Afraid to die and wondering why he had ever existed

He began to search for the truth of his purpose upon this earth.

He had never had much talent and not many knew his name.

His only view of God was a great white bearded man

Upon a throne

... in the sky.

And this vision didn't seem quite right anymore.

"Just a delusion, like Santa Claus", he said.

"And yet why is it still so important to have a purpose?"

"And a reason to live and die?", he asked himself.


He began to conclude that nothing mattered and that life was purposeless anyway.

This did not please him and still did not make much sense.

But he was tired of trying so hard to comprehend the reasons why

And so he gave up

... and he was prepared to die.

Then one day, while passing by a little child on the street, she smiled at him

And he heard something deep inside say to him:

"Purposeless in your eyes, not purposeless in Mine"

He exclaimed, "Who are you? What's your name?"

"I am the God that you have been seeking for the answers to your life "

"I am He and He has come - Are you finally prepared to know?"

"Yes! Please tell me why I am - Before I die, tell me why I ever came to be."

"For the Glory of God, You have come. "

"For this moment when I reveal to you

... that We are One."

"You have believed that you were separate from Me for many years. "

"You have forgotten WHO YOU ARE. "

"And I was here - so close that you could not see. "

"Don't you know that you are a reflection of ME?"

And so, that is how he came to finally know

The purpose of his life was simply...


And let God, Himself, reveal His Glory on this earth so that others could also see

Like through a child, quite naturally, had been shown to him -

That nothing is purposeless or apart from God. Not even he.

And from then on that day, he, also, began to smile

... Naturally