This is Benjamin in his new stander, and

obviously loving it!  9/28/04


Benjamin receives physical therapy three times a week from two wonderful women.  Our first therapist, (who is no longer with us) Debbie works through early intervention and has been with Ben since he was 3 months old.  We were very sad to lose her when Ben graduated from the early intervention program at the age of three.  Our other two fabulous therapists are Doreen and Denise.  We started with Doreen in September of 2004 because Ben's need for more physical therapy increased and so we looked into a private practice.  Denise took over Debbie's spot when he graduated from EI.  Thankfully Doreen and Denise will be with Ben for as long as we want as they also work through the school system here in Gilford which Ben officially entered in April 2005.  Besides stretching and working Ben, they also help get the equipment Ben needs.  So far they have helped us get a handicap stroller, a bathseat, two different in-house seating systems and now a stander.  The purpose of the stander is to allow Ben to strengthen his bone density by bearing weight on his bones.  He stands about 15 minutes twice a day.  It also allows the blood to flow better, reaching all parts of his body.  Hopefully this practice will help prevent fragile bones in the future. 


This first picture is of Debbie trying Ben in his new stander.  The second picture is of Ben on his PT ball getting stretched.


Here is Doreen stretching and working little Ben.  He actually loves to be stretched

and is very good about letting you know when he is uncomfortable. 




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