This picture shows how wiped out Ben was from all the

coughing and the high fever that he had.  3/04

March and April brought pneumonias for Ben.  In mid-march Ben and Steve and I were at a basketball tournament that we were playing in and during that day Ben couldn't stop coughing.  We finally had to leave because he developed a fever and we knew something wasn't right.  He was transferred up to the PICU at Dartmouth where he ended up staying for 10 days.  During that stay he was cultured from his trach for moraxella which he was treated for and about half way through his stay he got worse again.  They cultured him again and this time found pseudomonas (which is a nasty bug) and so they changed their course of treatment.  Also during this stay they tried him on c-pap which is a type of machine that keeps your airways open with a sort of back pressure.  They were hoping this would help with his oxygen need because they felt like the pseudomonas was making his little airways stick in the closed position, therefore not allowing him to oxygenate properly.  Not more than three weeks after we came home were we back in again.  This time it was the same thing - pseudomonas.  I don't think he really recovered from the first pneumonia and so he relapsed.  Again his hospital stay lasted about 10 days and this time he ended up coming home on c-pap. 


Nurse Karen and a nursing student giving Ben a bath.  Kayla came to visit her brother. 

You can see part of the c-pap apparatus connected to his trach. 

The pink and clear tube hanging down is for suctioning.


Kaleb and Stevie having their turns holding Benjamin 4/04



This is Ben finally starting to feel better.  3/04



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