Moxie Congress Online Newsletter - Spring '98 Edition

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The Legend of Lieut. Moxie....

....It has been said that after the Civil War a Lieut. Moxie, went down to the vast unexplored jungles of South America and "discovered" while exploring near the Strait of Magellan a "starchy plant" know to local natives to have great powers....the rest was history. Sadly.... Modern History has never documented anyone named Lt. Moxie that had ever fought for either Army in the War Between the States. Furthermore, no scientific reference has ever been published on any South American "starchy plant much like our asparagus" that has medicinal properties that gave a "durable, vigorous feeling" to the 19th Century local natives. Oh well. So much for the Legend. There were several versions anyway. The stories made great copy, and demand for a tonic extracted from the mysterious plant increased nationally.

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