Walter Clemow Lanyon

I have little information about the author himself - maybe as it should be.

Here are some of the descriptions given in some of the books.

From "I Came" - 1943 {The first book of a trilogy}

. . . author of thirty-three books , all inspired by the revelation of the Christ teaching, is a world wide traveler and lecturer. He was educated in the United States and Europe, served as interpreter and foreign correspondent, has written two operettas, a novel and numerous short stories and human interest articles. The clear and simple way in which he has re-stated the Christ truth has made his books invaluable to the sincere Truth Seeker. The Central theme of his interpretation of the Truth, is "a point beyond human thought" - as suggested in the commands of Jesus Christ "Take no thought" - and "who by taking thought?"

"Without the Smell of Fire" - 1941 {reprint 1956}

The author of this book, Walter C. Lanyon, is an American-born Englishman. He was educated in this country, France and England, and has spent more than half of his life travelling all over the world, investigating and studying the various presentations of Truth.

For fifteen years Mr. Lanyon has lectured on the personal revelation he has gained of the Principle of Life, in all countries of the globe.

Through years of proving the Word he has refined his presentation of it, eliminating the personal almost completely and leaving the pure revelation as simple and natural as possible. Thousands will testify to the tremendous Spiritual Force gotten through the mere reading of his works.

It has been the desire of Mr. Lanyon to keep the personal entirely out of the way, hence, no exploitation of himself or his books has taken place.

He is the author of some thirty-three books on Truth, a novel, two librettos for light operas and innumerable articles and write-ups on human interest.

The simple manner in which Mr. Lanyon has stated the truth enables the reader to grasp the principle for himself and put it into practice without the cloying sense of a personal teacher or organizational bondage.

The revelation of Truth comes as naturally as the dawn to the Soul who is ready to let this happen. The kernel of his teaching is the "First Person and present tense" - the actual, usable, practical revelation of the Jesus Christ teaching.

2 AM

{from the FOREWARD}

This book was written, for the most part, at 2 A.M. - that is the why of the name. Awakened at that hour nearly every night for more than a year, great bursts of Light and Revelation came through and so I jotted them down. I thought you might like to browse through them - so many of them have proved workable.


{from the FOREWARD}

These are books of inspiration, decoding of the WORDS of Jesus Christ. They are recorded as they came into being - with little or no change. They are for contemplation.

When a man hears, he will go within - shut out all the nonsense of human thought and when he comes forth, he will be divinely indifferent for he will know.

When these manuscripts were ready for the publisher, the urge came so strongly to lecture on them - and a series of lectures was given and recorded. It was most interesting to discover that the spoken word - the lectures - seemed to have caught a certain clarity or revelation which was thought to be worthy of retention and accordingly they have been included - though they cover much of the material in the written word. The emphasis lay on repetition.


copyright 1941

{from jacket on book}

A Lamp unto my Feet is exactly what the name implies. It is a flaming torch of revelation, leading the Student into a deeper more profound - yet simpler revelation of the Power of Truth.

The Light of this revelation sheds itself gently and yet firmly on the way of "on going" and makes manifest many of the hidden things of the LAW.

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a Light unto my Path."

"I have sworn and I will perform it, I shall keep thy righteous judgment."

So will this Lamp unto Thy feet guide you into realization.


A wonderful little booklet which, to me, exemplifies the simplicity of Mr. Lanyons sharing of the Living Word


An early work {1920s} told in a story format.


December 2, 1946

{from jacket on book}

Is a thrust Forward into a new dimension in Metaphysics. Its simplicity and naturalness will cause many to mentally "Clean House."

If you are still so bemused you imagine you are able by word or treatment to MAKE God do your bidding ...


will free you from this hypnotism, and reveal to you, how it is, you do not have to beseech GOD to do that which HE has already done.

This is not a book on "How to Get Things" - but a revelation of the fact, that what you are trying to wrest from God, is already yours.

Few corrections made - this is the manner in which the Spirit poured it into expression.


This chapter was not included in some books and it is my guess that due to the controversial nature of the individual - Father Divine - it may have offended some readers. The omission might have been a publishers decision ???


Now complete thanks to another enlightened one who took the time to scan in the whole book.


{from jacket}

To help you come through the clouds of your human belief into Heaven here and now, is the purpose of this book.