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The Elements of Suicide
Onyx & Cinna
Height: 6' 1" / 6'

Weight: 170 / 209 lbs.

Age: 24 / 24

Finishing Maneuvers: Cataclysm, Russian Mafia, Element Of Surprise

Entrance Music: "Like Whoa" by Black Rob

Promotions Worked for: MIW, EWA, SCW, NCW, YPW, SCCW, PLW, NWF, ICCW, Primal Conflict, PWA, EWF, IWA, UWF, HWF, MWA, IIW, XWA.

Title History: EWA Tag Team Champions, NCW Tag Team Champions, PLW Tag Team Champions, ICCW Tag Team Champions

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Q&A with Onyx & Cinna

NEI: Who are the EOS and how did you come together?

Onyx: EOS, "Elements of Suicide: The Best of New England and the Worst of New England!" More than a name and a culture shock image. EOS has always been a mixture of different elements from different cultures in life and society. Each of us adds a different element to the mix when it comes to the ring. But together we mix like a gourmet meal. We've got every Element, Appetizer: that's the look, Drinks: that's the spit talk you hear when we come out and are doing' our thing, Main course: that's the wrestling style we do and bust our ass to put the best out there, Finally the dessert: that's basically the aftermath, either its sweet or its bitter either way EOS comes back for more.

Cinna: The EOS basically came from us messing around and wrestling each other enough times that we knew exactly how each other thought, so it was the next logical step. Were just a couple of guys who don't really wrestle with a gimmick, it's more of a mindset.

Onyx: It goes back to the Karoba, The Damned, and B2 Billy Braxx. The Karoba most people remember where it was and who was there. Allot of the peoples in New England were down there training with us. That was EOS's home training facility and the home of Suicide Championship Wrestling (SCW). The Karoba was the place in New Bedford, MA where The Damned training was for a short time when Mayhem Wrestling was active. We worked for mayhem in 99' basically as enemies fighting against each other in an underground title division which was an opportunity for us to go pro and to give our SCW guys some hope to get to Independent status. We never started out together, we fought to get both sides of the coin and to get to that point was hell as it is for everyone.

NEI: How did the two of you first meet?

Onyx: Onyx and Cinna met actually from one man, Eric Mederious who is best friend to Cinna, back when we were getting into high school. I met Eric at an exploratory to the school. From what I can remember it was a "hi & bye" conversation, very brief and then we went our separate ways. Once we both got into school and shops cause we where at a vocational school that's when Onyx and Cinna met. As Eric is the best friend to Cinna that linked us together but the common ground that really linked us was wrestling! We where in the Commercial Arts shop we were suplexing in photo labs, ankle maneuvers, small packages into the hallways, baseball slides to DDT's. We basically didn't draw in commercial arts like we where suppose too.

Cinna: we were best friends in high school and its going on 10 years that we have known each other.

Onyx: The EOS came together as workers after fighting against each other in SCW and Mayhem's underground division hardcore matches etc. We met with Mad Dog of the Damned who was having a benefit show. We teased the idea one time before as a tag team but never came together 'cause I guess we liked beating the crap out of each other more. Then we figured why not, we believed we could get noticed more as a tag team than singles. So we trained hard for it and The Damned gave us the opportunity for a match against them, and for the first time EOS battled The Damned. After that we fought the Damned up and down New England as they gave us allot of opportunities that were thankful for.

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NEI: When you guys started out in New England Wrestling where did you go to train and whom with?

Cinna: Well I guess we started out as a couple of self trained "back yarders" but we went to learn with Brickhouse Baker in YPW.

Onyx: Started off training ourselves, I guess you can use the term "backyarders", but we did our normal ten bumps hiptosses etc. on our pads and palettes.

Cinna: We stepped away from YPW and did allot more stuff on our own until we met up with Mike Edwards who at the time was in Mayhem Wrestling.

Onyx: Yeah Mayhem was a blessing!

Cinna: Mayhem gave us allot of credit because we were gutsy kids who weren't scared so they let us do a lot, so we learned a lot.

Onyx: Mike Edwards was a big part in our training. He took his time when most trainers forget to, systematically going over everything. He really taught us one important thing, "Have respect for everyone whether they are so called green, or a Vet. Everyone can learn from someone even if ya' are green". Keep an open mind!

Cinna: Mayhem was the first time we had been exposed to how matches and shows get put together and how everything unfolds. We got to learn allot by luck, getting to be in the same locker room as teams like the Hass Brothers and the Hit Squad. After mayhem we were close to Mad Dog Matt Storm so we did allot of polishing with The Damned.

NEI: Where did the unique name "Elements of Suicide" come from?

Onyx: B2 Billy Braxx (Walter Vinci). We tried for some time coming up with a name and couldn't. Two of our old monikers from SCW were "Cinna the Suicide King" and "Onyx the Hardcore Element". B2 says to us "Why make it so hard, just combine your names". We were like what?! At first we where like uhhhh then the word EOS just seemed to fit. Billy Braxx is the Dr. Frankenstein of EOS, he's Crazy!

NEI: You made reference to SCW (Suicide Championship Wrestling), for those who don't know what can you say about the promotion and where does it stand today?

Onyx: Hmmmmm, I knew that was gonna' be asked. "Underdogs of the underground", SCW was too good for the time it happened in. It was very closed to the public and only a few peoples knew about it and some were invited to private shows. Some Indy workers worked there at times including Mad Dog, Kid Krazy, and The Score. At the time Puroresu, or strong style wasn't very popular as it is now, majority of the work at SCW was puroresu/strongstyle. Nobody at the time wanted to do a stiffer style or something different in the area. They where mocked as a backyard etc. But then again at the time we had the best damn ring in New England that was safe to do work in and we had a building for training. Its Funny now 'cause when ya' look at what style is on top in the Indys its the Puroresu style and also Lucha. Where does SCW stand? Allot of the workers work Indy and train at their new facility. One I cant reveal the name of 'cause of personal respect, does MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). But I can say he is the damn best in this area for MMA and is gonna' be knockin heads. The promotion itself ran one show as a farewell to a good friend a year ago.

Cinna: SCW started out as four of us friends having fun and kicking each others asses, then people started to watch, people started to want to join in, that's when it actually became a promotion. As of now, it's kind of on hiatus, just building up talent and trying to build fresh talent. I think we grew faster than we could handle, wrestling with a style that hadn't really become popular yet.

NEI: Who are Riot and Ruckus of the EOS and how do they relate to Onyx & Cinna? It seems rare that the 4 members share bookings.

Onyx: Rukk' & Ri' a.k.a.. AlchiMentali & Motha F'er, collectively known as E-Deuce. Rukkus actually started with us as the 3rd member in EWA and NCW, he is someone who we trained with and helped train. We mix matched tagging Cinna & I, Rukkus & Cinna, etc. in six man style matches. Then he had to take time off for personal reasons. Riot the 4th member was someone who found us at our training facility that we trained. Started in NCW briefly as a different gimmick. Came together as Riot in the EOS in PLW wearing my gear actually. I wasn't able to make it to the show so he tagged with Cinna. Then came into his own in YPW as a cruiserweight and captured the title as we did tag. After our first year of EOS we always wanted 4 members, some say "Isn't Riot the 3rd member and where's Rukkus? Is there Heat between them, they seem the same and you just tried to replace them"? Rukk' & Ri' are the two other elements, the high flying style of EOS is like you see this obscure plane and all of a sudden you see two kamikaze missiles come down, that's Rukk' and Ri' swooping for ya' ass. Then you got Cinn' and Onyx swooping' down gunnin' down. If all else fails we form like Voltron and smash through. They add different elements to Onyx and Cinna, same minds together as one but they have there own unique elements at the same time.

Cinna: They were the missing pieces to our puzzle, close friends with the same mind set. Unfortunately, most places aren't quick to give younger guys a chance, especially when they do not employ the typical wrestling style.

NEI: On that same token, who is Gina Marie to the EOS?

Cinna: Gina Marie was originally thrown into the mix when she was turned on by Johnny Nash, and basically we just kept her with us. She added another dimension to the things we could do.

Onyx: She was our valet for a short time in EWA. Willing to do anything for the team and it kinda' came together as a fluke. We became friends with her through some NCW shows. People doubted her and made fun of her. We seen something different, a person who has the drive to do it. When Steve Ramsey asked me, "Is that your valet", I was like kinda sorta', not the EOS valet but for the stable we were in and the angle for NCW we were in at the time. Then he asked me if she wanted to valet us in EWA. I called her over to talk to Ramsey then it went from there. I knew no one would give her a fair chance and why not give an opportunity to someone at the time that was busting her ass for a chance to show people what she's got. We kept it just EWA, EOS never planned on or wanted a valet it just kinda happened.

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NEI: The #1 question that many would ask is where have the EOS been? You recently made an in ring return on December 21 for PLW, but before that your last match have been sporadic and far and few between.

Onyx: Where have we been, hmmm. We took some time off between jobs and personal time and took wrestling very slow. We stuck very close to our home in New Bedford, MA. We did YPW for bookings and trained a lot and tried to get allot of our guys out there in the Indys. We got Riot out there working more, went to a wrestling seminar for Toryumon at Chikara (Mike Quackenbush), and were preparing for 2004 with all 4 Members of EOS strong.

Cinna: To be honest, wrestling had become a little stale and I was unhappy with some things that had happened and I wanted some time away. Onyx continued to work in YPW and I just cleared my head so I could get back into it full force.

NEI: What is in store for the EOS in 2004?

Onyx: Full force! 4 members and more bookings. Hopefully some new places internationally god willing, and more merchandise then you can handle.

Cinna: 2003 was a laid back year, we made some contacts and basically kept our name in people's memories. 2004 we go full force with all 4 members, we plane to break out of the New England funk, and get out and get some higher profile bookings.

NEI: If the EOS never wrestled again, what would you hope your legacy would be?

Onyx: Put simply, "The Kings OF TAG"

Cinna: One of the few pure tag teams in New England, not just another thrown together team.

Onyx: Not run of the mill, and you would always know you would here "Cracka" at a show.

Cinna: Its going on 4 years now that we have been a constant in the tag team circle, most teams don't make it more than a couple of matches together.

Onyx: True dat' a tag is not just putting together the best two singles, its working with one mind as two! Shit, I remember Cinna saying something I was thinking or a reaction to hitting a move at the right instant.

NEI: Tag Team Wrestling is undeniably a dying art in the business, what are your feeling about that and why retain such a love for the style?

Cinna: Tag team wrestling can bring out more emotions from the crowd than a standard singles match.

Onyx: Its heart breaking not seeing tag teams. Its a whole other art in this business that people over look and think its just two singles wrestlers put together but its not. Its much more than that. So many times you see so many visually awesome tags put together, but their sync together is off really bad due to not working together. It just looks like two single wrestlers trying to get there shit off.

Cinna: A tag match can be either very emotional or very boring if its not done right, its not matching gear or a cool name that makes a tag team. Its a dying art just because a team can be put together as a hot tag and they think they are ready. It takes allot more to actually get people into a tag match.

Onyx: If no one else wants to put love back to Tag. Then let EOS keep the love going for it. You all can be haters but let EOS show you that TAG is not lost!

Cinna: Hey, we got 4 of us, we can just keep working each other and bring it back to life if we have to. We can put it together any way, any combination, we work together, not 4 guys getting their own stuff off.

Onyx: Twin Tag Team Style, Voltron Crew that's EOS! You add up the Math of our tag team combination and it's all correct. No negatives and no egos.

NEI: Who in your opinion were some regional Tag Teams that "got it"?

Onyx: Hmm that's a good one.

Cinna: The Egomaniacs and The Damned are the first two that come to mind.

Onyx: Same here that's the only ones that come to mind.

Cinna: It's kinda been few and far between. The Score is a young team and have lots to learn but have potential, also Impact Inc.

Onyx: There are so many teams that really are not tag teams at all. They tag for a short time and then disband. On a constant basis I say Egos and The Damned. The Score has came together as a good unit, they have the knowledge and style we like to work with.

Cinna: Yeah, recently we've been able to have some matches with Impact Inc. and that has been a good matchup of styles. Dr. Heresy and Maverick Wild were one of the few singles guys put together that were awesome to work, both have so much experience and have the wrestling mind. It's impossible not to have good matches with either of those guys.

NEI: Who were some of the all time great Tag Teams that influenced you coming into the business?

Cinna: Teams like the British Bulldogs, and The Fabulous Rougeaus started it off for me. Teams like the Gringos Locos really made me appreciate the art behind the story of the tag team formula.

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Onyx: British Bull Dogs, Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard, and Gringos Locos were big influences for me too.

Cinna: The Hollywood Blondes and Midnight express were always great to watch as well. Not to long ago, WCW was the hotbed for tag wrestling with teams like the Harlem Heat and Public Enemy.

Onyx: Don't get me started on Harlem Heat, I loved them. Two good black wrestlers who had everything in sync with each other. Also the Dudleys one of the best when it came to the whole package.

Cinna: Yah' the Dudleys have the attitude, the swagger, the style and can back it up equally with their work.

NEI: Out of the few Tag Teams active in the New England region is their anyone that you have not worked that you look forward to?

Onyx: For old time Sake The Damned one more time.

Cinna: Locally, Mini & Brian Black have looked good and we would love a match with them. We have our focus this year on some teams that we have been able to do some stuff with outside of this area. Teams like the Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz and All Money is Legal from the CT/NY area.

Onyx: Any type of combination of the infamous DOGS OF WAR!

Cinna: Kind of a odd combination but Slyk Wagner Brown and April Hunter work well as a team and I'm sure we could all have a good match.

NEI: Many Wrestlers have many catch phrases, explain "The Best of New England and the Worst of new England"

Onyx: Either People hate you or love you in this business there is no middle. In some peoples eyes they love to See EOS work. Others, behind our backs never up front with us, hate our style or think we can't work at all. So basically we are the "Best and the Worst of New England". Whether you think we are the best or the worst you will see what we do.

Cinna: Exactly, we are on both ends of the spectrum. No one just kinda likes us or just kinda doesn't like us.

NEI: Does the NEI qualify as "a couple a' crackas"?

Onyx: Yeaup', unsalted New England Crackas! No preservatives.


The Final Word

Wrestling has come in countless forms ever since becoming part of our popular culture. Women's wrestling, midgets, steel cages, and of course in more contemporary times hardcore wrestling. One of the purest forms of the sport dating back to some of its earliest days is Tag Team Wrestling. This form of Wrestling reached its peek nationally in the mid 80's to mid 90's and has experienced a drop off ever since. Once was the era of Tag Team Specialists, a term given to those teams whose careers were based on being a team and whose work was symbiotic and distinct. The New England environment mirrors the national wrestling scene with its lack of true Tag Team Specialists, but the Elements of Suicide are certainly part of that minority. A distinct mesh of attitude, image, and in ring work the EOS hit the ring and always leave an impression on fans. Having worked regional feuds with other teams The Damned and The Egomaniacs their matches are some of the only remaining examples of true Tag Team Wrestling in the New England region.

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Upcoming Dates:

The EOS will be accepting booking into 2004

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