Here is Laura Cogswell, Ben's all-time favorite nurse.


Every two weeks I take Benjamin up to Dartmouth to get his trach changed.  Laura Cogswell usually changes Ben's trach although Dr. Gosselin, Ben's ENT doctor occasionally will do it too.  The reason we have it changed up at Dartmouth and not at home is because since he has a cuffed trach it is much more difficult to pull it out and to put it in and usually causes a good amount of bleeding.  These changes use to cause Ben to have some major coughing spasms but now they spray lidocaine into his airway before the change to prevent these spasms.  These pictures are from a visit in May of 2004 when both Laura and Dr. Gosselin did it together. 



Dr. Gosselin deflated Ben's cuff here and pulled out the old trach and Laura got the new trach prepped and put it in.  Notice how in the first picture Ben's arms are down and relaxed and then in the second picture as Dr. Gosselin is pulling out the trach his right arm starts to raise because it is an uncomfortable procedure and then in the third picture his arms are both up as the most painful part is when the trach is put in.  This is very hard for a mother to watch.


The last picture is of Dr. Gosselin securing the trach ties around Ben's neck to hold the trach in.  This means the end of another sucessful trach change - yeah!