Welcome to my new web space. Many thanks to all those that have enjoyed my stories and this web site over the years (can't believe it's been years). If you spot any links that don't work, please let me know. PJ In NH.

This web site primarily celebrates the romance of Star Trek Voyager's favorite couple: Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres through the use of fan fiction and poetry. . In addition you'll find an extensive page of links , and some pictures of a certain blue-eyed actor.

You'll also notice the additional centering around Malcolm Reed and Hoshi Sato from Enterprise, as well as some Kung Fu: The Legend Continues fanfiction. (What can I say, I've diversified!)

If you like the Malcolm Reed-Hoshi Sato pairing, please consider joining the Malcolm-Hoshi Explosion. A Yahoo Fanfiction Group. You can check out the home page at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MHExplosion/

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A New Malcolm-Hoshi Christmas fanfic "Good Intentions" has been posted.

Enterprise Fanfiction:

Good Intentions: NEW Malcolm gives Hoshi a Holiday gift...it's a surprise for her...and him.

Traitor: Malcolm suspects there's a traitor on board Enterprise, but the Captain doesn't
believe him.

Elements Series

Rain: Malcolm shares a memory with Hoshi during a
rainstorm on an alien planet.

Ice: Hoshi is more intent upon finding out more about Malcolm, and someone on board is determined to make things difficult for Malcolm and Hoshi. Sequel to Rain.

Shuttlepod One (Coda): Optimistic Tendencies: A coda to Shuttlepod One. Hoshi visits Malcolm in Sickbay.

Porthos' Logs: What is a puppy to do in space? **Updated through Shadows of P'Jem**

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Fanfiction:

Interrogation: A typical interrogation for Peter Caine (my first FuFic).

Fan Fiction/Poems

Fan Fiction by PJ in NH

Stories by Marleena and PJ in NH

Stories by PamAn (PJ in NH and TrekGirl/Anne)

Stories & Poems by PJ
Squared (Phyllis Sutherland and PJ in NH)

Phyllis Sutherland (Pjs) Creations

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