Ben on his BIG day, April 4, 2005

Another year, another milestone for my cute boy.  As you can see, Ben's happy to be three!!!  I decided for this birthday I would take him to a "real" professional photographer to get some nice pictures done.  Richard Shetler in Laconia did a fabulous job with Ben and allowed me (very graciously I might add) to put his picture up on Ben's website.  The funny story behind this picture is that when I originally talked to Mr. Shetler over the phone, he asked me what kind of things Ben was able to do and I told him not a lot.  He asked me if he could smile and I told him no (actually he does smile, but just not on command so I didn't really explain that to him).  So...I went with no expectations and wouldn't you know, just as I was placing Ben in the seat and fixing his clothes, Mr. Shetler (behind the camera) exclaims, "What do you mean he doesn't smile?  Get out of the way!"  and at that I jumped back and he caught this beautiful smile on the very first shot.  That was the only smile of the day but it made the whole experience worth it.  I was grateful that Mr. Shetler was on the ball! 

LtoR: Abby, Owen, Issac, Mike (Dad), Emily, Ben, Becky (Mom) and Seth Billin

To celebrate Ben's birthday this year we decided to keep it very low key.  For those who know Ben - planning anything big could be dangerous (remember his first birthday bash???) so Becky Billin offered to throw him a little party at her house.  Becky is Ben's second mom.  She often will take Ben when I need a babysitter for him.  Usually about once a month she takes him for an overnighter or two.  She has been with us from the beginning and has learned and trained with me as needed.  It's been such a blessing to have her in our life and I know that Ben loves her just as much. 


Kaleb posing with the birthday boy, Ben front and center, Kaleb, Seth Billin and Ben about to enjoy some cake!!!



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