May 2002.  Benjamin had surgery to repair

an inguinal hernia and to place a g-tube for

nutritional purposes.

Through the month of April and into May Ben did really well and we were adjusting to our new life.  He still was not eating very well.  He would suck about three times before he would start coughing and sputtering, gagging and choking.  I would pull the bottle out and let him recover and start over again.  His feedings were exhausting and time consuming.  Not quite a month later I found a bulge on the left side of Ben's groin and found out it was an inguinal hernia.  We went in for a surgical consult and it was at that time that we decided it best for Ben to have a g-tube.  He was working way too hard to eat.  It was a very hard descision for us to make because we wanted our lives to be as simple as possible but at the same time we wanted Ben's life to be easier.  The surgery went well and we only spent one night in the hospital because Ben needed some time to recover his oxygen levels back to normal.  After we returned home it took a good week before Benji recovered from the pain of the combined surgeries. 


Kaleb had a little cold when he came to visit and so we

put a mask on him so that Ben wouldn't catch it.  

At the end of May, Ben became sick with his first pneumonia.  He was hospitalized up at Dartmouth for 10 days.  This was the beginning of many illnesses to come.  Benjamin's older brother Kaleb is holding him in the above picture.  We made visitors wear masks to prevent spreading unwanted germs.  The summer was pretty uneventful except for one more inguinal surgery, this time on the right side of his groin.  He did great and was home just about 24 hours later.  We enjoyed showing Ben all the fun things we get to do during the warmer months. 

             SUMMER 2002






 Picture 1: Grammy Hutchins made you this summer hat so that you could stay out of the hot sun.

Picture 2: Sister Stevie Maree LOVES to love you!

Picture 3: "Look Mom, no hands!"

Picture 4: Nothing like a snuggle with daddy.

Picture 5: Sister Kayla adores you.