On August 2, 1923 Warren G. Harding died. His Vice President, Calvin Coolidge was at the Coolidge family home in the rural town of Plymouth, Vermont. Upon being awakened with the news of the the Presidents death, the new President was immediately sworn into office. After a pause, Coolidge exclaimed " Guess we better have a drink", and along with his wife, father, and a few others went across the street to Miss Cilley's Store where they toasted the austere occasion with Moxie.

Moxie was a favorite beverage of the new President, and there were several other newspaper accounts of Coolidge and Moxie during his tenure as President. Pictured is President Coolidge on the White House lawn posing with a fisherman holding a bucket of fish. The photo was taken for Cape Cod magazine. In the Presidents hands, he holds a Moxie advertisment.

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