Dominic Keating Convention Report/Pictures

Starfest 2004
Denver, Colorado

Sorry I haven't got these up on the web site earlier, but I've been battling
a miserable head cold. 
Hope you enjoy these pictures (look below the text) as much as I did taking them. 
I flew out to Denver from Manchester, New Hampshire Friday morning (April 16).  When I
arrived at the airport, I met up with MJ from The Enterprise Project/DKEB and we drove to the
hotel together.  You see, we weren't there just to have fun and party, we were there to work too --
but even that was fun!
As you know I'm also the co-moderator for The Enterprise Project (TEP)
( MJ was able to arrange with the Starland for TEP to set up a table
in one of the fan rooms and we (MJ, KayJay, Kipli, Mareel, Ann, and myself) worked throughout
the convention to let the attendees know that Enterprise hadn't been renewed yet and to
write/contact TPTB and let them know that the show should continue for another season. As
such, we handed out a lot of flywers and  were able to get approximately 500 postcards signed
and sent to Les Moonves and Dawn Ostroff (these should have hit their desks this past week).  
When we weren't working the table, we were able to participate in some of the other convention
activities -- namely seeing, listening, and drooling over Dominic.   Tough job, but someone has
to do it!  MJ and I also hosted a panel on "Enterprise and the Future of Trek" which was very
well attended.  MJ and I were also interviewed a few times by I-Sci-Fi (,
KayJay also participated in one of the interviews.  Far as we are concerned I-Sci-Fi are the best
friends TEP can have!  I urge you all to tune in to their on-line internet  radio show on Thursday
nights (9-11 Eastern Time).
I had been told in the past (PJ waves to Nancy) that Dominic was even more handsome in person
and she was so right.  I had also been told how gracious and accommodating he was to the fans
-- and again that is the truth.   You all can be very proud to call yourselves Dominic Keating
The first time I saw him, I got bit by some type of Devil Bug.  He was signing autographs on the
first floor of the hotel and I (along with the rest of the members of The Enterprise Project) were
on the second floor.  We could look down over the railing right on top of where Dominic was
signing autographs.  Well like I said the Devil got the best of me and in my (as MJ puts it) best
Frank Sinatra 50's Teeny-Booper Fan Squeal yelled out "Oh my God, It's Dominic!"  (yeah, I'm
not shy) He of course looked up, but couldn't determine right away who had called out his name,
so I called out again.  "Over here!"  He grinned at me and my heart melted.   My heart melted
even further when we ventured down to the first floor and introduced ourselves to Dominic. 
There was a mother with her daughter there and they were speaking to Dominic.  The little girl
asked for a hug and Dominic dropped to his knees and hugged this little cherub and the smile
that lit this man's face made me want to cry it was just so honest and real. (sniff)
That afternoon we attended his talk and as you can tell by the link above I took some
photographs.  Actually I took more than what I posted, but not all of them came out.  This was
due in part that I used a digital camera and there is a bit of a delay between when you push the
button and when the shot actually gets taken.  You see, when I pushed the button he was in the
center of the viewer, but by the time the shot happened, he had moved out of range.  Darn that
Dominic Keating energy I had heard about -- it's true!  
He entered the stage singing Enterprises' theme song -- if not well, he at least put his heart and
soul into the performance.  His talk was also very energetic and told some of the same stories
which had been reported in the past.  
One of the past stories which resurfaced was the joke they pulled on Scott Bakula regarding his
old Canada Dry Ginger Ale commercial -- of course Dominic punctuated his description of
events by demonstrating the fancy footwork Scott had done in the commercial.  He spoke of his
likeness one of his more ardent fans had tattooed on her shoulder/back and made a comment that
he hoped she used a lot of moisturizer on the tattoo.  
At one point in the talk, he described Malcolm as being "stiff" which resulted in much laughter
regarding the seemingly unintentional innuendo (I believe his reaction to that is the first picture 
below).    He also spoke of working on The Hollywood Sign with Burt Reynolds and Rod Steiger 
(to which he also provided in imitation of their voices) 
One of the people who was lined up to ask Dominic questions commented that in the first part of
the first season he had trouble telling Malcolm (Dominic) from Trip (Connor).  Of course
Dominic had a hard time believing that, he pulled on his hair making note of the color and the
audience gasped and laughed in disbelief.  (Now, I'm not sure but there was some rumor about
donations being collected to buy this man a new pair of glasses and a hearing aid, but I could be
mistaken.)  At the end of the talk the MC noted that they had never had a guest on stage quite
like Dominic -- and I'm sure he's right.
The next morning I was riding down on the elevator and I made conversation with a young lady
in the elevator.  I asked her if she had attended Dominic's talk the day before.  She informed me
that she most certainly had and how much she enjoyed it.  She also noted that he was more
handsome in person (GMTA).  She also made note that in the past she had attended a convention
where Connor Trinneer had been one of the guests.  At that convention apparently Connor had
told the audience about the Canada Dry joke, but as this young woman said to me -- Dominic
told it so much better.  I can just take her word for that.
So I flew home to Manchester (via Minneapolis) feeling very tired but very happy.  On the flight
I thought of all the friends I had met and made, of meeting Dominic Keating, listening to Michael 
Shanks talk, and of all the unusual sights I had seen -- it's truly amazing the effort some of the 
SciFi fans go to to make their costumes.   I thought of the stories told, the laughter shared, and 
of one important lesson learned.  People attended the convention from all different types of 
economic brackets, ages, lifestyles, sizes, disabilities, etc., and everyone at the convention 
accepts them.  The world could certainly learn from us.
If I think of anything else, I'll amend this report.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and I hope one day
every one of you can have the opportunity to attend a convention where Dominic is a guest. 
Trust me, you won't be disappointed.