Bonding with Grandpa in their Vernal, UT home

In April of 2004, we spent some time out in Vernal, UT with Steve's family.  It was filled with lot's of adventures as you will see in the pictures below.  Some of our favorite things were visiting with different farm animals, riding some horses, touring some local museums but most of all we just enjoyed being with each other. 


The first picture is of Ben and I trying to coax the calf over by sticking my thumb out.  They didn't buy it.  They were really pretty but didn't smell so good.  The next two pictures is a true "like father like son".  Steven loves animals and has no problem showing it.  Ben was right there beside him refusing to let his Daddy "one up him".  It was a very windy day but so worth visiting the farm.  The kids were so excited to be there.


One of the afternoons we were in Vernal we got ride the neighbor's horses.  He is a good friend of Steve's parent's, Bishop Weber.  The horse you see above is named "Cookie".  She was a great horse and was very friendly to ride.  The kids loved every minute of it. 

This picture is of Aunt Suzanne, Steve's sister.  She is Ben's most favorite because she sends him love in so many ways.  Even though she lives so far away from him she is always thinking of him and his needs.  We are grateful that she is a part of his life and ours as well.   



Grandma and Granpa Orton loved nothing better than to snuggle up with their Benjamin.  I know that Ben enjoyed his time with them as much as they enjoyed their time with him.  He is so dearly loved by his family in Utah.  We are thankful that our families are forever.




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