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"East Coast Intensity" Jose Perez
Height: 6'

Weight: 220 lbs.

Age: 31 (years young)

Finishing Maneuvers: The Driveby Superkick

Entrance Music: "Rough Riders Anthem" by DMX

Promotions Worked for: PLW, NEWA (Version 1&2), YPW, SCCW, PCW, PHW, CW, EPW, NAWF, MEW, WWA...Can't remember the others, Too many chair shots!

Title History: NEWA 5X Lightheavyweight Champion, 3X TV Champion, & 2X Tag Champion YPW 2X Interstate Champion, 4X Hard-core Champion, & 4X Tag Champion PCW Heavyweight Champion & Hard-core Champion NAWF Tag Team Champion ...and more, again too many chair shots!!

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Q&A with Jose Perez

NEI: What motivated you to get into wrestling and where was your start?

Perez: Well for me, I think it's like every other wrestler when they say I grew up watching wrestling. There were cartoons and wrestling that was my childhood. I started watching wrestling full time in the early 80's and fell in love with the sport. As for where I got my start, the early days of PLW. A friend of mind got me started at that time; I didn't know how to get into wrestling so he showed me.

NEI: If you were not a professional wrestler, what kind of athlete would you be?

Perez: That's easy, a pro bowler! I was bowling well before I was wrestling, since the age of 11 and before I got hurt I had a 189 average and was getting ready to go into the amateur tournaments. Damn that sucked, then I found wrestling.

NEI: Who in wrestling do you look up to?

Perez: First, on a business stand point, the workers whom I have had the pleasure of sharing a ring and locker room with. There are so many that I'm afraid to leave someone out, but there are a few that I need to mention: Anthony (Mr. Troubleman), one of the first guys I ever worked and trained with. Tiny the terrible, with a big mouth to match his big head, but he was the guy who got me started. On of the sickest men I have had the pleasure of working with, and befriending "LiveWire" Dave Padula. BrickHouse Baker for bringing one of the few men I trust in the ring with my life. My brother in law, Kevin Karrizma, for being the guinea pig to some of my stunts, Verte for just being......... Verte, and last but not least, Kyle and Matt Storm, for always being boys'. On a personal level, D-Von Dudley, New Jack, Balls Mahoney, all for being such class acts, I'm proud to call them friends. Wish I could name everyone but people will only read so much. Quick shout out to Latin Fury Luis Ortiz, for being a PR with a purpose and in my mind undiscovered talent.

NEI: As someone who has been in the business just shy of 10 years, how do you feel about the overwhelming number of promotions that seems to pop up overnight in New England?

Perez: Man its crazy! It seems that if you know how to lock up or headlock with someone, you can run a promotion! Not too mention the fact that there is a lot of time and money involved in running one. That's the problem out here, everyone is a promoter (booker) but doesn't know the first thing about anything! Promotions like NECW, WFA, CW, PWF-NE have the best chances to make it today if the money and fan base get better. See Sheldon knows the business, Bradley has been around the block and knows what to do, and Bob Evens has the brains to do the same. I love to see ROH come to town; it breaks things up out here. So why can't any other fed do the same? Hmmmm. Why do fans not respect local promotions that put on the same kind of show as ROH? I see it this way, too many people talk to much shit about everybody else and get on the boards to do it! Then, they don't even use their real names. The ones that lose are the fans. With out fans, we are all just working to see ourselves on camera. Promotions should PUT UP or SHUT UP; give the fans what they want to see. Then give them what they don't expect! Like they say, if you build a better mousetrap, they will come. perez2.jpg (23511 bytes)

NEI: How was your experience with Primal Conflict Wrestling?

Perez: Where should I start? PCW was to me and many of the boys there HOME. The experience was like no other promotion around here at that time. If I had to sum up PCW, it was like a roller coaster ride, Every show was different and you never knew what to expect as a worker or a fan. I mean, like from toilet paper wrapped in barbedwire, to hardcore Santa, to New Jack calling me at 12:01am on Saturday for a show that night, to picking up Sandman at the airport just to have him chase a taxi cab to try to kill the driver. Going backstage at a WWE show and having people come up and say "Your Jose Perez from Primal Conflict", to the night that every PCW fan and worker remembers, the night that Jaime Pain became a human BBQ. Then there is my favorite night of all, March 2, 2001 "Brutal Beatings", the night that Wakefield, MA and wrestling fans will never forget, the night that PRIMAL CONFLICT had New Jack, Tommy Dreamer, Kronus, Belvis Wesley, Balls Mahoney, in the house, and these guys weren't even the main event! The main event of the night was our own boys, Jaime Pain & Nemisis, they brought the house up and down just like a roller coaster with the sickest hardcore match in primal history. So how was my experience you ask? Well, holy shit, holy shit, holy shit! Big thanks to the sickest fan in New England, Evil Ed. Hope to see you at a show soon.

NEI: Do you think that PCW could make another run with fans or has its time passed?

Perez: Stuck on Primal huh? If done right, who knows.  Maybe.  Like I said, if you give the fans what they want, they will come. Primal gave fans what they wanted at that time, from hardcore to wrestling to stars. Primal went from drawing a handful of fans to drawing 500+ in Wakefield, MA...2nd to ROH, and the stars weren't even the main event! In RI, fans came the day after a snowstorm to see Sandman and New Jack. If you build it, they will come. A lot of people and promotions didn't like PCW but me and the boyz, we called it home.

NEI: What should be built then? As a fan, what do you feel are the key elements of good Wrestling?

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Perez: Roster and story line, but in my eyes, ask the ones that make the difference, the fans! Get their impute. See what they want, don't ask, demand to know! Because if not, then you're shooting blanks. Primal didn't have a big roster but we used what we had the way the fans wanted. Like Cueball vs Ruckus & Nemesis vs Tommy Dreamer, etc. We used to ask the fans all the time what they wanted to see and tried to make that happen. Wakefield, MA was a good example. They wanted stars and they got it and a hell of a main event. But to finish your questions about has PCW's time passed, well it's hard to say. The question should be, if you build it will they come?

NEI: How do you feel about hardcore wrestling and the fact that many refer to it as garbage wrestling?

Perez: Some people do not realize I can wrestle my ass off, but I prefer the hardcore wrestling for a simple reason: you can only have so many armbars and headlocks in one show. Hardcore isn't for everyone, and just like everything in life, there's a time and place for everything. For those who call it garbage wrestling, well you are entitled to your opinion.

NEI: what is the craziest thing you have ever done in the ring?

Perez: Well, from barbwire matches, to thumb tacks, to lightbulbs, to New Jack and 40 glass bottles broken all over the ring. I would have to say the craziest was being hung from over a balcony from my head 15 feet high above the crowd. Thanks to BrickHouse Baker, that would have to be the sickest thing I have done. Oh yeah, did I mention New Jack?

NEI: How has wrestling change since you began, good and bad?

Perez: Not much really, it all depends on the promotion. They're all pretty much the same. They all have good ideas but no BALLS to pull it off! It looks good on paper and sounds good when you say it, but when it's all said and done, it was a good thought. Good: new talent, good friends. Bad: ratings (laughing).

NEI: In the course of your career, have you had/have any heat with anyone in the business?

Perez: I, like everybody else, try not to have heat with any one but things happen that you can't control. I only had heat with one person in all this time and that person will remain nameless because that happened so long ago (people that know me know who it is). I have nothing but respect for that person because of his athletic ability and the love he has for this business.

NEI: Urban myth in New England Wrestling is that you and "Mofo" Steve Bradley had an incident a few years ago while booked for YPW. Care to set the record straight?

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Perez: Here we go again! Yes, Bradley and I had a problem years ago at a YPW event when I banged him in the mouth after a show for hitting a man in the spine with the edge of a chair because he didn't like the angle of a match that we were told to do. At the time, I had the YPW's interstate title and was working a gimmick in the company. He had just came back to YPW after sometime, it was myself Vs Bradley and Don Vega would interfere to make it a DQ. He didn't like the ending Then it went down hill from there! To make a very long story short, I hit him in the mouth after he hit me in the head with the edge of a steel chair busting me open deep! Like a bull, I saw red and flipped out, then I hit him and he left and that was that! I saw him one more time at a show a few weeks later around the time he got picked by the WWE, like a man I gave him my hand and said congratulations for the chance he was getting and wished him the best. That was a long time ago. Anyone that knows me knows that I have nothing but respect for Bradley and even though it felt good then to hit him, I really wish that it wouldn't have happened. It always left a bad taste in my mouth.

NEI: Besides the chair shot, was there any other kind of shooting?

Perez: Ya' but you know what, I like that. At that time, I was still somewhat green to the shoot aspect and he was the first one that I ever shot with. Yes HE SHOT ON ME, but what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger and for that I say thank you Bradley. You know what, he was stiff but in a good way. I like working tight. It makes for a better show. Look at Lo Ki and Homicide. These guys work stiff but that's what the fans want out of wrestling now, kinda' like K-1 or Japan style. The whole match was a shoot. If it were today, it would be different in a good way. I think that we would work better although somewhat the same style, but it would never happen.

NEI: For someone who has been active for just under a decade and has worked countless hardcore matches, do you still have professional goals and aspirations in Wrestling?

Perez: The only goal I have ever had is to work in front of my hometown at the DC Center in Providence for the WWE. Other than that, I wouldn't change a thing. The friends I have made, the matches I have had, the fans that I continue to meet. I have met all my goals except for that but if it never happens, I would be happy if I was to stop tomorrow…but that's not going to happen!!!


The Final Word

"Garbage wrestling", "Crap Wrestling", names that are most often associated with Hardcore Wrestling. A form of wrestling that is often times water downed with untrained and unskilled workers who elevate the level of violence to compensate for lack of skill and ring savvy. Nothing could be farther from the truth when speaking of Jose Perez, a man who has worked some of the most hardcore promotions and matches in New England. Jose, an 11 year veteran, has the ability to work a traditional style match with the best, but often times chooses to turn on the hardcore! Battling through barbwire, thumbtacks, and a few hardcore legends along the way, Jose is a dedicated and committed worker with a true love and respect for Wrestling.

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Upcoming Dates:

  • September 13- NEWA in Braintree, MA
  • September 19- PWF-NE in Webster, MA
  • September 20- NEWA in Quincy, MA
  • September 28- XBoKu in Danbury, CT
  • November 1- High Voltage Wrestling in Boston, MA
  • November 8- NAWF in CT
  • November 23- XBoKu in CT

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