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“Revolution” Chris Venom
Height: 5'8"

Weight: 211 lbs.

Age: 22

Finishing Maneuver: "BT fn' R" Back to fn Reality-modified T-bone Suplex

Entrance Music: "In Pieces" by Bane

Promotions Worked for: EWA, GMW, HICW, IIW, NCW, NWA-NE, PLW, PWF-NE, SCCW, WCWA, YPW

Title History: NCW Tag Team Champion w/Dave Champion NCW Heavyweight Champion SPW Tag Titles w/ Legion Cage ICCW Heavyweight Champion PLW Lightweight title EWA Hardcore Champion WCWA New England Champion PWF-NE Heavyweight Champion

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Q&A with Chris Venom

NEI: How many years have you been pro?

VENOM: My first pro match was May 21st 2000. I tagged w/ "Sterling" Rick Silver vs. Joe Rules & Dr. Heresy for Power League Wrestling, so just going on 2 and half years.

NEI: What made you want to get into Wrestling and at what age?

VENOM: I always enjoyed wrestling since I was about 9 years old. As far as what made me want to get into wrestling, we all fool around and toy with the idea in our backyards or basements in my case. By chance I met some people and thought about what it would be like to entertain people and perform. So eventually it culminated in me getting off my ass and getting trained.

NEI: What do you recommend to someone who is at the point of toying around with the idea and is ready to take a serious step towards being in the ring?

VENOM: Seek PROFESSIONAL TRAINING where ever you may be in New England. If you live in CT go to the Damned Training Camp where I started, it's a good place to start out. In ME try out EWA's school w/ Steve Ramsey and Scott King. In Northern MA try out the Chaotic Wrestling training center w/ Mike Hollow, Steve Bradley's school in New Hampshire, or if your in RI try Slamtech w/ Bob Evans (where I currently attend). These are good places to either start or the best schools that I can think of in those respective areas to get training.

NEI: Of all the New England Independent Wrestlers you've seen and worked with, who do you most enjoy watching and working with?

VENOM: Recently I find myself enjoying working with KL Murphy, or Tommy Knoxville. Murphy because he adds that little extra something to his matches that keep you wondering what's coming up next. Knoxville has some of the best sells of guys I've worked with and he brings this aura to him when in the ring. Whether your watching him or working with him it seems like theirs always something in the air that night. It could be how well he works the crowd into a frenzy or how he sells to make someone cringe and shift in their seats. Enjoy watching? Bob Evans, Maverick Wild, KL Murphy, Tommy Knoxville, Justin Powers, Brian Fury, Ruy Batello, Johnny Curtis, Kenn Phoenix, and....ummm too many to list at the moment.

NEI: What in your opinion is your best match you have had in your career?

VENOM: I would have to say with Striker for PWF-NE this past September

NEI: What are your short term and long term goals in Wrestling?

VENOM: Short term, to work for a few different promotions here in New England. Long term, to be able to do this 100% better than I'm doing now in one year's time.

NEI: Is there a match that you can remember as a kid that truly inspired you to want to wrestle?

VENOM: hmmm...sadly enough Hulk Hogan vs. The Ultimate Warrior. That would be the first one that grabbed me off the bat, later on it turned out to be either Hart Foundation vs. The BrainBusters, Bret Hart vs. Davey Boy Smith, or just before I started training anything Shane Douglas did. Mainly his promos from ECW.

NEI: All good choices. Douglas is a master on the mic.  There is no debating that.

VENOM: To me everything he said on TV could have been a lie or the truth but all I could tell was how angry and disenfranchised he was on the state of wrestling and how he would prove to everyone that he was the answer to what was wrong. Just by the tone of his voice and the look in his eyes told you that.

NEI: What in your opinion is the worst part of the business? What is wrong with wrestling today?

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VENOM: Anyone and everyone has their personal reasons for watching or not watching the only product left. As far as New England goes there is A LOT wrong and it's been that way for TOO LONG. Unfortunately there are a lot of promotions that use guys that aren't ready or even half-trained. Even worse are those who have gone through training and still haven't a clue on what to do or how to "work." There are a small handful of wrestling schools that I value and have confidence in teaching what should be taught. I listed a few of them earlier. There is too many guys trying to reinvent the wheel. When the wheel hasn't been broken theirs no need for it to be fixed. I am a firm believer that what was once good is still good, all that needs to be done is to incorporate your own twist or style to make it apply to the times. Too many promotions in New England try to do this and use guys who don't know how to work with others and who are too busy telling you how great they are. They are more concerned about themselves than putting on a great match and being PART of the show, instead they are trying to be THE SHOW. They know who they are and if they don't then sooner or later they will figure it out.

NEI: How do you think the negative aspects of the business affect the events the fans see?

VENOM: You have gone to shows, those who are reading this have all gone to shows and you catch yourself saying " What the Fuck?, Why did that happen?, I don't get it?" The Internet may only draw about 10-15 percent of the average wrestling crowd, the rest "aren't always in" or up to date on the angles and storylines. If you haven't gone to every show of one particular promotion you should still be able to have some idea of what's going on and what you might have missed. Every show should almost reintroduce each wrestler as if the whole crowd had never seen them. A few promotions work their shows as if they had all their wrestlers on TV weekly and that its watched by zillions when in fact they haven't been seen by anyone at all. Then they expect the fans to understand everything. Like I said earlier about reinventing the wheel, same thing.

NEI: So what is the best part of the business? What is right in Wrestling?

VENOM: Going back to what worked in the past and applying it to today. To me the best part is being able to perform and to be able to hold the emotions of the fans in your hand and see what happens when you do different things. Overall to be able to entertain.

NEI: If you could work a match with anyone in the world today who would it be?

VENOM: Anyone that I could learn from, the list is too big to even fathom. Regionally, I would like to work with Maverick Wild, Alex Arion, Sonny Goodspeed, Justin Powers, and plenty other guys I feel I could learn from.

NEI: We get frequent e-mails from fans asking if we know anything about a particular training center. To a fan that doesn't know, what is Slamtech?

VENOM: Slamtech is a professional wrestling school based out of Pawtucket, Rhode Island that emphasizes on your goals and what you wish to do and accomplish in the wrestling business. This school will teach you the very basics that are imperative for becoming a successful and knowledgeable professional wrestler. You can train with some of the best and brightest wrestlers around who themselves have gathered wrestling knowledge from many before them and present it to our students. Head Trainer is Bob Evans, whom has done WWE dark matches as well as TV matches. He has worked with some of the best New England has had to offer for the past 10 years.

NEI: As an athlete who actively trains and assists in training others, what do you think of Tough Enough?

VENOM: Interesting show, interesting for the fact of what they do expose about wrestling. I like keeping a list of things they show but don't go into detail on. As far as the "characters" or "contestants " on the shows, balls for the rigorous exercise regiments they go through, but when they go out drinking and partying all weekend. That bothers me, your there to win right? Stay home, rest, exercise keep your head in the contest. Sure it's for TV they need to make it exciting but if I were on it I'd be the boring guy.

NEI: Would your chair get retired on Tough Enough or would you be at WWE NY for the final vote?

VENOM: (Laughing) I'd still be in the house until they kicked me out of there before anything else.

The Final Word
Chris Venom is a dedicated athlete who is constantly improving his craft and his overall skills. Chris is a humble and sincere man who is passionate about the sport of Professional Wrestling. Recently on November, 15 Chris Venom captured the PWF-NE Heavyweight title at "Vindication" defeating "Bad Boy" Billy Black in Best of 3 Falls Match. The first fall a submission match, the Second a "Bunkhouse" Match, and the third a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match.   Chris Venom is also the active WCWA New England Champion and he was voted #497 on the Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 500 Wrestlers. Fans can check Chris out at the following upcoming dates, check the NEI Calendar for specific information for each event.
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Chris Venom (right) w/ "Brutal" Bob Evans (left) at the Slamtech Training Center
  • December 28, 2002- High Impact Championship Wrestling (HICW)
  • January 11, 2003- New England Championship Wrestling (NECW)
  • January 17, 2003- Premiere Wrestling Federation-NE (PWF-NE )
  • January 18, 2003- Northeast Championship Wrestling (NCW )

If you would like to contact Chris Venom his e-mail is listed below along with the contact information for Slamtech Wrestling University for anyone who has inquiries for Chris Venom or head trainer "Brutal" Bob Evans. chrisfnvenom@hotmail.com

SLAMTECH: The Wrestling University
Head Trainer: Bob Evans
250 Esten Avenue
Pawtucket, Rhode Island
(508) 335-6634

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