- Chaotic Wrestling in Tewksbury, MA
  • August 23- Chaotic Wrestling in South Portland, ME
  • September 5- EWA in Southbridge, MA
  • September 12- Chaotic Wrestling in Methuen, MA
  • September 19- AWA in Litchfield, NH
  • September 20 - AWA in Nashua, NH
  • October 4 - Chaotic Wrestling in Methuen, MA
  • October 17- EWA in Southbridge, MA
  • October 18- EWA in Ludlow, MA
  • October 24 - Chaotic Wrestling in Methuen, MA
  • November 14 - Chaotic Wrestling in Methuen, MA
  • November 21- EWA in Southbridge, MA
  • December 5 - Chaotic Wrestling in Methuen, MA
  • December 19- EWA in Southbridge, MA

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