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The Holy Scriptures According To The Masoretic Text: A New Translation
Max Leopold Margolis
Jewish Publication Society, 1917

The Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels

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The Bible History Old Testament, A. Edersheim
The Branch, or Four Aspects of Messiah's Character, D. Baron
Chizuk Emunah, Isaac ben Abraham of Troki
Christ and the Jewish Law, R. Mackintosh
Christianity in Talmud and Midrash, RT Herford
A Commentary on the NT from the Talmud and Hebraica, J. Lightfoot
The Controversy Between Jews and Christians, J. Frey
A Day in Capernaum, Franz Delitzsch
A Day in the Temple, A.J. Maas
From Sabbath to Sunday, S. Bacchiocchi
An Exposition of Isaiah 53, D. Baron
A Jewish View of Jesus, H. G. Enelow
The Works of Flavius Josehpus Translated by William Whiston
Legends of the Jews, L. Ginzberg
The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah, A. Edersheim
A Manual of Christian Evidences for Jewish People, A. Lukyn Williams
The Mishna as Illustrating the Gospels, William Henry Bennett
Plurality in the Godhead or How Can Three Be One?, R. Nassi
Sketches of Jewish Social Life, A. Edersheim
The Temple - its Ministry and Services, A. Edersheim
Three Addresses on the Jews, A. Saphir

Abomination, Detestation, Disgusting, Filthy
Bath Kol/Heavenly Voice
Book of Life
"If your eye be good..."
"...under the fig tree..."
"The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be..."
"...the just shall live by faith..."
"Let him kiss me..."
Lamed-Vav Tzaddikim/Men in Black
Measure for Measure
Messiah in The Legends of the Jews
His Name in Jerusalem
"It was a night of watching..."
Sanhedrin Launched in Tiberias
The Song of Moses, and the Song of the Lamb
Torah! Torah! Torah!
8451 Towrah/Torah


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