In 1976, I had my epiphany and by the mid 80's I had done the holy roller thing and had to be honest with myself and confess that I, and everyone I knew, was missing the boat somewhere.

I was blessed to be able to listen to the sharing of a brother called Norman Grubb - who was in his eighties at the time. He in turn mentioned Walter Lanyon.

Though leery because of years of indoctrination - something about Lanyon witnessed to my Spirit. I knew that what he was sharing was what I needed to hear.

It was meat to someone who was choking on milk.

Mr. Lanyon seems to have a strong effect on the body of Christ. Almost everyone I know, who has read his books, has either loved him or hated him. Few seem to be in between.

I can understand how he can appear to be preaching license, but License or Liberty is in the eye of the beholder.

My desire has been to find an avenue whereby others could be exposed to his books {especially without price} - most of them are out of print.

This may be the way.

May you be blessed as I have been by them.

Whatever you think of the material - I believe that is Gods' will for your life.