Stevie, Benjamin, Kaleb and Kayla

For Halloween this year, Kaleb really wanted to be a baker.  I asked the girls if they were okay with that (since I like to dress them all the same) and they were just as excited.  Of course they were even more ecstatic when I told them that I would make them each a pan of homemade cinnamon rolls to take to their classes to share.  Every year I usually try to make their costumes but I knew with Ben's recent surgery (you can see he is casted under his apron) that life would be a little stressful so I ended up buying them this year.  I found these apron sets on a really cute website and liked them even more when I saw the price.  I think they all looked so cute in their baker costume.  On a side note, Kaleb liked the mustache idea at first but when it was time to go to school he washed it off.  Ben didn't mind so much.  (smile)


Stevie, Kaleb and Kayla walking in the school Halloween parade. 

This will be Kayla's last parade because she will

be in the Middle School next year!

Ben looking dapper in his Baker costume!





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