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MARCH, 2004
"Broadway" Kenn Phoenix
Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 212 lbs.

Age: 17

Finishing Maneuvers: "Kryptonite Crunch" (Pull back leg drop)

Entrance Music: "I am the Bullgod" by Kid Rock

Promotions Worked for: CW, EWA, WWA, PWF-NE, PLW, Kowalski's , NWA-Wildside, TNA, WWE

Title History: PWF-NE Tag Team Champion w/ Johnny Curtis

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Q&A with Kenn Phoenix

NEI: You began your career at a very young age, how old were you when you began and whom did you train with?

Phoenix: I started training at Kowalski's when I was only 13. At first they told me I couldn't sign up because I was too young. Then I just kept going there sitting and taking notes and Walter (Kowalski) finally said if I could get lawyers papers then I could sign up. So the next day I brought in the papers and the money and signed up. I was trained mostly by Mike Hollow and helped out along the way by Dukes Dalton, Wagner Brown, Vince Vicallo sometimes, Louis Ortiz, and Jerry Bowser.

NEI: What were some of your early matches and how do they compare to your work today?

Phoenix: Some of my early matches I can't really remember but I don't think they compare much to today. I'm not saying I'm great or anything, just that I think I've gotten better as I progressed and listened to veterans of the game.

NEI: Most workers tend to be out of High School working day jobs. How is it to work a title match on a Saturday Night and then report to home room Monday morning?

Phoenix: (Laughing) Sometimes its tough when your driving back from NWA-Wildside in GA on Sunday and trying to get home just to get a few hours of sleep so you can wake up at 6 the next Monday for school, but its a challenge and I like challenges.

NEI: How do fellow High School Students perceive one of their peers as a professional Wrestler?

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Phoenix: They never believed it and always said wrestling was fake or stupid or what not. I told them to watch cause someday I will be there (WWE), but I never told anyone I was working for them my first time last May. That's when I was on RAW and when I came back I had probably 200 more fans. I guess it felt cool to them, I don't know.

NEI: The term "Broadway" has historical significance in the sport of Wrestling. Does your nickname share that same historical reference?

Phoenix: Broadway basically came to be because I wouldn't listen to the booker when he told me to go 6-8 minutes. I would instead go maybe 10-12 minutes so people started calling me Broadway and it stuck.

NEI: You are one of the few who works regularly for the WWA promotion as well as spreading yourself amongst the other promotions of the region. How would you compare your experiences with WWA and other promotions in New England?

Phoenix: I get treated the same, I like it there and they put me against the names they bring in which helps me learn something from all of them.

NEI: In PWF-NE, you were teamed with "Premier Player" Johnny Curtis as the "Talent Exchange." How do you look back on this angle now that it appears to be over?

Phoenix: It was fun working with Johnny Curtis.

NEI: You were one of the 6 participants in the PWF-NE TLC match at Genesis II in Worcester in early 2003. What are your reflections of this memorable match?

Phoenix: I don't think it really shows what wrestling is, I would of rather had a tag match but it was fun nonetheless. I grabbed a chair and swung for the fences but I'm not a big fan of any stipulation matches. I know there used to progress storylines and thats great but if it doesn't make sense don't do it.

NEI: How did you come to work matches for NWA Wildside and TNA? How were those experiences?

Phoenix: I started working NWA-Wildside through one of the old PWF-NE owners. He got us down there once and then I got invited to go back down. I went probably three more times and then got a TNA dark match, and now as I'm saying this, I just got back from another TNA dark match.

NEI: You have participated in trainings with Dr. Tom Prichard in the WWA. What are some of the things you have learned in your time with him and how does it show to fans?

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Phoenix: I learned a ton from Dr. Tom, its definitely worth it. He doesn't lie to you, he tells you what he thinks, whether its good or bad. Tom has helped me with anything I needed work on and taught me a lot more that I never knew. Basically, the fans get to see everything I do and not a rush of moves or a circus act. It looks nice to see people flying around but there isn't a reason to do it and Tom basically taught how to tell the story.

NEI: How did you happen to become just another victim in the infamous White Boy Challenge?

Phoenix: (Laughing) Basically, I was there and I was around the ring just waiting and working out and Sgt. Slaughter came over and said, "Hey, you got an easy night tonight, your one of the white boys on RAW tonight". It was cool with me.  I would have done whatever they wanted me to do.

NEI: You have done more in your career before graduating High School than many Indy wrestlers ever have the opportunity of doing. What are your long-term goals and what are your plans for achieving them?

Phoenix: I would like to go to OVW after high school and then go full time with WWE. My plans on achieving them are to keep busting my ass and give it 110%, otherwise I'm wasting my time.

NEI: What do you feel has been your personal best match to date, and whom would you like to work regionally that you have not?

Phoenix: Not sure about best match. There are lots of people that it's very easy working with and some it's more difficult but I don't think I have ever had a perfect match. People I would like to work with around here more wold be Ortiz, Vicallo, Maverick Wild who I learn a lot from, Kincaid who is hilarious, and Pete Mulloy is easy to work with as well. People I haven't worked with, probably Mini and Walters since I've never worked either one of them, also Handsome Todd Hanson.


The Final Word

At a time when most High School students are preparing for the prom, SAT's, and writing essays for their choice in colleges Kenn Phoenix is traveling the east coast working his way towards a career in Professional Wrestling. Regionally Phoenix has established himself at a young age working his way up the New England ranks to working regular spots for many of the top promotions. Nationally Phoenix has worked TNA dark matches and NWA-Wildside TV tapings, and most notably a spot on Monday Night Raw. Blessed with uncharacteristic size and physique for his age Phoenix has all of the tools and motivation to pursue his ultimate goal of making a living as a Pro Wrestler.
Upcoming Dates:
March 21-26, 2004 - OVW Tryout Camp II
April 16, 2004 - Eastern Wrestling Alliance

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