As I contemplate on

All that I have perceived that I am;

- A separate entity

Entirely independent of anything

Or anyone else,

I come to recognize

That it is One, not two,

That make up me and You.

For You are the source of all my power.

You are the colour to my day.

The breath I breathe.

The visions I see.

You are the inner light that leads my way.

Without you, I am nothing.

You are my Lord. You are my Life.

And all that I have held onto,

Within me, trying to preserve

All that I have claimed to be,

Vanishes . . .

Revealing that there is only One between us;

One immortal substance, which is You,

Living through this mortal being

That I use to believe was me.

So I meditate,

Taking down my mask

Of individuality,

Along with its illusions of finality,

And I begin a New Day,

Giving thanks for You,

For together we are One,

- Not two.