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Height: 6'

Weight: 250 lbs.

Age: 24

Finishing Maneuvers: "The Bad English"

Entrance Music: "Do You Call My Name" by Ra


Title History: EWA New England Champion, EWA Tag Team Champion (current)

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Q&A with Cueball

NEI: Where did you first start out in Wrestling and whom did you train with? What organizations did you start out in?

Cueball: Started training in May of 2000 at Killer Kowalski's. I trained with fellow Indy workers such as Slyk (who helped me out allot), John Walters, Vince Vicallo, Arch Kincaid, Jaimie Pain, Nemesis, and Mike Hollow. My first show was Killer Kowalski's All Pro Wrestling at Assumption College. From there it was Primal Conflict, then Chaotic, then pretty much everywhere else.

NEI: Primal Conflict was certainly an attention getter in the New England region. How would you reflect on your experiences with the organization?

Cueball: Loved It! They gave a new guy a chance, who would of thought that I would be on the same show as Tommy Dreamer, New Jack, Kronus, Balls Mahoney so early on in my career. Oh I forgot Bilvis Welsey who I later worked. In a nutshell, Primal had a GOOD product to a target audience but had BAD management.

NEI: Having worked early in your career for Primal Conflict, what is your opinion of hardcore Wrestling, what is often referred to as garbage Wrestling?

Cueball: When done right, it's amazing to watch. Guys like New Jack, Balls Mahoney, Sabu, Sandman, Dreamer, Mick Foley, Terry Funk, made hardcore wrestling enjoyable to watch.

NEI: Who is "Cueball" and where did the gimmick come from?

Cueball: Cueball is an arrogant, pompous, wise-ass brawler. The gimmick came from being called a ball buster, and I thought that persona could be a great character in professional wrestling. So wheels were turning, and a Cueball (billiards ball) came to my head, and it seemed perfect.

NEI: What do you hope to accomplish in your Wrestling career?

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Cueball: To have my shining moment at WrestleMania.

NEI: What has been your most negative experience since getting into Pro Wrestling? Positive?

Cueball: Negative experience, hmmm rumors seem to follow everywhere Cueball goes, and those rumors are false (i.e. Cueball is dating Ariel- completely false). As far as positive experience, being backstage at a WWE Raw show and just thinking to myself "WOW, I can't believe how close I am to Trish Stratus".

NEI: Do you see yourself ever being anyone other than "Cueball", or is that who you are in the ring?

Cueball: Cueball seems to fit me well, don't see that changing for now. I have many ideas as to where this Cueball gimmick can go.

NEI: In recent months you have worked as one half of the EWA Tag Team know as the "Odd Couple" in a seemingly love hate relationship with partner "Flash" Nick McKenna. How do you feel about incorporating humor and a certain degree of slapstick to your brooding heel personality?

Cueball: Funny thing is it has been coming off pretty well with the crowd response. The audience seems to enjoy it. It worked for the Rock N' Sock Connection, but I'm not comparing the Odd Couple to them. "Flash" and mine personalities seemed to work with each other. Do I think the Odd Couple will be around for awhile, most likely not, Cueball has very little tolerance and patience.

NEI: Many of your Kowalski alumni work for Chaotic Wrestling. How come you have had no involvement with this promotion?

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Cueball: I worked in the past when contracts were around in the early days of CW. Hard to explain because it involves a lot of politics involving Wrestling schools but that might soon change.

NEI: An urban myth that made its way through New England Wrestling at record speed was that of you striking a fan, who was a host of a public access show, at an event at the PAL. How would you reflect on such commentary?

Cueball: It's a long story but in a nutshell I was backstabbed. Do I regret what happened that night? NO! Did I hit a fan? NO! Videotapes don't lie.

NEI: So what's the truth of the rumor?

Cueball: No I did not strike a fan. Just young weezers who degrade my character because they thought that I was associated with their rival cable access show.

NEI: Why do you wrestle? What about it keeps you passionate?

Cueball: I love wrestling, everything about it! When you dream about something each and every night, and it has been the only goal you wish to accomplish in life, then that's what I consider passion.

NEI: I thought one of your best performances was against Adam Booker for the EWA Heavyweight Championship in Southbridge, MA. Your work in that match should be the measuring stick for what makes a good heel. What is your personal favorite moment thus far?

Cueball: Thanks, I quite enjoyed that match considering that was the last match Adam Booker had before having wrist surgery. Personal favorite moment, hmmm working with Combat Zone's Rukkus Oct 4th in PCW's BACK IN JACK was exciting, but there was a moment in the ring where I was speechless and caught off guard. That was the night Flash Nick McKenna and I won the EWA tag team titles. In the final match to determine the champions, before I entered the ring to face Brian Black, There was a HUGE "Cueball" chant! It was shocking and I appreciated it greatly!

NEI: If you didn't wrestle, what else would you do?

Cueball: If I wasn't wrestling, I would have probably finished my college education and got my Bachelor's in Marketing, and been working for the top advertising firm in the country.

NEI: Are you any good at playing pool?

Cueball: No


The Final Word

The term "Old School" gets thrown around in Wrestling for varying reasons. Fans use the term to jokingly label some workers, expressing their disdain for the workers seeming lack of talent or ability to actually work. Cueball is one of the few workers that the term is used complimentarily towards. A brawler who pounds his opponents to the mat, and can grind the pace of a match to exactly where he wants it. Few others in the region are able to capture the old school heel mentality of this unique worker who can throw the crowd into shocked awe with his aggression and brooding character. Earlier in 2003, Cueball captured the attention of EWA fans in Southbridge, MA working a series with then Heavyweight Champion Adam Booker. Few others have had the ability to ground the popular "Trendsetter" and earn the disdain of the large Southbridge fan base. Somewhat less volatile and heated, the "Professional Ball Buster" has recently teamed with goofy yet energetic "Flash" Nick McKenna to become the EWA Tag Team Champions. Whether part of the uncharacteristic "Odd Ball" tag team or working solo, Cueball is always an entertaining worker and a true throwback heel from regional wrestling decades ago.

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