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JULY, 2003
K.L. Murphy
Height: 5' 9''

Weight: 201 lbs.

Age: 21

Finishing Maneuvers: Law 1.0 (Sit-out Reverse DDT/Pin), Law 2.0 (Moonsaulting Reverse DDT)

Entrance Music: "Hero (KL Murphy Remix)

Promotions Worked for: Wrestling Federation of America, New England Championship Wrestling, Premier Wrestling Federation -Northeast, Power League Wrestling, Northeast Championship Wrestling, Eastern Wrestling Alliance, Phoenix Championship Wrestling, UCW, All-Star Wrestling Association, eXiled Championship Wrestling, WCWA, IIW, NWA-New England, High Impact Championship Wrestling, Elite Wrestling Federation, Big East Wrestling, Sunfire Pro Wrestling, Worcester WAM, South Coast Championship Wrestling, Suicide Championship Wrestling, Millennium Wrestling Association, United Wrestling Federation

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Title History: PWF-NE Jr. Heavyweight Title, NCW New England Champion, BEW Heavyweight Champion, Sunfire Heavyweight Champion, EWF Heavyweight Champion

Q&A with K.L. Murphy

NEI: Who is KL Murphy?

K.L. Murphy: K.L. Murphy is short for Keith Lawrence Murphy. I'm a wrestler from Blackstone Valley Mass that has been wrestling in New England since 1999 and having a great time with it. Currently, I wrestle for the Wrestling Federation of America (www.wfawrestling.com), New England Championship Wrestling (www.necwwrestling.com), and PWF-Northeast (www.pwfnortheast.com). I am also an assistant trainer at Slamtech Wrestling University (www.slamtech.net). Behind the scenes, I'm like most, I have a steady job, steady life, and plan on getting married next year to the greatest woman in the world, Rosemary.

NEI: You originally began your training with the Damned and have since moved on to train with Bob Evans. Could you reflect on both of these experiences?

K.L. Murphy: Absolutely.  First off, both the Damned (Matt West and Vin Ratte) and Bob Evans have done wonders for my career, in very different ways. Matt and Vin took a bunch of guys (myself, Chris Venom, Triplicious, Tim Kilgore, Ruy Batello, and a few others) and basically trained us from day 1. Venom and I have had very similar careers and fans may notice many common traits between us. Matt and Vin trained us hard and got us doing hard drills and worked us to be crisp and fluid in the ring. They taught us the basics, bumping, mat wrestling, basic moves, and eventually how to have entertaining matches. Bob on the other hand, well I believe Bob knew I could wrestle, so he didn't/doesn't teach me how to wrestle. When I go down to Slamtech, I don't leave knowing another hold or another move. I learn to "do everything in the ring for a reason". Bob has a fantastic mind for the business. He has improved my skills in being a "ring general", as well as my skills in ring psychology.

NEI: What does Slamtech mean to your career today?

K.L. Murphy: Well, that answer is best answered with the question, "without Slamtech, where would I be today?" Before I was at Slamtech, I was working a bunch of shows with guys that would beat me up, or treat me poorly, and in front of 10 or 15 people that were basically made up of girlfriends and family. I wanted to work in the top places in New England. Since joining Slamtech, I work for WFA, which is a BLAST. I also work for NECW, which has been a long time goal of mine. I also work for PWF-Northeast, which is the only place I still work that I was working last year at this time.

NEI: Slamtech has an upcoming event. Is that meant to be an exhibition of the schools talent? What is the goal of the show?

K.L. Murphy: Well, it is an exhibition of the school's talent, but we will be bringing in some friends of Slamtech as well. No one in particular yet, basically if you want some clues I'd assume that all or most are NECW/WFA roster types. I truly feel that Slamtech has a lot to offer to our students, but unlike most schools, we are not directly attached to a wrestling promotion. We've decided to fix that problem by simply running shows and using our students that are ready.

NEI: So fans can expect Slamtech to run as a regular promotion?

K.L. Murphy: Absolutely. Of course, this is all before our first one gets off the ground. But either way, I think eventually yes.

NEI: How do you feel KL Murphy is viewed in New England Wrestling?

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Putting the hurt on Chris Venom

K.L. Murphy: Hard question and here's why. Since attending Slamtech, I have changed a LOT. People that have seen me 18 months ago have seen matches of mine recently and said, "What happened!? You're so different!" I'm not sure if that's good or bad all the time... Behind the scenes, I'm not sure what most other wrestlers/promoters think of me. I know the ones that do know me think I'm a jackass/goofball, but in a good way (I think?).

NEI: Do you ever feel unrecognized or underutilized?

K.L. Murphy: Unrecognized? I wouldn't really say that. Mainly because those who've seen me seem to think well of me. I guess I'm only unrecognized by people who don't frequent NECW, WFA, or PWF-NE. I do know that I'm not as well known as other wrestlers, but I like where I work and I don't want to add more shows on top of what I have now. Underutilized? Hard to say, I think I add a lot to the shows where I'm used. I'm happy where I am, but I hope to move up the ladder like everyone else.

NEI: Tell me about Chris Venom and who he is to you.

K.L. Murphy: Chris Venom. He's been there from the beginning. I think we saw each other take our first bumps! We've helped each other get through tough times, wrestling related and otherwise. Probably the greatest friend I have in the business and out. On a more professional level, we share the title of Assistant Trainer in Slamtech. We've wrestled each other 3 or 4 hundred times. The major differences is when it comes to wrestling, he's a little more gung ho and I am more reserved, while in non wrestling related topics, it's the opposite.

NEI: Ever think about leaving Wrestling? What keeps you motivated?

K.L. Murphy: I've thought of leaving before. I've accomplished a lot in wrestling thus far, and a lot of people believe in me. I don't want to let anyone down. On a personal level, my oldest brother, Jay-J, always though the fact that I wrestled was the coolest thing. He would brag to everyone about me. This past winter, he passed away. Whenever I reach a breaking point, I continue on for him. That's why I write the JJ on my wrists when I wrestle.

NEI: Reflect on some of your bookings. You were a WWF impersonator for the EWA and a toady in the WFA. How are you creatively the most comfortable?

K.L. Murphy: I like what I do in the WFA. My original "Toadieness" seems to be fading and I seem to be beginning to break out on my own. Even though it was my idea at first, I was never really comfortable with the WWF impersonation roles. To be perfectly honest however, I've been most comfortable when I was first brought into NECW. I wrestled Bob Evans and had the fans behind me every punch and kick of the way. "Murphy" is an easy name for the fans to chant I always say.

NEI: What are your short term and long term goals in Wrestling?

K.L. Murphy: My only goal is to be NEI's Wrestler of the Month. No, really my main goals, to have fun and to wrestle in front of as many people as possible, are both short and long term. Specifically, current short-term goal is work a few shows for Jim Kettner in ECWA. In the long term, maybe get on board there in ECWA full time like I am with WFA/NECW/PWF-NE... and who knows OVW? WWE? Not really sure. I do want to have a family and I have a career outside of wrestling so that throws a wrench into the WWE plans. Not that I wouldn't mind going to the WWE mind you.

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K.L. Takes Flight

NEI: Who are some of your idols and role models, both nationally and locally?

K.L. Murphy: When I just started, I was a huge fan of Shawn Michaels. More recently, I've enjoyed watching the Rock + Roll Express, Ric Flair, Steamboat, Randy Savage, and Owen Hart. Locally, the man I look up to the most for reasons wrestling related and otherwise, is Maverick Wild. I also look up to Kevin Landry, Bob Evans, Alex Arion, and Steve Bradley.

NEI: What promotion did you first start out working in?

K.L. Murphy: The first real independent promotion would had to have been EWA or ICCW. I worked in many places before then that were, well hack promotions. No trained guys, no direction, no fans! I've since left EWA and ICCW has evolved into PWF-Northeast.

NEI: How many years have to been active and have you suffered any noteworthy injuries?

K.L. Murphy: In a few months, I'll be beginning my 4th year if you include training and all that. The only injury that I can think of is in my first year. Kid Krazy ripped my face open with a chairshot, even that was only a few stitches however. Since than, I don't think I've been to the hospital for wrestling-related injuries.

NEI: If you were to become a promoter in New England Wrestling today, which 4 workers would you choose as the cornerstones of your promotion and why?

K.L. Murphy: I think it'd be Maverick Wild, Kevin Landry, Steve Bradley, and Alex Arion. Quick substitutes would be Brian Fury, Psycho Mike, and Bob Evans. Maverick, Landry, Bradley, and Arion are all guys that not only look the part, but also can wrestle. They've been around, and around the right people where they "get it". In my opinion, they are the best that New England has to offer. Individually, Maverick has every tool in the world to make it to the big time. Kevin Landry is one of the most knowledgeable veterans I've ever spoken with. Landry being on the roster would be an asset both in and out of the ring. Bradley, like Mav', has all the tools but was cut short by an injury. Finally, Alex Arion is in my opinion the most convincing babyface in New England.

NEI: What is the official color scheme of your new tights and are they gang affiliated?

K.L. Murphy: Ha! Well to be honest, I was going for the colors of the Irish flag, green, white, and orange. Unfortunately, I got green, silver, and another color that's been called coral or salmon. At first I glance, I was disappointed but now I really like them.


The Final Word

In a region that gets overlooked all too often, the recognized names of Wild, Walters, SWB, Arion, and others get tossed around as the premiere names of New England Wrestling. A name that doesn't get nearly enough attention is that of KL Murphy, a young man who is as dedicated a student and teacher as he is a wrestler. Learning and teaching at Slamtech Wrestling School, KL Murphy looks to improve every time he goes out. A talented young man with speed, agility, and a true love for Professional Wrestling who has the tools to become a cornerstone of any promotion, Murphy is one of New England's best kept secrets.


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