The fall of 2002 started a string of many hospital stays in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit up at Dartmouth.  From September all the way to April of the following year we averaged about 1 stay per month.  It was very trying on our family because we were constantly separated.  Most of the illnesses that Ben had were either viral or due to asthma.  The pictures above were from Ben's stay in November.  He was sick with a nasty viral illness that caused him to need lot's of oxygen and numerous nebulizers.  Towards the end of that stay when he was starting to feel better the Dr.'s ordered another EEG because of certain eye movements that Ben was having.  They weren't sure if the eye movements were seizure related or not.  After a few days of being hooked up to all those wires the results were back and they were pretty much the same from when he was a newborn.  There was no activity.  The doctor's think it's because his brain is so small and underdeveloped that the brain is not able to fire.  We were finally released the day before Thanksgiving. 


 This is Ben's neurologist, Dr. Filiano.                                                          Ben in January of 2003. 

           He is Ben's favorite!!                                                                          Sick with pneumonia